• Published 25th Jul 2012
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Little Bubbles - mareinthemoon

What happens when your special talent makes you so different that it must be kept secret?

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Chapter 1

There was no helping it anymore and she understood why, the fact was simply that she stood out too much.
Everything from her sunshine mane that messily graced her brow to the sleek grey pelt that stretched over her slender haunches, they all made her feel...different.

The ponies of which she had always seen were like that of the rainbow,some more so than others.
A smile always graced her dainty features when they smiled to her, one that quickly faded once their eyes averted her own.

Every pony has a special talent, a thing only they can do.
To many, the peculiar seven bubbles that graced the mail mare's flank only served to bewilder them more so.

If her special talent was that to bubbles why not peruse a career in said field? A burning question left unanswered, that is until now.





o Little Bubbles




The grey mare trotted along on her way to work as she had always done, the gaze she earned for walking to and fro made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as she continued on as if it had not. It had become normal for her, something she could only dream of being.

The suns glow bathed the clouds in a glorious mix of golden yellows and ruby reds, many of the children had awoken early to partake in the first day of their long awaited break from schooling.

The grey mare stood still, taking in the sight of such joy as the wind danced in her mane. A soft giggle escaped her lips from the sensation of fine hairs against her ears.

Her chest tightened as the children halted, their eyes looking to her own as if she had intruded upon their joy. In Ponyville the looks she got were ones of tolerance,ones that allowed the beating of her heart to calm. Alas in Cloudsdaile, it was not the case.

Another tight squeeze grasped her heart as her voice seemed lost in the moment.For a moment she felt as of her heart had stopped as they looked at her, a mare that did not belong. Their gazes turned from her and the air returned to her lungs once more.

The smile crossed her features once more as she made her way to the mail building the best she could. It was another day in the life, just not the one she always dreamed of.

The other ponies would stop and stare
for she was a special mare,

with little bubbles upon her flank
and a heart no one could shake.


Scootaloo awoke after the sun had nestled itself high above the town,rubbing the sleep from her purple eyes.
Today for sure she was going to earn her cutie mark, she was positive! Unlike the other hundred or so tries this one was different, today Rainbow Dash was going to teach her to fly.

Her heart began to beat in her chest faster and faster as she approached her helmet and scooter. A warming sensation pumping steadily in her blood as the adrenaline began to course through her veins.

Today was the day, she could feel it.

After all, the only thing worse than being a blank flank is being a Pegasus that cannot fly.

The little orange ears perked up and twitched suddenly, her eyes turned up to her ceiling, half expecting Rainbow Dash to come through her window with the colors trailing behind her in true epic fashion.
A crack sprung to life before her, by the time it had multiplied it was already too late.

The next thing she knew the air had fled from her lungs and a peculiar grey mail mare was now sprawled out on top of her.
"S..sorry...are you okay?" Escaped the heaving pony above her as she slowly leaned into a slump, her eyes closed.

Scootaloo now sat with a confused Sweetie Belle to her right and a concerned Apple Bloom to her left. Its not like they knew who to call regarding Derpy.
No pony as far as they knew, had any idea who she was related to. Some did think Dinky Might have been her child or sister but after Roseluck came to claim the filly it was proven to be not the case.

Family or not, the grey mare was before them nonetheless and in need of help.

Apple Bloom moved to kick the rubble off of her, a neat trick Apple Jack taught her earlier. The many uses of bucking for more than just farm work.
" She dosent look at all right, shes breathin too slow.." The yellow filly leaned down to nuzzle they grey mare, the scent of blueberry muffins filling her nose as she grazed against her soft fur.

Sweetie walked over, gasping at the amount of dirt covering the mail mare. If Rarity could see this now she was sure her sister would do more than just revive her. Then it hit her.

" Girls! I know!! Lets get her all cleaned up. Cutie mark crusader Nurses!!"
The white unicorn called out with glee, Today was the day for a cutie mark indeed.

"Lets get her into the tub girls and get her all cleaned up, we don't want our first patient to be dirty now do we?"
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom smiled eagerly as all three worked to lift the exceptionally heavy mare, carefully walking to the bathroom in unison.

"I want mine to be a nurses bonnet!"
Exclaimed Sweetie Belle as they approached the tub, clumsily dropping the still out cold grey mare inside.

"I want mine to be a big smile from helpin all the folks in Ponyville.."
The earth pony chimed as she turned on the water.

The water ran down the grey mares body,taking with it the dirt and muck as it traveled lower. The water began to weave around her limbs gently and then filling up to her cutie mark.

Those seven little bubbles.

Scootaloo stared at the bubbles, pondering as to what talent earns a bubble cutie mark and how that led to being a mail mare. As she stared at the white bubbles on her flank, they began to shimmer and shine as the water danced around them.

She called out to the the unicorn and earth pony who now were setting up a bed for the grey mare.

"Our cutie marks are gonna be in journalism because we have the story of the century!!!"

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom ran inside the bathroom in awe.

The mail ponies mane had grown to locks of long silken strands of sunshine, her features rivaling any model they had ever seen from her now regal muzzle and long slender fore legs. Their gaze took in the full glorious sight before them, the hind legs and flank were gone, before them was a long tail with shimmering fins of silver and white.

The wings became angelic looking translucent fins that flowed out of the small tub and onto the floor. Her ears became that of regal fin like adornments, looking more like ornate jewels befitting any queen.

Derpy....was a real Life Seapony.

A soft groan escaped her lips as her eyes slowly opened, the golden eyes looking upon them through long eyelashes.

This was going to be hard to explain.