• Published 5th Apr 2018
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Shaggy & Scooby-Doo: Equestria Girls - MetalJrock

A hippy boy and his dog must save Canterlot High. Hijinks ensue.

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The Magic Plan (Part 4)


The girls sans Pinkie screamed as they were taken down the metal slide, Agents 1 and 2 pressing a lever in the bush to trigger the trap door. The two of them were still behind the students, ensuring they did nothing funny. Eventually, they reached the floor of the lair and were all piled atop one another. Pinkie and Spike sat on top. “Woohoo again!”

They all sat up and pushed Pinkie accidentally, immediately taking notice of the scientist with the weird haircut, “Hm. This is quite a surprise. Agents 1 and 2, who have you brought before me?”

Agent 1 pointed at the group and smirked, “They’re interlopers trying to save the dog and hippy boy you hate so much, Dr. Phibes. Plus, they might have an idea on what you’re looking for.”

“But Dr Alcheman used his wits and might to turn the tables in our favor!” Agent 2 chimed in, earning a slap from Phibes.

“Very well.” Phibes said, turning his attention to the girls, “Greetings strangers and friends of my enemies. I apologize for this turn of events.”

“Um, what?” Fluttershy whimpered.

Rainbow growled, “What do you want with our school?!”

Phibes raised his metal hand, “It’s quite simple. For a while now, I have tracked an unknown energy source to this location. Unfortunately, I cannot get an exact reading. But apparently you lot know a thing or two about what I am seeking. If you spill the beans about it, I may let you go free and I can finally be all-powerful!”

“But why here? Why now?” Twilight wondered.

Phibes hummed, “Because that annoying dog and hippy boy have gotten in my way too many times. I am done playing games, and I will finally obtain the key to immortality. So I’ll ask nicely, where is this source of magic?”

“We don’t know about what yer talkin’ about! And if we did, we’ll ever tell ya!” Applejack snapped.

Fluttershy sniffled, scared for her life. They’ve dealt with magical villains, but the stress of encountering a genuine megalomania seeking world domination was too much for her. Pinkie embraced her for comfort and glared daggers at Dr. Phibes. “Stop right now! We won’t say a word to you!” Pinkie said.

Phibes rubbed his chin and replied, “You drive a hard bargain. Very well, throw them in the cell with my enemies. They will rot there until either groups give me what I seek.”

Agents 1 and 2 pointed their lasers at the girls and dog and escorted them to the cell. Shaggy and Scooby tried to make a getaway with the door open, but the eight newcomers were shoved in and accidentally tackled the heroes. Once they got their bearings and the agents left, Shaggy asked, “Girls? Like, what the heck are you doing here?!”

“We noticed you disappeared.” Sunset began to say, “Spike found one of your Scooby-Snacks and gained super strength. So we decided to ask the agents to take us here, but his powers wore out when he burped. So now we’re here.”

Scooby looked at Spike, “Rou used a Rooby-Rnack?”

“Yeah! It was so cool!” Spike replied. Scooby high-fived the purple dog in response.

Shaggy said, “We didn’t want any of you getting involved. Now your lives are at risk and Phibes can get to absorb whatever magic is at this school!”

Twilight adjusted his glasses, “Don’t worry, Shaggy. We actually came up with a backup plan just in case this happened.”

Wiping stray tears of worry off her face, Fluttershy said, “And, um...” she reached for her pocket and revealed two Scooby-Snacks, “I took these out of the bag when I hid it.”

“Like, nice thinking, Fluttershy. Invisibility and Heat Vision, perfect.” Shaggy complimented.

Scooby and Spike held the snacks in their paws, the former talking, “But rhat is the rlan?”

Applejack smirked and held up the geode around her neck. Shaggy and Scooby realized what the girls meant when they said they had a plan at that moment. The farmgirl then gripped the metal bars, shoving them so that it created a hole wide enough for them to exit. Stepping out of it into the empty room, Sunset said, “Okay, Shaggy. This is your thing. Do you have any ideas on how to stop Phibes?”

“I doubt Phibes built a new lair under your school without bringing awareness. This must be a drill-car lair. Like, all we have to do is find the controls and escape. The agents can do it, so there’s no reason why we can’t.” Shaggy deduced.

Twilight added, “You mean we’re inside a Subterrene?”

Shaggy nodded, “Like, I guess so. The only problem is that Phibes and his agents would no doubt be targeting us.”

Rarity chimed in, “Allow me, Shaggy.” she flicked her wrist and a diamond shaped shield emerged from her, “While you and Twilight lure this vehicle away, I’ll do my best to keep you safe.”

“Thanks, Rarity.” Shaggy replied.

Rainbow Dash gave a salute, “I can look for an exit and get us there in ten seconds flat once you’re done.”

Fluttershy looked at the ground and admitted, “Um, my powers are useless since there are no animals besides Scooby and Spike here.”

“Rhen rou can ray with Rhaggy, Rapplejack, Runset, Rarity, and Rwilight.” Scooby said, “Rike and I rill reat now!”

“Finally! One Scooby-Snack isn’t stomach-filling!” Spike cheered.

Scooby laughed, agreeing with that statement. They munched on the enhanced snacks and began to transform, once it faded Scooby wasn’t visible to the human eye and Spike shot lasers out of his eyes, “Whoa! I wish I can do this all time!”

“Ret’s go!” Scooby decided.

Shaggy raised a finger, “Alright gang, like let’s split up... Wow, I always wanted to say that.” he chuckled. The group all went to where they needed.

Agents 5 and 6 were patrolling the lair as though nothing was wrong. Suddenly Agent 6 was given a wedgie and thrown aside by an unknown force. While they were distracted at the funny sight, Agent 5 felt a burning sensation on his back and noticed that his uniform was on fire. In a panic, he stopped dropped and rolled. Scooby stepped on his face and left a giant pawprint on Agent 5’s cheek.

Hearing the commotion, Agents 1 and 2 stormed in. “Whatever the problem is, Dr. Alcheman will use his might to make the threat perish!”

“Oh will you shut up already?” Agent 1 groaned.

Agent 1 was pulled aside and had his laser gun taken from him. Scooby aimed it at Agent 2 and blasted the ceiling. Agent 2 took a step back. He sniffed himself a moment later, realizing that there was smoke coming from his posterior. He screamed and ran around like a maniac, unaware of Spike’s presence. The two dogs let out a mischievous chuckle and managed to high-five each other again despite Scooby’s invisiblity.

Spike and Scooby shot lasers into the main room, where their lasers bounced off Phibes’ metal arm, scaring him. “AH!” he let out a shrill scream. The lasers continued to bounce until finally, they grazed Dr. Phibes’s haircut, leaving him more bald and giving him a scorching head. Trebla chuckled at the grief at his boss’ expense.

“Help me, Dr. Trebla!”

Trebla cleared his throat, “Of course, sir.”

Both dogs burped, their powers shutting down. Spike asked, “Does this happen a lot?”

“Rep!” Scooby answered.

Shaggy, Twilight, Sunset, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack arrived in the control room. They were immediately greeted by more agents. Rarity created a shield and blocked all the lasers. She pushed through the projectiles, once she found an opening, Applejack picked up one of them and threw them, making them all fall like bowling pins. “Thank you, girls.” said Fluttershy as she remained close behind Rarity.

Finding the computers, Shaggy and Twilight looked at the controls, finding tons of buttons and levers. “Okay, so uh, I’ve driven a transforming Mystery Machine, but like I don’t think I’ve done this yet.”

“Pull the lever, Shaggy.” Twilight stated in a deadpan tone.

Shaggy scratched his head, “But which one?”

Sunset pointed and said, “The one that says ‘activate vehicle lair’.”

Rarity and Applejack turned back as they held off the agents saying, “Just hurry up already!”

“Like, okay!” Shaggy pulled on a lever while Twilght pressed a button. Suddenly, an alarm blared and Shaggy gulped, “Zoinks! Did we do something wrong?”

“Subterrene Lair Active in T-Minus 30 seconds.”

Once she heard that voice, Applejack took the time to destroy the controls, ensuring that Phibes had no way of bringing this lair back. “There we go.” she said while dusting her hands off.

“Oh, alright then. Uh, is Rainbow Dash coming?”

His question answered, everyone suddenly found themselves in a pod large enough to fit all of them, fit for a tunnel that will launch them back to the surface. “Let’s get on out of here!” Rainbow Dash said, vanishing for a second to pick up Scooby and Spike before departing. Then she took the time to shove Phibes aside.

Phibes growled as he spotted Shaggy and Scooby in his pod. His hated enemies blew raspberries at him while the girls and Spike made faces. The door to the pod closed and the heroes were launched back to the surface.

“Transport in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...”

Phibes stomped the floor in rage and screamed to the heavens, “Curse you dog and hippy boy! And your annoying friends too! I’ll be back for revenge!” he lashed out, the subterrne finally moving away from the school to parts unknown.

On the surface, the gang finally emerged from the crashed pod. Fluttershy gripped the ground and said, “Thank goodness we’re alright. I never want to do that again.”

“Oh man...” Shaggy yawned, “That was quite a doozy. Like I don’t think the two of us were ever put on the ropes like that before, huh buddy?”

“Nope!” Scooby agreed.

Sunset put her hands on her hips, “So... now what?”

“How about we celebrate our victory over evil with a huge buffet?” Pinkie suggested.

“Scoob and I brought tons of food.” Shaggy revealed. “Trust us, as weird as it sounds coming from us, a buffet is a last resort deal now.”

“Why not?” Rarity wondered.

“Besides the fact that we eat all the food there? We kinda bought a few so we can get unlimited servings with no problems...” Shaggy admitted with a light laugh.

Rainbow laughed, “Really?”

Scooby responded, “Reah! Re should rhow you rometime!”

“As funny as that sounds, I think taking a rest sounds like a good idea.” Sunset said.

Shaggy nodded in agreement as he said, “Like, yeah. Scoob and I have to head back soon anyway. But we’ll stick around for a quick chat though.”