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When Boker Horizon return to ponyville after living in Fillydelphia for a few years writing his books his family ask Pinkie to throw a party for him which she is excited to do even more then normal as Pinkie real that she loves his books and during the party Pinkie looks to get her books sign and something unexpected happens.) Boker is a smart well educate pony but he does enjoy adventure and stuff he could do and then write about it.

Requested by Corey19

Chapters (3)
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Gonna be honest: the story made me smile. Keep at it, kid.

~ Chapter: 13

Your fine no worries

Is this the non-adult version of a story that alredy exist? I'm pretty sure I kind of know what this is about and I hope this turns into a romance.

I hope you guys like it, i really see my self in the character of Boker because he's an author just like me.

At a time I would have liked to write to, but if I should get the uuhhhm urge to write again back, I should probably start to write on a beginner site.

I would have liked to see something from the party, a little getting to know scene between him and Pinkie maybe.
It wouldn't hurt if for a chance she would be kind of crazy over him fearing to make a mistake here and there if she should be his romance interesst.

I want Pinkie trying to get him and asking him on a date and everything here. While I don't know if he has different skills hidden somwhere, I would like it to see her liking him so much for what he can do or uhm...not sure how to describe it otherwise right now.

Yep it's alright, I maybe need to reread it, but it was somehow nice to have a shorter an uncomplicated chapter tonight.

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