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In the quest to save the two weakening alicorns, Twilight and Sunset will travel across Equestria and even into the Princesses' past to get the answers they need.

Everyone will have to fight to save their home as they know it from creatures of darkness that are growing ever stronger and will try anything to stop Luna and Celestia from reawakening.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 23 )

Oh, I so do enjoy this! I wonder what is causing their sickness? (If it is even an illness at all.)
While, I am looking for more of this story, I did find a few incidents of grammatical error, and I would be more than happy to point them out if it is appropriate to do so.

Yeah that would be fine UwU I dont have an official beta yet so its expected errors will fall through

Ah, yes, that is just the way things go sometimes.

Sunset Shimmer always th1ough going through the portal from


Pinkie pie sat back down where spike offered a clawed hand


Come now young Princess we have much work to do


without a word sad and began reading the closest one to him


before they became Princessesā€™.

An unnecessary apostrophe

I do hope that I couldbe of help here.

Oh thank you for the help again~!

You're very welcome, and thank you for writing your story! :twilightsmile:

How is Sunset Shimmer going to be able to help?

Oh... she'll probably have all the knowledge the same way she somehow knew Twilight had become an alicorn and the Elements were back and that taking an Element into another world would give her freaky demon powers... because she read the script.


This sounds really good. I can't wait for more.

Interesting so far. Keep it up.

Another good chapter. Keep up the good work.

So wait......is Discord reformed in this? Or is this an AU where he never became reformed and is still trapped in stone?

I get this is the past, but I'm asking about back in the Present

Hes reformed, the story is as cannon as possible and happens after the forgotten friendship episode

Oh my gosh! O my gosh! O my gosh! I cant wait you to write the full stories!!! You got my support! :twilightsmile:

Awesome as always! :rainbowkiss:

Uwww i cant wait to see what happens next!! Keep up the great job!:twilightsmile:

Great story, hope it gets updated soon.

So the princess's power is linked to Harmony, which is linked to the tree...
As a certain Airbender once said:

Everything is connected...

Yeah, this is looking more and more like Sunset and Twi are going to be replacements and the sisters are finally going to be allowed to rest. I could be wrong, but that is what this is pointing towards.

Seems like the other Mane 6 should ascend by the logic presented here.

Iā€™d suggest keeping it canon instead. Less fun, but safer for everyone all around.

Not that that's a bad thing.

This was a ready fun read. Hopefully one day you will return to it I would love to see the world beyond the north.

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