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The greatest detective is suddenly launched into another world. Dazed and confused, he figures out that he's just in time to solve one of the greatest murder cases in the history of Equestria.

Go figure.

1) Inspired by both RDJ's Sherlock Holmes
2) I've never written a detective story before?? Might as well try.

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Okay, interesting. This gets tracked if nothing else. I am curious about one thing though.

Are you going with the Benedict Cumberbatch Holmes, the Downey Jr. Holmes, or Holmes as written by AC Doyle?

Good luck with your project and prepare for all the Holmsians to nitpick you to death. :)

Downey all the way, I like his depiction better, but both are fantastic. Now, I haven't read all of Sir Doyle's works, but I've seen a fair deal of both BBC's show and RDJ's movies. I really need to finish reading them, though. I tried my best to mimic the style of writing, of course without Watson's narration.

And I'm sure they will :rainbowlaugh:, but I suppose I can discern reasonable criticism from senseless bickering

Penalt #3 · 6 days ago · · ·

Well, I grew up watching the old Basil Rathbone movies of him. I like Downey's work as sort of a prequel to the original works. Cumberbatch does a wonderful job as the enigmatic Holmes. Like I said, I'll be tracking this and looking forward to future chapters.


I like this and am excited to see where you will take it. Each man who has played Holmes has added more depth to the character I feel. RDJ is one of my favorites because I think he best embodies the dreamer aspect of Holmes personality especially from the Study in Scarlet. Anyway happy reading the stories and writing. :twilightsmile:

Me too. I've got an idea where I want to take it, but I'll need to finish my other story first and plan this one out more.

Track, and follow.

Short and sweet.

Check, and mate.

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