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Princess Celestia wants Princess Cadence to go on a diplomatic mission to Somnambula, a small desert town outside of Equestria’s borders. After she arrives, she somehow manages to get herself kidnapped again. This time, by a really big kitty who calls herself “The Sphinx.”

"Why am I always the one who gets kidnapped?"

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Interesting pairing. Feels like it's been a while since I've seen a Sphinx story.

Thanks! It was quite a random development actually. It originally was just going to be another "generic" Cadence gets kidnapped story, but as I was planning it out, I realized it could be cute if I instead made her, in a way, "kidnap her captor emotionally." From there it kinda just spiraled into a strange character analysis of a lonely Sphinx. :twilightblush:

And then Cadence became a crazy Sphinx lady.

I like it, though I'm kinda hoping that they work out a way for Sphinx to regain her normal stature when she wants it. That'd be a hell of a protector for Cadence, and one that most won't see coming.

Also....Cadence and Twilight could point out to the Sphinx that this way she can proactively search for her lost treasures she was supposed to guard instead of just waiting for them to come back to her.

Regardless, this was cute and well worth reading.

Ri2 #5 · Nov 3rd, 2020 · · ·

I was actually wondering if they could just move the entire pyramid, but this works too. Should have asked permission before size-changing her, though.

I would love to have a sphinx as a companion.

I would love a sequel to this if you are up for it!

I've given it some thought. I've only recently gotten back into the swing of writing though, and I'm trying not to stack too many projects on my plate this time. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and deemed it sequel-worthy though! :twilightsmile:

Cadence just stood there, silently panicking, the words ‘You will perform it for me again,’ echoing in her head. How long was the Sphinx going to keep her here? When would she see her loved ones again? What was she going to eat? Why was she always the one to get kidnapped?

Yeah that's how Princess Peach felt like lol 😅

Well then that was an interesting story and I have to admit it was cute that the Sphinx actually cared for Cadence this was a cute story and I do love cats 😻

Another delightful sphinx story. Less than 20 that are marked complete.

"How dare you!" yelled the Sphinx. "I am the mighty Sphinx! I will not be-"

They dare because Princess and anyone who stops them from doing whatever they want to whoever is evil. They are the sun and moon. Make way for the master pony race...

I'm glad you both enjoyed it! This was a really fun one to write!

I’ve always figured a cat that could talk would come across as a bipolar sociopath.

Just look at Garfield as an example.

Well, she is to guard treasure of the Pyramid, could be that treasure could be relocated north after it is found and maybe even some other things getting added up to the said treasure. I mean who would not like a fuzzy cat guarding the Crystal Heart?

Cadence now has a pet cat.

Fairly accurate portrayal of the process

Aaaawwwww, this was delightful. Such a cute read.
I really wanna see how flurry’s and Shining’s reaction to her is, especially if it grows back to full size
Great work

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Haha both cute and silly

Aww, this was cute. Too bad it doesn't end with big kitty remaining big. Very adorable!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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