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Accelerationist extraordinaire behold!


They were created in a manufacturing plant. They were given artificial emotions. Their actions count towards the well-being of Equestria. Relaxation at the cost of synthetic lives. Social classes of the robotic and the pure.

It's supposed to be a short story.

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Why do I have the feeling you are one of those people who doesn’t like technology very much? Don’t you know resistance is futile :trollestia: ?

Anyway – not bad for a first story. The dark theme was a very nice distraction from all those heartwarming things floating around – pretty good from technical POV as well, although:

This, obviously, is not for the pure, but for everypony else, the less unfortunate ones or the middle-factors like himself.

Shouldn’t that be less fortunate :unsuresweetie:?

Hey, thanks for your comment. Actually, I love technology, I grew up with old CRT monitors and play tons of video games. The entire reason why I created this was for my opinion on the process of full-automation of the labor industry in a post-accelerationist or post-expansion of a capitalist world through a small metaphor in the form of an MLP Fanfiction.
And I tried to make it as gloomy as possible (mainly because I generally dislike the bright atmospheres in stories.)

And ha ha, yeah, it should be less fortunate.

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