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I enjoy writing. Is there much else to say? Nothing you'd be interested in I'm sure.


When Bon Bon goes out of her way to cheer up her roommate, she may have gone a bit too far out of the way this time as she searches for a special plant for one of her recipes. If searching the Everfree Forest
for the hard to find root wasn't bad enough, fate seems to have it out for her to make things impossible. And just when things seem to be going her way, she ends up butting heads with the jerkiest dragon she has ever met, who seems intent on getting the roots and in true dragon fashion, hoarding them for himself.

Made for Razor Blade the Unicorn's contest, Unexpected Meeting

Chapters (1)
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The others went back to what they were doing as Garble made sure none of them were watching. Making sure no one else saw, he rounded back to collect his package and tossed one of the chocolates in his mouth. “Mmm, chocolate covered gems? Huh, maybe some ponies are so lame after all.”


This was a nice read. I like the idea of Bon-Bon and Garble's characters thrown together, that was good. And it was also kind of sweet to see that Garble wanted the cinder roots for his mother. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for pointing that out.

Glad you enjoyed it.

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