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Dr. Scarabew Ballentine(Ponyville's resident Psychotherapist) has time & time again proven to most likely be the best Mental-Health Professional in all of Equestria, but after Discord defeats the Mane 6 in the Hedge Maze, then goes to turn Ponyville into the Chaos Capital of the World, he'll really put her skills to the test, can she solve Discord's problems & convince him to not bring all of Equestria into Eternal Chaos, or will she just end up becoming another one of his chaotic victims, or will something else completely unexpected happen between these two?

As you can tell by the title this story is a "What if..?", meaning that it takes place in an Alternate Reality, so it is Not Canonical with any other story that I or Anyone Else has already created.

P.S. I take no credit for the Cover Art, it rightfully belongs to Captain-Waterfire, I just liked it So much that I simply Had to use it for this story.

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Comments ( 6 )

this is wonderful thank you for making it.

is she that screwball or is she another person here?, because I kind of came here for screwball, I mean this can still be nice but....

I don't really understand what you're trying to ask here, can you be more specific with your question?

I don't think I can get even clearer, the question was basically is she Screwball, or does she just look like her in this story.

(maybe the "that" part confused you?, I'm not sure how that looks in english but I can't believe the meaning is so hard to guess this time, no offence).

I got the feeling that is not Screwball here and that you just took her body and made her a different char in this story I think.

Well technically Screwball has yet to be given an actual personality/character development in the Official Franchise aside from being Silly, so she's basically one of those many Official Background Characters who is totally up for grabs by the Fandom, there for she can be depict however the Fans want her to be, so in This specific Fic, I basically chose to make her something with similarities to DC Comics' Harley Quinn.

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