• Published 25th May 2022
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Seeing Friendship Differently - Night--Mist

Twilight Sparkle is about to learn from another pony that there's more than one way to see one as a friend.

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Sometimes, Friendship Can Hit You Like a Freight Train

Author's Note:

First chapter of a new story I want to try and make. Twilight has met a new Bat Pony. Trying to make some stories that don't just have me self-inserted. I know I've made plenty already, but this one has been in my head for a while, and I want to see where I take it.

Hope you all enjoy this first chapter. But one more thing......... do not ask me if I will continue my other stories. If they read Hiatus or Incomplete, then that means I still plan to continue those stories, but I wanted to get this story out there.

Let me know what you all think of this chapter. Have a good rest of the week.

Princess Twilight Sparkle was having another fine day. She had just finished a meeting in day court with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and decided to take a stroll around Canterlot. She was greeted by many of the nobles. Some just giving her a respected hello, others trying to get a little, well, romantic in their greeting, but failing, seeing as how Twilight was not interested at the moment. Thankfully, none here were trying to tell Twilight off and saying she didn't deserve her Princess status. She of course did have some guards tailing her not too close, but not too far in case she was in need of help.

Many children politely asked for her autograph, saying they hope to be great ponies one day like Twilight and her friends. Then, while she was about to make a turn to one of her favorite eateries, she had not been paying full attention, and bumped into some pony. "Brbrbrbrbrbr, sorry, must have taken a wrong turn, um, sir or ma'am," said the pony.

"Sir or Ma'am? Do you not know a mare when you s-" She stopped mid, sentence when she realized something about the pony she was looking at.

It was a bat pony. Not a uncommon sight in Equestria, after all, they were a cousin branch of pegasi, specializing in night time tasks. But that wasn't what caught Twilight off guard. This bat pony......... he was blind. A reason she had not finished her sentence, because that would have been a insult to the pony. "Excuse my statement, I did not notice the condition you have for a moment," Twilight apologized.

"Oh, my blindness. No need to apologize your highness. It's not your fault," the pony stated.

"Wait, how did you know I was a princess?" Twilight inquired.

"Your voice. It's a hard to mistaken your voice's pitch. Not that that's a bad thing your highness. I heard your singing once before. Very impressive. And now I feel I must be," Night Mist stopped a spears were held to his throat.

"Explain yourself young stallion. You just assaulted the Princess of Friendship," One of the Guards accompanying Twilight said.

"What?! No, gentlecolts, you misunderstand," Twilight interjected.

"Your highness, we were assigned to keep you safe at all times, please let us do our job," The other guard interrupted.

"Yeah, well, you guards are overdoing it...... again," The pony spat.

Twilight removed the two guards from the bat pony's personal space. "What do you mean 'again'?" Twilight inquired.

"Well, not them in particular, your highness, but this isn't the first time the guards have roughened me up," the bat pony stated.

"What is your name?" Twilight asked.

"Shadow Blaze," he stated.

"Well Shadow Blaze. Allow me to apologize for their rude behavior. You two, you ought to look before you leap. Shadow here is blind, and cannot see. Sadly, I am more at fault, cause I should have been aware of my surroundings, and been aware of his presence. Shadow has done nothing wrong. Now Shadow, allow me to make it up to you. Would you care to join me for a snack at Pony Joes?" Twilight pleaded.

"That's very kind of you your majesty, but I'm sure there are better things you could do with your time then be seen with a blind lower class," Shadow Blazed stated.

"Oh pish posh. Between you and me, I was actually trying to get away from all the nobles trying to sway me into giving them certain positions in their "regal" status," Twilight admitted.

"A princess that doesn't want to spend time with other nobles?...... Huh, you learn something new every day," Shadow joked.

"Now, let's head to Pony Joes. And I won't take no for an answer," Twilight asserted.

"Well. I could never refuse an order from the Princess of Friendship," Shadow bowed.

The two soon made their way to the donut shop with the Guards keeping a close eye on the princess, but keeping their distance as instructed. "Princess Twilight Sparkle. Been a while. Finally taking a break from the royal pains of princessing?" Pony Joe asked.

Twilight giggled, "You know me too well Pony Joe."

"I'm guessing Spike's spending time with the older brother ay? So, who's this strapping young stallion?" Pony Joe inquired.

"This is Shadow Blaze. I asked him to join me here," Twilight explained.

"Uh huh. He one of those nobles that you have to deal with?" Pony Joe pondered.

"No sir, just a normal common bat pony. Besides, it would be rude and down right treasonous to refuse a Princess's offer for donuts," Shadow Blaze stated.

Pony Joe Laughed, "I like your spunk kid. Most ponies that stop by here that aren't Twilight and her herd of friends are usually stuck up nobles who only come here to savor some of my Samplers. I keep telling them they can take more, but they always give me that 'can't be seen with common carnival fair in public' nonsense."

"Well, if the Princess of Friendship has frequented here, then those nobles have no excuse to not purchase your sweets," Shadow complimented.

"Right? I keep telling them that, but they don't believe me," Pony Joe pouts.

"Well, let's have some sweets before we stand here just ranting about nobles all day," Twilight interjected.

Soon, they sat down, and while Twilight ordered her usual, Shadow told Pony Joe to surprise him, since he had never tried any pastries from the donut shop before. After Pony Joe brought out Twilight's favorite pastry, Zap Apple jelly filled Bismark, and an Sweet Apple Acre's special, an Apple Cinnamon bear claw, both started munching. "Mmmmm, wow, I definitely have to come here often. If this is one of your pastries, I can't wait to try more," Shadow Blaze stated.

"Well, with that particular one, you're gonna have to let the Apple Family know they had a good recipe, they allowed me to promote it here in Canterlot," Pony Joe admitted.

"We talking 'the' Sweet Apple Acre's?" Shadow inquired.

"That be the farm, yep," Joe confirmed.

"I will be sure to keep that in mind, should I cross the path of one of the Apple family members," Shadow made a mental note.

Twilight loved to see that Shadow was having a good time. "Well, I had a good snack here today Joe, and, sadly, being one of the rulers here, I do have to get back. Shadow, if you'd like, I'd be happy to walk you home," Twilight offered.

"Oh, Princess, I appreciate the offer, but please, you must have far more important things to do then to look after a blind Thestral," Shadow tried to politely decline.

"Oh, don't be silly. I may have to return, but it's not like I need to rush back to the castle for something dire. Please, let me escort you to your house," Twilight extended a hoof.

"Well, the thing is, your majesty......... I.......... I don't have home to go to," Shadow admitted.

"What?!" Twilight gasped.

"I'm what you call a wanderer. I travel from place to place, and do odd jobs that will accept my help, even with my condition and also pay really well. But I don't have a one place to stay," Shadow stated.

"No home?! That's terrible!" Twilight bellowed.

"Really, your highness. It's not a big deal. It helps me visit many interesting places and," Shadow was cut short as Twilight covered his mouth.

"No, I simply refuse to hear that a Stallion cannot have a home. Especially one as kind as you have been. You're coming straight to the castle with me, no protest," Twilight demanded.

"But Princess I, HRRRK!!!" Shadow stated as he was grabbed by Twilight's magic and she had the guards fetch her a chariot, feeling that this was an urgent matter that need her to get to the castle fast.

Soon, she and Shadow were aboard the chariot and headed for the castle. He wanted to protest that this was very unnecessary, but knew with the stories he heard about in passing about Twilight's stubbornness, that it was surely a battle he couldn't win, and trying to fight the princess was the last thing he wanted to do, not only because of her incredible power, but doing so was a criminal offense that would put him a situation he'd rather not get himself into.

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