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This story is a sequel to Asking

Another day has dawned for the School of Friendship, and Twilight, as ever, has everything ready for what is to come. A revised lesson plan? Check. Making sure the School has all its proper supplies? Check. Stumbling on her friends as they’re hiding in some bushes and spying on a young couple? Che...wait, what?

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Awww. These stories are so cute. Please do more.

I have realy got to catch up on the seasons...

:facehoof: For Celestia's sake, Silverstream. I'm pretty sure Cadence felt that from the Crystal Empire.

"...Touché, Gallus...touché."


Mood killed!

NTS: May whoever falls in love with Spike have mercy on their privacy.

"It's never a bad time to think about adorable little babies!"

I got nothing, that's some rock solid logic.

"Oh! I could write a whole book on the prospect of inter-species offspring! Think of the literary acclaim!"


"Aren't you? "

Have I ever mentioned that Gallus is best Student Six member?

I half-expected the story to end with Sandbar and Ocellus nervously talking to one another about the audience they have, that they'd been aware of the entire time and wondering when they'll leave.

Still, it was cute. I liked it.


Immediately, Sandbar and Ocellus snapped their heads in the direction of the bushes, and as soon as they saw their large audience, they erupted into blushes so fierce that it looked like they had bright red tomatoes for heads. Silverstream, meanwhile, suddenly found herself being started at by everyone with gaping jaws, completely disbelieving what she'd just done. As it finally dawned on her the error she'd just made, she giggled nervously, before speaking up in an uncharacteristically meek fashion.

"Um...to answer your question, Professor Dash...I guess...that’show it's gonna end. So...yay?"


I'd think that Equestria's already aware of the idea of inter-species mating, given mules are an established part of the lore. Although, one has to wonder if a pony and a changeling could have offspring. Their anatomies are similar, but I don't know if they're similar enough to allow for a hybrid.

Then again, hippogriffs are traditionally the offspring of horses and griffons, so...

MJP #9 · April 14th · · 7 ·

and twilight being the same asshole she was in the MLP movie, acts like a whiny bitch and goes way too far

Dear, author, two things.

1. The story is borderline incomprehensible if you don't position the line of dialogue in the same paragaph along with who is supposed to be speaking, especially when you have more than a half dozen characters sharing a scene.
2. Try to write paragraphs instead of skipping down to a new line every single other sentence.

This is adorable :3

Hillbe #12 · April 14th · · 2 ·

:twilightsheepish: Rarity, what are you doing in that gown?
:duck: I must be first, after all I'm a trend setter!
:twilightsmile: Yeah, first , first what?
:raritydespair: I shall not be after a bug!
:raritycry: Nor after a feather duster! I SHALL BE THE FIRST!
:facehoof: What are you screaming about?
:moustache: Gosh, what's with all the screaming.....Oh Rarity you look beautiful
:raritywink: Spikey Precious Scales take me now!
:moustache: Where?
:raritystarry::twilightoops: :flutterrage: BABY DRACONY FOALS! NOW I DEMAND IT!
:moustache: Right . . . I'm on it!

:trollestia: Hello Hasbro order hot line may I help you? (I do more then nothing I'll have you know!)

"Sure, things are good now, but what about later? What happens if this doesn't work out? Their friendship might be in jeopardy! If they break up, they might avoid each other in future! Or worse! What if their group decides to split right down the middle because of this? Gallus might not spend time with Smolder because the latter hangs out with Ocellus, and he doesn't want Sandbar to think he's siding with his ex-girlfriend! And if things keep escalating after that, we could well have another near-war on our hooves!"

Twi, when basically just that happened to Mabel Pines after she tried matchmaking a tad too hard, it still worked out in the end, with everybody sorted it out on their own, the respective friendships and romances intact. So...I wouldn't sweat over it right now. :raritywink:


"You said it, Teach."

Ha, ha, HAAAAAA, they got caught! :rainbowlaugh:

And, finally, to Silverstream, an old meme...

... looks like Fluttershy got a little too excited about Changeling-Pony babies.

I’m actually okay with this cause I happen to ship her with Pharynx. I actually plan on writing them sometime.


I didn’t mention this in the other story I commented on, but I started to ship these two when the episode aired, but I couldn’t find any fanart for them. It delights me that you wrote fanfics.

I pictured this in my head perfectly cause everyone was so in-character. Thanks for the great read!

Guess she's gonna be single. Just like Celestia and Luna......... :rainbowlaugh:

If she's willing to transform into a pony and stay one for 11 months, it could work.

Ah, but that would depend upon how changeling magic works. Do they undergo an actual physical transformation, or do they simply create an illusion of having been transformed? Crossbreeding would work with the former, but the latter's another matter. As the show has yet to provide a firm answer, it's very much left for us to debate.

Ever since Thorax it's become clear the transformation is actually quite physical since it gives them access to other weapons. Like how Thorax turned into a damn bear in Triple Threat to protect Spike. Not to mention they carry the mass of the new form too.

🤣 Dangit Silverstream, way to break up the mood. :rainbowlaugh:

8866035 The question is, if they could turn into giant monsters with their shapeshifting powers, why didn't they during the Canterlot invasion? Even if they were winning handily, some shock and awe would not have been out of place. The Mane Six would have had a far harder time fighting their way through the Changelings to the Elements if they'd all beeen ten foot tall and capable of flattening a mare in a single swipe. It can't be hard if Ocellus can do it as she's barely out of her hatchling stage.

My own head canon is, they didn't have the power. Chrysalis kept a tight reign on how much energy each Changeling was allowed to have, enough to survive and fight, but not for an energy intensive shape change that included a large increase in body mass. Now that Changelings are self feeding, and no longer starving all the time, they have the reserves to perform more complex, energy intensive transformations.

This story is missing something...oh right! Princess Cadence! Or at least any mentionings of her.

Reminds me of Il-Jung and Saddam Hussein. I know a Gulf War Veteran who said Iraqi soldiers were surrendering in order to get food. Makes you think the Changelings would have gone the same route eventually.

not bad, now we need some Gallus/Silverstream shipping.

maybe add in a Buffalo OC for Yona to hook up with...

Seconded for the Gallustream ship!

"Hey, don't sweat it, we're used to you going nuts over stuff like that, remember?"

Even though you and the others had promised to take Twilight's concerns more seriously.

Oh Silverstream, way to break the mood:rainbowlaugh:!

It helped to confuse them, since during the fight, they had a hard time telling who was friend and who was foe.

Little too much enthusiasm there, Silverstream :rainbowlaugh:

However, before she got another word out, Rarity let out a sigh od (of) her own, shaking her head slightly.

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