• Published 28th Mar 2018
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What If...? Screwball Had A Harley Quinn Complex - No1MporXant

When Ponyville's resident Psychotherapist Dr. Scarabew Ballentine has an encounter with Discord, will she be able to convince him to stop spreading Eternal Chaos, or will he drive her completely insane, or will something totally unexpected happen?

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A night's stay at the Resort, then a morning Shopping Spree

With it getting pretty late, our heroes start taking about how they're starting to feel exhausted, when Discord overhears that they're tired, he suggests that they try staying at one of the many In-Park Resorts, explaining that they have comfortable hotel lodgings, delectable food & drinks, relaxing spas, various forms of recreations, sports, entertainment & even shopping centers, the Mane 6 & Spike decide "Why Not?", and they head to the nearest resort from their current location.

Once they enter the hotel, they are greeted by several Discords & Screwballs who act as the hotel staff & crew, our heroes then sign in at the front desk with a Discord Desk Clerk, who informs them of all the great accommodations that the hotel offers while the guests stay, and tells them that if they ever need room service during their stay they just need to give them a buzz, and a great big Bee then stings Discord on the nose, who then shouts in pain & says "Not THAT Kind of a Buzz!", the Mane 6 + Spike are then escorted to their rooms by a Screwball Bellhop, who actually Hops around while wearing Bells.

When they reach their rooms, they open the doors, but all that's there is an empty white room with only a panel next to the door, Screwball directs their attention to said panel, explaining that the room utilizes Cha-o-Graphic(pronounced K-O-Graphic) Projection Magic, that's kind of like holograms made of Chaos Magical Energy instead of light, giving them a solid feeling & making them as if they were real, the panel scans you, reads your mind, and sets up a room that is like the room you've always dreamed of having, filled with all of the things that would make you happy & comfortable for your stay.

Each one of our heroes gets a room all to themselves, when Twilight uses the panel, her room becomes a maze full of wall-to-wall shelves filled with books as far as the eyes can see, even her bed is inside of a giant book

When Rainbow Dash uses the panel, her room becomes every Wonderbolt Fan's dream bedroom, everything is Wonderbolt themed from top to bottom, even her bed has a rainbow-colored headboard that says "#1 Wonderbolt".

When Pinkie Pie uses the panel, her room becomes a land made of candy similar to Sugar Rush from Wreck-it Ralph, complete with Candy Cane Trees, a Chocolate Swimming Pool, and a Bed made out of Cakes of all kind of flavors.

When Applejack uses the panel, her room becomes completely Country Themed, even more Country-style than her own farm house, even her bed is a giant hay bale shaped like a bed covered with a hoof-sewn quilted comforter.

When Rarity uses the panel, her room becomes something befitting to a Victorian-era Queen, including the bed, everything was perfectly symmetrical, organized & elegant, basically something that Discord would consider awful.

When Fluttershy uses the panel, her room becomes a beautiful forest full of trees & animals, and her bed was just a hammock tied between two trees, with a pillow & blanket, so that she could sleep under the beauty of nature itself.

When Spike uses the panel, his room becomes a crystal cave filled with tons of gems, a bunch of statues of himself made of solid gold, and his bed is a red-hot bed of hot coals, which his dense dragon-hide finds very soothing & comforting.

After a nice night at their lodgings, our heroes head to the banquet hall, where they are treated to a hearty breakfast.

Later they head to one of the many gift shops, where they are greeted by more Discords & Screwballs, who inform them that because they have Diamond Rank Passes, they have limitless access to everything in the shops, and everything in these shops are Free of charge, and they have an unbelievably large amount of a numerous variety of products, from cheapo dollar-store products, to massively expensive stuff like chariots, carriages, even boats & hot-air balloons, of course Everything bares the Chaotic Kingdom brand logo with Discord's Face on it, so they all are pretty much just free advertisement for the Park that they came from, Discord gives the Mane 6 + Spike special V.I.P. shopping bags, which are very tiny, but Screwball explains that these special bags are actually hyperspace storage containers, that allows them to have a near endless amount of items of any size stored within them, and no matter what, or how much they store into the bags, they remain small & light in weight, so with that, our heroes then go on a shopping spree, they get a lot of stuff, despite the fact that the Chaotic Kingdom logo on everything is kind of a turn off for them.

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