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This...is beautiful.
Clop element aside, I think you portrayed Rarity perfectly.
Oh, and the clop was amazing too.
Cuz clop was what we came for.

966940 I don't usually dig clop-fics involving the big guy, but I'll make an exception to this one.

"burst after burst of hot seed pouring deep into my deepest places."

For some reason I found this line hilarious.

Meh, I'll put this as number two for, best clop-fic i've ever read.

More please!

966940 Come for the clop, stay for the story. Glad you liked it.

967306 That's the first time I've written Big Mac in a clop, and I was hoping I portrayed him well, especially given the time limit. Thanks for the read!

967344 :rainbowlaugh:

967351 Oh wow, thanks a ton! I'm truly humbled by such praise. If I may ask, what's number one?

967786 Unfortunately, this was a one-shot and shall remain so; I have no plans to extend or continue this piece. However, please feel free to peruse my other works if you enjoyed this one. Thank you for the read and comment!

what just happened?:rainbowhuh:

(good portrayal of Rarity and Mac):eeyup:

967951 Coming from the big stallion himself, I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks for the read.








Ahem, let's just say I'm glad to read a fic that not only portrays my OTP, but also has a wonderful characterization (and of course, as a clopfic it's very good). Excellent work. :pinkiesmile:

966940 I came here for good writing. And good writing was what I got.

Damn right it is!:eeyup:

Good show ol boy!

968173 Heh, glad to see you're okay after that initial post. I was afraid I broke you... But seriously, thanks very much for the praise. Always much appreciated.

968528 Thank you for the positive feedback!

969459 Oh, how I wish I owned a top hat and monocle...I would wear them absolutely everywhere. Many thanks for the read; glad you enjoyed it!

Very well done human. Its not often that the prince of all saiyans is impressed by a clopfic, but this one is well written. My rating: 9000+

970030 Are you sure it's not one thousand and six?

Now this, brings pride to the clop fics. Not some dirty disrespectful piece of filth that brings disgrace to this community, but a tastefully written masterpiece. My gratitude and appreciation.

970030 At this point, I would be tempted to make a terrible pun that substituted the word "saying" for "saiyan" in an effort to elicit a cheap laugh, but I'll resist the urge. I'm glad my humble attempt at fiction pleased you, oh prince, and I offer my profound thanks for your viewership.

971401 Two words: Ghost Nappa.

971825 Allow me to offer my own gratitude and appreciation to you for such high praise. And I unfortunately agree; far too many clops out there are just unreadable, focusing on the actual act of sex as opposed to being true erotic literature. Hopefully my little stories can restore at least a little faith in bronies who enjoy that sort of thing. Thank you for the read and comment!

973996 I'm glad you and your friend both enjoyed it. (His quote made me chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:) Thank you very much for the read and comment!

You made me pleasure. When a story like this makes me pleasure, you know that it's a good one.
I think you can tell what pleasure means, and don't get me wrong. This is the best romance clop I've seen in a long time.

974528 It's comments like these that let me know my stories are having a profound effect. A most sincere thank you.

972097 That's four words. LAWL

969459 It was a jolly good show wasn't it old boy. I must say we must meet one day for tea and crumpets whi... I ran out of ideas *sad face*.

Yo! (Ponycronus on the Sexty Minute Ponies blog)

I read your story on the site, and it was great. I thought it was well done. You receive my upvote and fave!

Not only was the clop itself fabulous and very well written, but the entire fic was gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Rarimac shippings :raritywink::eeyup:

i demand more :flutterrage:

If you want to....:ajsmug:

My favorite pairing written by my favorite writer? Am I dead and in heaven?

Loved it!

975792 And I am honored to do so. Many thanks!

977040 Seems like all the Rarimac fans are latching on to this one. :rainbowlaugh: Like I've said a couple times, however, I will not be continuing or expanding this story in any way; what you see is what you get, essentially. I truly appreciate the accolades, though, and I encourage you to take a look at my other works if you wish. Again, thank you.

977892 I get the feeling that if you were in heaven, there would be significantly more angels and a few less pastel-colored equines, but that's just my opinion. And I'm your favorite? :twilightblush: Stop it, you're embarrassing me! But seriously, thanks a ton for the continued support. Glad you enjoyed the story!

979244 Lol the last line you said in this comment made me think of shed.mov, also this story was good, :ajsmug: the plot was good (in more ways than one), and the characterization was spot on, this was what i have to call... i don't know, wasn't thinking about what this would be, but nice story anyway :yay:

996587 Well, I see that my story left you without words. I consider that a success. :yay: Thanks a bunch for the read and comment! (Oh, and stay out of my shed. :flutterrage:)

I like the pairing, the characterization, the clop scene, and of course the obligatory "Is that real?""Eeyup" exchange.:rainbowlaugh::eeyup:

1013732 And I like the read, the fave, and the humorous comment. Thanks!

Oddly enough, or perhaps not so oddly, I found that to be primarily romantic in nature and cloppy in second place.

That's not to say it wasn't some nice clop, mind you. :pinkiehappy: It's one of the few done-in-ones that I would love to see the backstory expanded upon.

1302357 Most of the time, what I try to aim for is a story primarily driven by the (actual) plot, with the "fun bits" serving as a means of strengthening the story that's already there. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I am of the mind that Fancy Pants is Rarity's ideal partner (particularly since I perceive that other unicorn he was seen with ONCE to be such a floozy who's only true purpose is to be Blueblood's squeeze for all I care) but your portrayal of RariMac has been executed so well it doesn't matter that Fancity is my OTP. :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::eeyup::rainbowkiss:

2056392 Funny story: When I wrote this story, I had honestly forgotten about the prompt from Sexty Minute Ponies until I got off work. With about an hour and a half left until the story was due, I said, "Okay, who should I pair Rarity with? Um...Big Mac!" And I was off to the races. RariMac is nowhere near my OTP, but I will admit that this was a very fun story to write. Thanks again for the read and the comment!

2056529 No probs and thank you for producing such great reads!!! :yay:

A Rarity x Big Mac clopfic? Consider me hooked! :raritywink::eeyup:

2574125 Thanks for the comment (and the fave...and the watch)! I know this story isn't very long, but hopefully it was good enough to whet your RariMac appetite!

I kind of felt like I was reading two fics here. The clopfic, which was good, and then the romance shipfic, which was good in premise, but felt rushed and unsatisfying. Probably because it was taking place in flashback.
You spend JUST enough time describing Mac and Rarity's courtship that I regret seeing it fall to the wayside to make way for the glorious, sexy resolution. I would have loved to see that premise stretched out into a story of its own.

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