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Would love to have more followers, readers and (constructive) criticism. Please and thank you.


*Edited by GhoulDash97 and TheMajorTechie

The last thing you'd expect to happen when you're getting ready for bed is a desperate call for help. Honestly, I don't think there's anything in the world that could've prepared me for what Diamond Tiara was about to reveal...

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8922768 I wanted to wait until it was right so it would be viewed

I really enjoyed this story. Seeing Silver Spoon's relationship with DT through her eyes was great. I felt a lot of sympathy for DT by the end.

Good story overall. Just a couple of things bother me...

“The negativity that you feel in your heart is like a train going fast without brakes.” Diamond Tiara recalled, echoing her father’s words. “If you stay too focused on it, it can eat away at you.”

I'm not sure that metaphor and that explanation go together.

even though she may be mean and a little… forceful when it comes to her options

Do you mean "opinions" here?

8922950 A)How so? B)Thanks. I'll fix it now.

I like that.

8934778. Thank you. may I ask what you liked about it?

How it was written more than anything else.

8935425 Ah. I'm glad you liked it.

Will there be a sequel about what happens when Diamond Tiara gets home?

9022096 Depends on how well it does. Not really a fan of them(making sequels) but if it had or gets featured, I would consider it. I'm going to assume you liked it?

I have reviewed your fic here as part of the Reviewer's Cafe! If you have any queries please let me or one of our admins know! Thank you for submitting and I really enjoyed writing your review and reading your story! :twilightsmile:


This really does deserve a sequel.

9164342 Thanks but I don't think I could do a sequel(that would be worthy of this) even if I tried.

9090568 I realize I'm very late on replying back but I thank you for reviewing my story. A shame it was only a 5/10 but certainly not horrible. Thank you for your time and I'm glad you(somewhat) enjoyed it

That's kind of disappointing, but I understand.

9165296 I didn't say it wouldn't be done. I was just saying it'd be impossible given what would have to happen. Not to mention that only handful of sequels ever do well. That and given my track record of most of my stories falling into obscurity, making a sequal would be time consuming on something most would either not see it or not get as many views/followers(the latter being more concnerning). Also, my main editor is gone for X amount of time and without him, the story wouldn't do as well. Heck, the only reason this did as well as it did was because he helped me fix a lot of it. It was very flawed before he helped me fix it. Finding another like that is next to impossible.

Have no fear! Don't be scared of the score, which I know can be hard, but a 5 is something I definatley personally enjoyed, and it was a great story to read! I hope the review helped you to understand a little bit more of your writing, because in essence that is what it's all about.

9165832 It certainly did. If it means anything, it was much worse(as in flawed) before my editor got his hands on it. If not for that, the story wouldn't be nearly as good. Still, I thank you for the assistance.

I clearly like to support this fiction as it is well written. Maybe I can get back the motivation from your stories.

9415680 Thanks. It took me a while to write with the right emotion, a few editors and several months beforehand. I'm glad you liked it.

I need more Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon stories.

9442385 You're in luck. I have a plan for them within the next few months.

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