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Treehugger and Maud meet in a forest. They get along and spend the rest of the day and night together, and a romance begins.

Thanks to the following and their advice on my blog post.
I took liberties with their suggestions and combined them.

Super Trampoline

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 13 )

This was nice one shot.


I had no idea where it was gonna go but stopped where I did so I might continue the story in the future. :twilightsheepish:

Very nicely done!

Only now I've shot myself in the foot. I had Maud on the brain since I've been writing something containing a short scene with this exact pair as roommates. Platonic roommates, sure, but still now I get to fret over looking derivative.

Thanks for reading! Means a lot to me.

Ouch. I apologize, I know the feel of feeling derivative.
Go for it, the world needs more pony words!

I was initially interested in seeing how you'd have these two ponies interact, but instead of focusing on character interaction and developing a realistic relationship arc, you immediately jumped into this being a soft clopfic. I'm afraid I'll have to downvote what started as a very well written and intriguing one-shot.

It's 1,300 words in characters I don't really care about and your opinion.
Thanks for the comment!

I really do appreciate it.

Yeah, I love just about any story with Maud or Treehugger. Espectially if they are in it together.

I honestly didn't expect this to go over so well, I just wrote about a couple girls getting high and chilling...
Now I'm tempted to write a second where they actually get to know each other...

What've I done?!:rainbowlaugh:

If you do so, let me know. The greatest love story is that where the characters have to climb a (proverbial) mountain to get to the one they love.

The best romance is simultaneously a self-sacrifice for your lover and a conquest of all that stands between you and him/her.

EDIT: Sweet Celestia, I'm starting to sound like an egghead:rainbowderp:

That's a lot of blissing out.

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