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I! LIKE! BUGS! And that's mostly what you need to know. Oh yeah I write things sometimes. If I'm lucky.


Set in the "Chess Game of the Gods" universe. Approved by Blackwing.

"Scales" He said. Daniel really should have been less vague. Now, thanks to a two headed god of choice he met in an internet cafe, he's stuck in Equestria a very unusual form. Oh, scales he got, though. Scales in abundance. Along with killer eyes and venomous fangs. Will he cope with being one of Equestria's deadliest animals? And how will the ponies react to it? I think you know how to find out...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 130 )

heh, now this is going to be an interesting story, keep going ^^

hope he gets some sort of sunglasses or goggles soon

Very good. Can't wait for more. The end was all italics and hard to read though. Here's a tip. Put / before the i.

995714 Yeah, I still can't believe that I missed that. :facehoof:

But it is interesting to finally have a Basilisk finally joining the game. Can't wait for more.

sweet, hope ya get some visors soon though, it'll be like cyclops from x-men!
Can't take the glasses off or its lights out for everybody else.

A Basilisk! Oh dear Luna, a Basilisk! Finally!:pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

This was great, and I look forward to seeing what comes next. My only problem is that you left out two major thing with the Basilisk. They are suppose to have a white crown shaped crest on their head, and they can be killed by their own reflections.

995714 Thank you for that! I accidentally put the i before the /...Fixed now!

996184 Well, the thing about being killed by their own reflections thing...I felt that it was a silly weakness. Plus, I then he wouldn't be able to look at himself in the beginning. Plus, artistic license.:pinkiehappy: Trust me, I would have loved to put that in about it, I like to get my legends right, but I don't think that it would work. Besides, If I remember Aesop's Fables correctly, didn't someone try stabbing a basilisk with a spear, but end up melting? I haven't put that in! And, the basilisk is supposed to be a small snake, but that isn't as cool as a giant snake! I guess that's why legends change over time, from people re-interpretating them.

Thank you for the little thing about the crest, though, I had forgotten! I will put something in about it.

...Later. Now, I'm going back to sleep. 9:00 Am is no decent time for a human being to be awake. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Meh.

995869>>995656 Oh, snap! That's genius! They'll probably have to be tailor made for him, though...Oh, and thank you!

at least he is not half chicken, like the cockatrice...

997114 I don't know, chickens can be cool! Right guys? Am I right? Chickens? Cool? What, no? Okay...:fluttercry:


So I actually need to pull out my mythology books while editing? :trollestia:

And I was waiting for how you would handle it when he enters a town and would be presented by a crowd. Now there's a first impression people won't forget if half the town folks drop dead. :pinkiecrazy:
Not to mention being careless around his travel companions.

997515 oh, a cute derpy chicken!
also, he could go with his eyes closed, he really doesn´t need them to see, as he has his heat sight, (so many H´s)

997525 Well, to see people, sure. But he would be bumping into things all over the place! Still, an idea.
997515 I didn't get that picture until I started to write this reply. Oh dear. :facehoof:
And I'm sure that Anguis will figure something out. He's a bright little snake.

yes it would be painful to be like that, but if he *censored for story´s sake*

997589 Sshhububububuh! Don't give everything away! I'm still deciding on what to do! Besides, if you keep posting these, I'll never get anything original done! I'm kidding, though, you can post what you like. I was thinking of something along those lines, though, yeah.

997645 Heh, thanks. I may not even do that, but it's nice to have my options open. :twilightsmile:

I like this. I like this a lot.

998594 I like this comment. I like it a lot. You have good taste. :pinkiehappy:

996184 And also, Samaru? I have recently discovered that there is, in fact, another basilisk story being written. It is the work of one nobreiner, and can be found here. I just thought that I would let you know, seeing as you seem to like basilisks so much. :pinkiehappy:

1003987 Woah! :rainbowderp: Don't worry, I'm working on a new chapter right now! I'm also waiting to receive a response from nobreiner regarding certain issues with canon, what with him being the first author of a basilisk chess game story. But, I'm sure that he will reply before I am done with the chapter! And I'm glad that you like it! :twilightsmile:

1004010 *Grumbles something about more homework*

Who am I kidding, I love reading. :twilightsmile:

1004031 Oh, and I Private Messaged nobreiner, and he said to just give my basilisk a different species name. So that's that problem solved!

1004610 Yeah I noticed that. It's what he and FurryGoose did for resolving some canon issues between their stories. But you know me, you won't be able to get away with that by just saying they are different species. :ajsmug:

1004687 World building, that's why. :pinkiehappy:

Same thing nobreiner did with the whole entry in the book "From Alicorns to Zebras: Paw Print’s guide to Sentient Species of Equestria." on the species of basilisk his character is (a Mistwatch Basilisk, a.k.a King of Serpents). And your character seems to be something different from a Greater Basilisk, as described in the stories of nobreiner and FurryGoose. Told you I would do my homework. :ajsmug:

But I'm still going through basilisk related canon for the "Chess Game of the Gods" universe. Not to mention some light reading on the universe itself so I'm more up to date.

1004751 Yeah, I read up on them too, and noticed that. Still, I'm not just going to leave it at a species name. I'm going to think of more about my basilisk, don't worry!

Very intresssssssssssting
intresssssssssssssssting indeed
i ssssssssssshall favorite and watch
sssssssssay would you mind if you updated thisssssssss more? ;D


1011272 Heh, don't worry, I'm writing the next chapter now. And don't make fun of Anguis's speech impediment; that's not very nice!

1011346 Because gargoyles. That is the only explanation.

Lol soz just felt like talking in creeper

I still think Opal is best snake. But, awesome story! I really enjoyed it. You sir have talent. Though...he seemed to be able to talk pretty quickly, for having a different shaped mouth and all.

1012821 Hey, everyone else could talk super easy! You're lucky he had any difficulty at all! :twilightangry2: :twilightsheepish: But hey! Thanks for the compliment! And sure, sure, you keep thinking that Opal is best snake.

....Even if you're wrong.:trollestia:

But, seriously, thanks. I like your story! To tell you the truth, I was gonna make a hydra, but then I read your amphiptere story, and I really like the idea of slithering, so...this! So thanks for the inspiration, this is much better than what I had planned originally!

Interesting idea. But he has adjusted far too quickly to far too many things all at once.
He's no longer in his own body. he's effectively had his arms and legs amputated. He craves raw flesh and swallows it whole. He's poisonous AND venomous. The dysmorphia alone should have rendered him catatonic, much less the shock of his dislocation, his near-death miss, his confrontation with creatures that aren't just mythical but are flat-out pop culture fiction.....

In strictest terms he should have literally died of shock. I mean literally.... the multilayered trauma should have made his body shut down. But even assuming that the character has to live, else it's gonna be a short story--- he should have been physically out of commission for a couple of days.

1053584 Yes. It's all true.:rainbowdetermined2:
However, it's fiction. And so, creative license. Also, none of the other Chess Game of the Gods stories that I saw did any of that, so I didn't feel any need to. Basically, in this universe, something (read: magic) is preventing all of the problems that would usually, in a more realistic setting, occur.

So, yeah, a wizard did it. But, hey, someone had to say what you said. And your name is RealityCheck.


True, none of the others in this shared-universe have done it. That is not to say I don't have some issue with it in those stories as well. Some more realistic reaction would be appropriate in most if not all of them. The most realistic reaction I've seen is "through feline eyes"; the protagonist is actually freaked out by what happens, suffers shock from losing a hand, has a monstrous crisis when he kills in order to survive, goes into a dangerous depression when he realizes his situation, etc. The least realistic...... well, I'd think the guy who turned into a tree

Also, to be fair, in the other stories it could be somewhat glossed over... they generally came out the other side semi-humanoid and bipedal, still possessing hands, without any drastic changes in their diet, so on and so forth. Your character came out as a giant snake. The changes to his situation are far more drastic and his reaction should be correspondingly more vivid. He should at the very least be experiencing

Yes, it does become a bit of a worn trope---"holy crap I'm in Equestria"--- but it depends largely on how the writer handles it as to whether it becomes good or bad writing. It can be humorous, tragic, a plot-moving mystery.... or at the least a bit of the passing scenery.

Minor trivia factoid: all snakes are deaf. they have no ears.They also have no eyelids (no blinky blinky.)

1057490 Well, actually, snakes do sort of have ears, but not in the way that we know them. They are underneath the skin on the sides of their head, and they sense vibration, for example from footsteps.

No eyelids, though.

Plus, experiencing what? You didn't finish. And I stand by creative license. I could have made him react like you said, with the freaking, and the shock, but that's not what I wanted to happen. I wanted him to be able to move about and get to doing things near straight away. I appreciate the criticism, of course, and I will take it into consideration when writing further chapters. For now, though, I am happy with how things happened. If I think of something to add to his reaction, I will add it. Thanks.

Drop the s thing asap. All the other serpenty people do.

1061554 It's a speech impediment. He'll get over it, don't worry.

HA this is great! keep up the awesome job!

First of all, an eye catching transformation, you've got it awesomely done, I will read it later since I have many other chess game stories to read yet. and keep going from what I read on the comments you did great

Well at least we have an actual snake basilisk. Never really liked the old legends describing them as having chicken bodies with a snake half. Always liked the Harry Potter interpretation better. Though there was one story about a blind kid in Egypt who befriends a regular snake sized basilisk guarding a tomb.

1194142 Those are cockatrices, I thought. Basilisks were supposed to be small snakes with a white crest on their head, with lots of venom and a deadly gaze. I like them a lot, as I like all snakes!

1194705 Yeah I know, but for some reason a lot of the books I read and wiki articles as well stated that it had one half of a chicken or rooster and half of a snake. Rather annoying after reading and watching the 'Chamber of Secrets'.:ajbemused:

Yessss!a update! I'm gonna hug you over the vast reaches of the interwebz:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::heart:

1432580 Gah! You actually hugged me? How did you do that?! What are you?!

...Oh, and thanks for the enthusiasm.:pinkiehappy:

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