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Rainbow Dash challenges Applejack to a cider drinking competition, and the winner gets bragging rights over the other. Just to be safe, Rainbow Dash gets Twilight Sparkle to judge and keep score, this couldn't possibly go wrong could it?

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This story really needs proofing.

Not bad, but it felt very rushed. Plainly needs to be edited.

Not bad, but there are some grammar mistakes

Twilight Sparkle wanted to hoofpalm but it was very clear to her, that Dash wasn't taking this very seriously.

When does RD ever take things like this seriously Twi:ajbemused:?

β€œI think you're ego is getting to you again Dash. Come on, you know Rarity has you beat in that regard.” replied Applejack as she took another chug of her cider.

She really does...:facehoof:.

β€œYou are attractive, Dash, but there's so much more to a mare than simply looks.” spoke Applejack.

True, just ask Fluttershy:scootangel:! Who I think is the most attractive mare of the six:raritywink:!

β€œShe could totally stare at mine if she wanted too. I wouldn't mind.” replied Rainbow Dash.

Oh Dash! I know that you're drunk right now, but come on:rainbowlaugh:!

Very nice one shot:twilightsmile:. Loved the drunken talk between Applejack and Rainbow Dash about Twilight checkin' them out:ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:.

Thanks, it was fun to write. Maybe one day I'll do a more serious AJ and dashie piece. Someday...

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