• Published 28th Mar 2018
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Gabby Comes to the Friendship School - Creativa-Artly01

After hearing about the Friendship School from Gallus, Gabby decides she wants to attend too.

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Chapter 2

Early the next morning, Gabby and Silverstream are up before the sun. The two then open the window and head out on a fly, closing the window quietly behind them. As the two fly, they goof off, share jokes, and laughs. "So," says Gabby curiously, "what's it like being a seapony and a royal at that?"

"It's interesting," says Silverstream. "It does get boring sometimes though. When I'm a hippogriff, when I'm flying, I feel free, I feel there's more adventure to be had. That's one of the main reasons I jumped on the chance to go to Twilight's Friendship School."

"Cool, tell me more!" says Gabby excitedly. Silverstream nods and continues.

"As a Seaquestria royal, most of my job was to interact with seaponies that need help of some sort or another, and that got boring really fast. Often times, on my down time, I would go on swims or flies with my cousin Skystar. I kind of miss her and hopes she comes by the school for a visit soon."

A few hours later, the two arrive back at the school and head off to their first class of the day: RD's Loyalty Class. Once in there, Gabby is called up to the front of the class. "Students!" says Rainbow Dash. "Meet our new student, Gabby. She's come all the way from Griffonstone to be with us."

"Hi," says Gabby shyly. She then goes back to her seat next to Silverstream. Rainbow then begins the lesson.

"Loyalty," says Rainbow Dash, "is always being there for your friends no matter what. It's leaning on them when you need help. To display this, we're going to be doing trust falls today. Partner up!"

"Wanna partner?" says Gabby turning to Silverstream.

"You read my mind," says Silverstream. The two then partner up and do their trust falls, each taking turns catching each other. As they and the others do this, Rainbow walks around and observes their progress.

"Good, good," says Rainbow. "Trust is a major part of loyalty. Good job!" She then flies back up to the front and a few minutes later, dismisses the class and they then head off to their next class, Applejack's Honesty Class. There, they learn about how the truth is a good thing as well as learning not to take honesty to far. After that, they have a lunch break before doing Rarity's Generosity Class, Pinkie's Laughter Class, and Fluttershy's Kindness class.

After their classes wrap up for the day, everyone goes out to the lake and chill. At the lake, Silverstream transforms back into her seapony form and goes for a swim. "Ah!" she sighs. "This feels so good. It's so nice to be back in water again." Seeing Silverstream's example, Ocellus turns into a fish and swims in the lake right along with her. Meanwhile, the rest of the friends talk on the shore nearby as they watch their friends enjoy themselves in the lake. A few minutes later, Ocellus and Silverstream return to their other forms and the friends all then head out to the school gardens where they are met by Fluttershy.

"Hi guys," says Fluttershy sweetly. "How have you been enjoying your afternoon?"

"It's been great!" exclaims Gabby. "I love it here at the Friendship School."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that," responds Fluttershy. She then waves goodbye as the friends run and fly off together. "So glad they all enjoy it here," sighs Fluttershy as she puts the butterfly from her hoof back on the bush in the garden and flies back towards her own classroom.

As for Gabby, as she continues to fly next to Silverstream, the girls can't help but agree they are now definitely the best of friends and that fact is not going to change anytime soon.