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A pony, a Dragon, a Changeling, a Griffon, a Yak and a Hippogriff. In times gone by, it would have been unthinkable for such a collection to be considered close. But now, thanks to the opening of Princess Twilight’s School of Friendship, these six children have come to know one another, and see each other as friends. These are the stories of their time together.

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I've been waiting for a story like this.

Poor Gallus...

This was hilariuos :pinkiehappy:

We got new character tags realy fast.

come on Gallus or sandbar ONE OF YOU has love for the other all i have to do is reveal it somehow perhaps a spell of my own design to make love fields visible? it also reveals WHO that love is intended for but yes i HEAVILY ship Gallus and sandbar

Very cute and very innocent :twilightsmile:


Innocent indeed :trixieshiftright:

Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

I expected this to be exactly this way.

"Huh...so she's got the Mom angle too? Huh...sweet."

I like Gallus's thinking on this.

“Seems pretty hot actually, one day you could be dating her, and then the next, boom, it could be like you're dating anyone! Yona, Twilight, Princess Luna, you name it!"

I.....also like his thinking on this, but I feel like I shouldn't.

"On my honour as a Griffon...no dirty talk."

Somehow that's still not very reassuring.

"Yeah...probably should've told you...we Griffons don't really have much honour."

Yeah, thought so.

Totally called that one. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, Ocellus is the best even without the shapeshift thing so I approve.

Gender discrimination in treatment of people. Guys can't objectify girls but girls are doing something wrong, socially, if they don't objectify guys!

"Seriously, Sandy, this conversation's gonna bereallyboring if all you're gonna do is play the knight in shining armour with me."

Shining Armor is a very different pony. He's the brother of your headmistress and the Prince of an Empire. And the father to the single cutest character in the show.

"Yeah...probably should've told you...we Griffons don't reallyhavemuch honour."

And this is why you're my favorite member of the Student Six.

Grammatical all people are objects.

Okay, this was a funny story. Good Job!

This was very funny. I liked it!

"Yeah...probably should've told you...we Griffons don't really have much honour."

Dammit, saw that one coming. It's ok, Gallus means chicken in latin.

Okay, that was pretty funny. Of course Gallus would be the dirty talker. Though, I didn't expect Silverstream to start a conversation like that. I definitely agree with Sandbar though, Ocellus is pretty adorable.

Reading this makes me wish I wasn’t so behind on all the pony stuff. I don’t think i got very far in season 7. Haven’t even seen the mlp movie yet, or anything EQG. really should watch them when i get a chance.

That was silly. I chuckled.

One minor criticism: you're not writing inches of scroll for Professor McGonagall here. No need to double space between paragraphs, especially when they're that short.

When I was in basic training the guys are all business, joking here and there.
I found out the girls were just raunchy sex crazed creatures, which explained why they did so many more push ups.

"Seriously, Sandy, this conversation's gonna be really boring if all you're gonna do is play the knight in shining armour with me."

Suddenly, a shadow fell on the both of them. Looking up, they were faced with the smiling face of a tall, broad-shouldered white Unicorn stallion in rich armour. "Hey, guys. I'm Shining Armor. I heard you talking about your teachers and I just wanted to step in before either of you says anything about my sister."

This was great. I was laughing the entire time.


soon or so sooon

I laughed, I cried, but I mostly laughed. Well done!

Very amusing. Nothing dramatic or dark, just a really cute and funny fic. Greatly enjoyed this!

I tip my hat off to you.

Gallus is the best creature in the Student Six.

Also, a story from Jay David that isn't part of any timeline? Who are you and what have you done to the best fanfic writer on this site?!

Women are not pure. Or at least, no purer than we are.


What would happen if Twilight enrolled Spike in school?

That moment when you realize you had somehow missed that Smolder is a she. :rainbowderp:

But personal oversights aside, still a cute story. :twilightsmile:

Uh................yeah I got nothing.

This is something I can honestly see them talking about. You nailed the character spot on and that's something you don't see too often. Great job!

"Where's the fun in that? "

Shining let them simmer for a bit before continuing.
"She OBVIOUSLY has the number one flank in equestria, and if you say otherwise, I'll find out, OK?"


Yeah, I'm still wondering how I managed to do that myself, because in retrospect it seems so obvious... :rainbowlaugh:

*Bang Bang Bang* Hm? Oh don't mind me, just building a ship:heart: Now let me see......Ocelbar or Sandellus?.........

#1 Good story! Definitely a fun little read

#2 The spacing is all weird and annoying. You don't need to triple space that often. Seriously, don't be afraid of paragraphs and single or at least double spacing @.@

That was very cute and funny. Mad props!

If I didn’t know any better I’d say this guy has something against putting dialogue and normal text together in a single paragraph.

Eh? That's the recommended stylistic choice. Putting dialogue inside a paragraph with narration looks sloppy. The only thing I'd change here would be the unnecessary punches of the enter key in between.

This was fun. No big, grandiose story arc, no major drama, just goofy fun. Also, yep definitely on board the Sandellus ship. Now we just need one for Gallus, hmm, Smolder?

You accidentally say Smodler instead of Smolder when Gallus talks about how tough she is.

Why couldn't this series just be one story with many chapters?

The only one I didn't liked here was Gallus, the girls didn't said much so I couldn't find anything against it but Gallus made me remember my classmate a few years back who overdidit with that kind of behavior.

Not sure if I understood you right there, but I don't think that they were talking about Shining.

Maybe it is because it's in english, but I didn't really understood it as a joke, don't really see the reason to laugh there but maybe others have more luck and now I stop because I'm not trying to be mean here.


The joke is they're talking about a knight in shining armor, the very concept Shining Armor's name is derived from. So I'm pretending to mistake them talking about the concept for the character.

FYI, the spacing between sentences is excessively large.

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