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The Secret Life of Rarity - BronyWriter

Rarity has a deep dark secret that she cannot control but must hide from the world.

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Birds of a Feather

Rarity stretched slightly before she used her magic to fling the last remains of Janice deep into the Everfree Forest. It had taken her all night to dismember the corpse and get rid of the remains, but Rarity finished her work just as the morning sun had come up over the horizon. As she trotted back to her house, Rarity smiled fondly at the memory of the four severed hooves that were tied together with a string which had been hung up on her wall next to the pelts.

Entering her home and going upstairs, she decided to take a bath to simply lounge in. A unique and memorable kill like Janice relaxed Rarity very much, and she was far too worn out at the moment to get any work done for the shop. Besides, she deserved a personal day.

Rarity turned the nozzles on the bathtub, and it immediately began filling up with hot water that would do wonders to wash the stress away. She then went over to a nearby cabinet and scanned the various bottles of bubble bath it contained, before deciding on one called "spring rain". She squirted it into the tub, turned off the water, and lowered herself into the water. She sighed contentedly and leaned her head back. "Oh, today was simply marvelous, Rarity. Not only did you get revenge for Pinkie Pie, but you also had a wonderful kill, even if you didn't get to draw it out nearly as much as you wanted."

"Well that's how life goes sometimes, Rarity. At the very least, you got some time."

"Part of me wishes that I had extended it more to break her spirit. I could have gotten hours if I had taken that approach, Rarity," Rarity mused.

Rarity clicked her tongue. "Oh I don't think so, darling. She was bleeding out rather fast. I suppose that now you know not to slice a leg open like that."

"True, Rarity, true."

After soaking for twenty more minutes, Rarity decided that she had better get out of the tub and do something. However, as she levitated a towel over to herself, she realized that she was at a loss for what to actually do. That was her one problems with being a serial killer: she could never figure out what to do in the immediate hours after her latest kill. She relished the days when some matter called her attention once she had finished the cleanup.

Rarity dried off and decided that as long as she was being lazy today, she might as well go the whole nine yards and go to the spa. Yes, the spa sounded like a wonderful idea.

After drying off, she moseyed on down to the spa, enjoying the warm rays of sunshine that were covering her body. The day was continuing to be bright and glorious.

As Rarity passed the town square, she saw a sight that she had yet to see before in her life: a griffin! Rarity had never seen a griffin before, she was certainly impressed by how regal she looked. She was the size of a pony and had the front half of an eagle with the back half of a lion. Rarity just imagined her pelt hanging on her wall, but there really was no need for that. She was very likely a perfectly nice creature, and Rarity didn't see the point.

As she kept walking towards the spa, she continued to keep an eye on what the griffin was doing. To her surprise, she stole an apple from a cart and ate it without paying for it! Rarity raised an eyebrow. "Maybe she does belong in my basement," Rarity muttered.

As she mulled it over, she stopped Bon Bon, who was passing by her on the street. "Please excuse me, darling, but do you know who that griffin is?"

Bon Bon looked back at the griffin and nodded. "Yeah, she's a friend of Rainbow Dash's. I saw the two of them flying around town this morning. They seemed to be having a pretty good time."

Rarity nodded. "Alright, thank you, darling." Bon Bon returned the nod and the two parted ways. "So, she's a friend of Rainbow Dash's is she?" Rarity mumbled to herself. "I see. Well maybe she is going to pay for that apple she stole; I shouldn't misjudge her when I hardly know her."

Within a few moments though, Rarity saw a sight that guaranteed this griffin a spot in Rarity's basement. The griffin had been walking and had run into Fluttershy who had been leading a family of ducks to safety. That was innocent enough, could have happened to anypony. However, the griffin's reaction was not so nice. Rarity could hear the nasty creature berate Fluttershy from where she stood. Rage boiled inside Rarity as she saw the griffin continue to yell at an increasingly distraught Fluttershy. Rarity wanted to go over and snap that filthy beast's neck right now! However, she did figure that that would be a tad counter-productive as not only would she be arrested, she would lose all love from Rainbow Dash, and she would scar Fluttershy for life. Rarity felt her will to not kill in the open weaken when the griffin let loose a mighty roar of anger at the frightened pegasus pony.

As Fluttershy ran away in tears, Rarity decided that the spa could wait. She had a basement to prepare.

* * * *

What is the best way to brutally murder a griffin?

That was the question that Rarity found herself asking as she stared silently at her collection of tools. Her tray lay empty beside her as she contemplated how to kill the beastly creature that had hurt Fluttershy so. Each time she reached for a knife, she found herself withdrawing her hoof, second guessing her choice.

"Um... well..." Rarity reached into her workbench. "Pliers might be useful if I want to rip out her feathers, I suppose."

Rarity retracted her hoof. "But is it going to take pliers to pull them out?"

"I suppose not." Rarity clicked her tongue and tapped her butcher knife. "Her tail might be an issue, though. She grabbed that apple with it. I'm not sure how dexterous she is with it, but it would be best to cut it off, Rarity."

Rarity frowned and retracted her hoof again. "But does that mean the butcher knife or something more or less precise?" Rarity groaned and put her head in her hooves. "This might be more difficult than you thought, Rarity."

Rarity grunted and finally decided on a skinning knife. "She's certainly going to make it on your wall, Rarity. How often do griffins come along?"

Rarity grinned and picked up a sharp bread knife. "If she's as much fun as I hope she is, I might have to find and kill one again."

Rarity's ears swiveled back as she heard the doorbell ring, and she gave a small, angry growl. "What part of 'closed' do ponies not understand?" After slamming her workbench shut, Rarity walked back up the stairs and answered the door. To her surprise, she saw a smiling Pinkie Pie on the other side. "Oh, goodness Pinkie, I didn't expect to see you there. How may I help you?"

"Hello Rarity!" said Pinkie in her usual happy voice. "I was wondering if you knew about Gilda!"

Rarity cocked her head. "Uh, Gilda, darling?"

"Yes, Gilda! She's Rainbow Dash's griffin friend!" said Pinkie. "She's staying in Ponyville for a while and I though that it would be a nice thing to do if we threw a party for her!"

Rarity smiled at Pinkie. That was Pinkie Pie, always welcoming, and always willing to throw a new guest in Ponyville a party. Sometimes Rarity made it a little game to see who could get to a new pony in Ponyville first. It would either be Pinkie and her parties, or Rarity and her basement. Much to Rarity's chagrin, Pinkie usually won those competitions which meant that Rarity would refrain from going in for the kill. "I take it the party is at Sugarcube Corner?"

Pinkie's grin widened. "Yes indeedy do! This afternoon at three o clock."

"Well, I will be sure to be there, Pinkie Pie. I would never miss one of your parties," said Rarity.

"Okie dokie loki!" said Pinkie Pie as she bounced away. "See you at three!"

"See you then, darling!" said Rarity as she waved goodbye to Pinkie Pie. As Rarity shut the door, she realized that she still had a grin on her face. The realization only made the grin bigger. "Goodness gracious, Rarity. How does she make me smile like that?" Rarity chuckled. "That takes talent, if I do say so myself."

As she walked back down to her basement and looked over at the nearly empty tray. She clicked her tongue and shook her head. "You know what, Rarity? Just improvise. Celestia knows you've done it enough."

As Rarity thought about how best to get Gilda in her basement, she was struck with an idea. She remembered how she had lost her temper at one of the things that poor Janice had said. Rarity had an idea of how best to avoid a situation like that again and she grabbed the necessary supplies for her idea, and went to work on it.

* * * *

As Rarity put her creation on the wall facing the table where she strapped her victims, she glanced at a clock that was on her wall. It was two forty-five! "Oh goodness, Rarity, you must pay better attention to the time!" she scolded. She put the final pieces of tape on the wall before sticking her creation to the wall and zooming towards Sugarcube Corner.

She arrived out of breath and a tad sweaty from the run. The confectionery was packed with the residents of Ponyville, all of them eagerly awaiting the arrival of Gilda. Rarity glanced at the clock. It was a few minute before three. Rarity breathed a sigh of relief. She entered the shop and went over to greet Applejack who wasn't talking to anypony at the moment. "Hello there, Applejack! It is good to see you here this fine afternoon."

"Hello, Rarity," Applejack replied with a smile. "Ah'm glad to be here. Ah'd never miss a Pinkie Pie party." The two friends walked over to each other and gave each other a greeting hug. As the two broke apart, Applejack's smile faded away. "So who's this Gilda Ah've heard nothing about?"

"I heard she's an old friend of Rainbow Dash, a griffin! So rare," Rarity replied.

Applejack nodded. "Friend of RD's, huh? Well, any friends of hers is a friend of mine, Ah guess."

Rarity inwardly grimaced. She wanted to tell Applejack to withhold saying that particular statement until she had actually met the griffin in question, but she held her tongue.

They did not have to wait very long for the guest of honor. Gilda walked in after a few more minutes, and was immediately met with a smiling Pinkie Pie, who welcomed her to the party. Rarity observed Gilda's behavior as Pinkie Pie extended a hoof in greeting. Gilda suspiciously took the hoof and was immediately met with a zap of electricity. Rarity smiled. Ah the old hoof buzzer prank. Pinkie Pie had only done it to Rarity once as Rarity had made her Pinkie Promise not to it to her ever again. She wasn't thrilled with the results that the prank had on her mane. She laughed at the successful prank like the rest of the ponies, but still kept an eye on Gilda.

* * * *

As the party went on, any thoughts that Rarity had that Gilda did not deserve to be in her basement faded into oblivion. Somepony, likely Pinkie Pie, had set up various pranks throughout the party and by whatever luck, Gilda had been the one to set them all off. She started by eating lemon drops laced with pepper, something Rarity felt that she should try at some point; only Rarity would replace the pepper with strychnine or something like that. A dribble glass and spring snakes in a can followed suit. Rarity noticed that Gilda's composure, something Rarity was surprised that the naturally irritable Gilda had in the first place, was slowly eroding as the party went on. Rarity was sure that the re-lighting birthday candles would set her over the edge for sure and that she would completely lose her cool in front of everypony. However, despite manhandling Pinkie Pie and threatening her, she did not blow her fuse. Rarity mused that this was possibly an indication of what Gilda would be like in her basement.

Before Rarity could dwell on the matter more, Applejack called the attention of everypony there. "Hey y'all, it's pin the tail on the pony! Let's play!" said Applejack, motioning to the game.

Rarity smiled in delight at the idea. "Oh my favorite game!" said Rarity. "Can I go first? Can I have the purple tail?"

To Rarity's complete lack of surprise, the second she reached for the tail the greedy griffin snatched it out from under her. "Well I'm the guest of honor, and I'll have the purple tail!" said Gilda snidely.

Rarity shot her a glare that would have killed Gilda on the spot... if looks could kill, that is.

Spike tied the blindfold over Gilda's eyes and Pinkie Pie spun her around. Rarity was confused to see that, despite the fact that Pinkie led Gilda towards the poster, Gilda instead ignored Pinkie and walked in the opposite direction. It was just Gilda being cruel to Pinkie Pie as usual. However, this did not have the intended effect. True, Gilda would have run into a wall eventually, but she actually managed to slip on a clump of frosting on the floor, and she slid right into the kitchen with a loud crash.

Silence filled the room as everypony looked on in shock at the collision. Gilda came out of the kitchen, no worse for wear, but with the pony tail draped over her beak. "Uh, Gilda, you pinned the tail on the wrong end," Pinkie Pie observed.

The room began laughing at the ridiculous looking griffin. As the room continued to laugh, Rarity saw the last shred of self-control dissolve into anger and she watched with a smile as Gilda let out a furious roar.

The livid griffin began berating everypony in the room, but Rarity paid no heed to her words, despite the mask of shock that she had put on her face. She was lost in thought as she realized that she had not figured out how she was going to get Gilda in her basement. Drugging her outside of the bakery wouldn't work as she wasn't quite sure how much she would need. Plus, she had to figure out to drug her. She needed to figure out some way to lure Gilda to the boutique, but she was unsure of what Gilda would want there. Then the idea struck her: revenge. Rarity smiled to herself and rejoined reality just in time to see Gilda storm angrily out of Sugarcube Corner. It was time. Or at least, it would soon be time. It would be a tad suspicious if Rarity left immediately after Gilda did. She would have to bide her time for a few minutes, but not so long that she wouldn't be able to find Gilda.

After another ten minutes at the party, which began with a round of apologies, Rarity decided that she had better get on with it. She walked up to Pinkie Pie who was drinking punch and eating large slices of cake. "Hello there Pinkie Pie," she greeted

Pinkie swallowed the piece of cake in her mouth and smiled at Rarity. "Hey there Rarity, are you having a wonderful, super-duper fun time?"

Rarity nodded happily. "I am indeed, Pinkie. You always throw the best parties. However, I have some work to do at my shop, and I'm afraid that I must leave."

Pinkie's ears drooped and she looked sadly at the floor. "Okay, I suppose I'll see you later then."

"Before I go, I have to say that I really enjoyed the hoof buzzer trick you played on Gilda. Do you mind if I borrow that?" Rarity smiled mischievously and glanced at the bakery's door. "I think it would be a great prank to pull sometime."

Pinkie perked up again. "Of course you can, Rarity!" Pinkie Pie reached into her mane and pulled the hoof buzzer she had used on Gilda and hoofed it over to Rarity.

Rarity took the buzzer and placed it inside her saddlebag. "Thank you, Pinkie. I'm sure I'll find a good use for this. Have a wonderful evening, darling."

Pinkie nodded happily and Rarity left Sugarcube Corner to go find Gilda.

As luck would have it, Rarity found Gilda in the exact spot that she expected to find her. Gilda had gone back to Rainbow Dash's house to collect some of her things before she left Ponyville for good. When Rarity saw Gilda fly out, she called to her. "Yoo hoo, Gilda! Might I have a word with you please?"

Rarity saw Gilda roll her eyes, but her wings turned downwards and she landed in front of Rarity nonetheless. "What do you want, dweeb? I wanna get out of here!"

Despite years of masterfully displaying fake emotions, Rarity still had to work at maintaining her casual demeanor. "Well, I just wanted to tell you that I thought what Pinkie Pie did to you at that party was simply dreadful. I know that she claimed to be throwing that party innocently, but you had her pegged right. Take it from somepony who has lived here all her life and knows everypony around here." Rarity's stomach twisted into knots, lying about her good friend like that, but all would be corrected soon.

Hearing this news, Gilda raised an eyebrow in interest. "I knew that she was just trying to get under my feathers! Nobody is that mindless!" Gilda narrowed her eyes. "Why are you telling me this anyway?"

Rarity gave a small laugh and leaned in close next to Gilda. "Well, I heard that you enjoy a good prank and as it just so happens, I enjoy a good prank myself. What would you say to me assisting you in getting a little revenge on Pinkie Pie, and indeed anypony you wanted to around here?"

Gilda's leer faded and was replaced by an eager grin. "Heck yeah!" she said, flying into the air. "Sign me up!" She flew down next to Rarity and jumped up and down excitedly. "What are we gonna do?"

Rarity softly chuckled. This was going to be easier than she thought. "Well first off, let us go back to my home where we can discuss our plans. I was quite the prankster back in my teenage years and I have some wonderful things in my basement; very elaborate stuff. None of this childish hoof buzzer or dribble glass nonsense."

"Lead the way!" said Gilda.

"However, we must be careful not to be seen going into my house!" Rarity cautioned. "If the ponies of this town saw the two of us together, then it wouldn't be difficult for them to figure out that it was us pulling the pranks."

Gilda nodded. "Makes sense to me." Gilda grinned evilly and rubbed her claws together. "Alright, let’s get this party started!"

The two snuck quietly back to Rarity's house. Luckily, most of the ponies in Ponyville were still at Pinkie's party and thus, the streets were fairly quiet. Their journey to Rarity's house was uneventful. When they reached her house, they sneaked inside and Rarity led Gilda into her basement. "Nice touch with that secret piano password, dude," said Gilda. "I've never seen anything like that."

"Why thank you, Gilda," said Rarity as the two walked down the stairs.

As the two continued walking down the stairs, the smell of decaying ponies wafted towards the duo and Gilda sniffed the air as they neared the bottom of the steps. "What the heck is that smell?”

Rarity sighed sadly and shook her head. "Oh, my basement burst a pipe a few weeks back and I'm afraid that the smell hasn't quite gone away yet."

Gilda looked around uneasily for a moment but shrugged all the same. "Alright, I guess that makes sense."

The duo reached the bottom of the stairs and entered the basement. Gilda's eyes widened when she saw the horrors in front of her, and she slowly began backing away. Rarity held up a hoof to stop her. "Don't you worry, darling. None of this is real! This is just one of my more elaborate pranks. If we decide to go with this one, we'll put on masks so Pinkie doesn't know that it is us, and we'll make her think that she's about to be killed!"

Gilda swallowed nervously and took a step backwards. "Uh... yeah, maybe this one is a bit too extreme. I mean come on, we don't want to scare her too badly."

Gilda continued to back away, still visibly nervous as Rarity sighed and levitated two small syringes over to her from her workbench. "Well that's a problem because I'm afraid that I do want to scare you that badly."

Before Gilda could respond, Rarity stuck the syringes into her neck. Gilda yelped and, rather than fight Rarity, she began running back up the stairs, trying to escape. Rarity merely smiled at the foolish display and began moseying after her.

Gilda's movements became slower as the drug took effect and she soon collapsed on the stairs, still slowly trying to crawl away to freedom. Rarity began humming and levitated a third syringe over to her. She stuck it into Gilda's back between her wings. It had the desired effect. Gilda stopped moving and lay unconscious on the stairs. Rarity gave a satisfied nod and encased Gilda's right arm in her magical glow and, with a grunt, pulled her halfway off of the floor. Moving forward, Rarity slid herself under Gilda and used all of her strength to lift the her onto her back.

As she carried her victim towards the table, she glared at her. "Honestly, d... Celestia she's heavy darling, if I wasn't about to do it for you, I'd suggest you take off a few pounds!"

Finally with one last grunt, and some more help from her magic, she managed to get Gilda onto the table and strap her down. Rarity cracked her neck and stretched her back into the air, in a move reminiscent of her cat, to ease some of the soreness that had come from lifting Gilda.

Her back placated, Rarity had nothing else to do other than sit at her workbench and wait for Gilda to wake up. She crossed her hind legs and tapped the workbench. "Now, Rarity, you've never killed a griffin before. Are you absolutely certain that nothing is going to go wrong?"

Rarity patted the curls on her head as she examined Gilda. "Well I think so." She glanced down at Gilda's tail and clicked her tongue. "Oh, well, maybe not, Rarity. She did seem to have some control of her tail in the market earlier this morning."

"Not to mention her claws." Rarity grunted and opened up her workbench. "She could easily shred the straps, couldn't she?" Rarity sighed as she picked up her boning knife. "Honestly, Rarity, when are you going to get those metal cuffs you've been meaning to find?"

She approached the sleeping Gilda and flattened her claws against the table. "I do hope the pain doesn't wake her up," Rarity muttered. "But... I have to risk it, Rarity. If she wakes up and gets out because I didn't do this..." Rarity shook her head.

She held Gilda's claws down with one of her hooves and, holding the knife with her magic, she began cutting one of Gilda's claws off. After the removal of the first one, she glanced over at Gilda. No movement. After putting the severed claw in a nearby bucket, she got to work finishing the de-clawing.

Within fifteen minutes, the eight severed claws lay in a bucket at Rarity's hooves. Rarity was irritated that there was still no movement from Gilda. Rarity frowned and tapped Gilda's head. "Honestly, darling, it's very rude to keep a lady waiting!" A dripping noise entered Rarity's ears and she glanced down at the mutilated claws. She sighed. "I suppose I'd better cauterize those." she chuckled and ruffled Gilda's feathers. "I wouldn't want you to bleed out before we got the party going, so to speak."

Rarity went back upstairs and got the iron that she used to iron out her clothes. Returning to the basement to see that Gilda was still unconscious, she plugged in the iron and gave it a few seconds to get hot before cauterizing the bleeding stumps. Once it was sufficiently hot, Rarity brought the iron down on the bleeding stumps, sealing the wounds shut.

When she returned to the basement after replacing the iron, she saw that Gilda was finally beginning to wake up. After only a few more seconds, which Rarity used to administer a painkiller that she had designed after borrowing a book on local herbs from Twilight to dull the pain in Gilda's claws, the griffin woke up.

Rarity moved her empty tray next to the table. "It is so nice of you to finally join me in the world of the awake, darling. I'm sorry if I didn't quite get the dosage right on the drug I gave you, but you can hardly blame me when I've never actually had to drug a griffin before."

Gilda didn't respond, she was too busy looking around in horror. All doubt that the pelts and manes that adorned Rarity's walls were fakes was gone. As she looked around, her eyes landed on a giant poster on the wall in front of her and her terror faded into confusion. "Uh, what's that?"

Rarity's eyes glowed with pride. "Do you like it? I just made it today." Rarity turned her head to look at the poster and smiled fondly at it. "You see, I have been doing this for years now, and every time I get somepony down here they start saying some foolish statement or other and I finally decided that I had enough of it. I actually lost my temper at the poor darling who was in here yesterday when she said one of these things. So, I decided to make a poster for my victims to see so they would know what to not say while they're down here." Rarity smiled as Gilda's eyes strained briefly to read the poster. Gilda still had not noticed her mutilated claws.

"Don't ever say 'let me go and I won't tell anyone', 'you don't have to do this', 'please stop', 'let me go', 'if you let me go I'll...'" Gilda stopped reading it aloud and scanned the rest of it silently. When she finished, she frowned at Rarity. "Uh... okay. What now then?"

Rarity smiled. "I'm so glad you asked! Now I get to rip you part piece by piece until you're dead, at which point I will use your feathers in my dresses somehow as well as use your lower half to decorate my wall. Same with your beak, I think. I'm not quite sure what to do with your claws yet." Rarity frowned and tapped her lower jaw. "Do you think I should make them into a necklace to wear when I am down here with a victim?"

Gilda gave Rarity a horrified look before glancing at her claws. When she saw that only mutilated stumps remained, she shrieked in terror and started violently thrashing, trying to escape.

"You stupid jerk!" screeched Gilda, "What did you do to my claws?!"

Rarity raised her eyebrow and cocked her head. "Isn't that obvious darling? I took my boning knife and removed them so you wouldn't shred the straps holding you down and escape. Honestly, you must think these silly questions through before you ask them; otherwise you'll just waste my time." Gilda continued to thrash about in a rather undignified manner. Rarity rolled her eyes. "Alright, Gilda, I must ask you to please stop this silly display, you really look quite foolish."

"Get me out of these straps you stupid horse!" yelled Gilda.

"I'm not a horse, darling, I'm a pony," Rarity deadpanned. "Do I look like I'm from Saddle Arabia to you? Now please stop thrashing about, you look ridiculous."

"Get me out of here!"

"Now Gilda, darling, I know that that phrase isn't written exactly on the poster, but it is pretty close to 'let me go'. However, you didn't see it there so I will give you a free pass on saying this once," said Rarity.

"Let me go!"

Rarity frowned at her. "Now darling, you read the poster and you know that I don't want you saying things like that. Now, I'm going to count to three and if you don't stop thrashing about like a fool I am going to cut off your tail with garden shears. If you do stop thrashing I will leave it alone for now."

Gilda ignored Rarity who sighed and retrieved the garden shears from her workbench. She walked back over to a thrashing Gilda. She used her magic to straighten Gilda's tail and she placed it between the blades of the gardening shears. "One... two... three."

Seeing that she had not stopped thrashing about, Rarity merely shrugged and quickly brought the handles of the shears together, snapping the blades back to their normal position and neatly severing the Gilda's tail. Gilda's eyes widened and she let out a bloodcurdling scream. She stopped moving around, though, which was a plus.

To Rarity's surprise, Gilda managed to regain her composure after a few more seconds. Maybe griffins didn't have many nerve endings in their tails or something. "Are you finished tossing about like a madpony? All that fighting and the straps didn't even budge. And now look at your tail!" said Rarity. Gilda whimpered while staring in horror at the tail that Rarity was dangling in front of her.

"You're insane," she whispered.

Rarity rolled her eyes and tossed the tail aside. "That might be another one that I put on the poster. While my actions might seem objectively insane to you, I assure you that I am very, very, very sane. An insane pony would merely hack you up for the fun of it, but I do it to protect the ones I love.' Rarity shrugged. "I'm not insane, Gilda, I just have no empathy. That's all."

Rarity walked over to her workbench and picked up the hoof buzzer that she had borrowed from Pinkie Pie earlier that day. Walking back over to Gilda, she dangled the contraption in front of her. "Remember this, Gilda? You seemed to really get quite the shock from it." said Rarity. "Now I know that this doesn't have the voltage to do any serious damage, but I imagine that if it is placed in the right spot it would really hurt, don't you think?"

Gilda flinched away and began shivering. "Like where?"

"Well, I was thinking that I should wait until I can press it against exposed muscles or organs, and I still might do that, but for now, I think we'll start with your eyes if that's okay with you."

Gilda immediately shut her eyes tightly and turned her head away. "No that is not okay with me! Why would you ask that!?"

"Well, formalities I guess. I'm going to do it whether you want me to or not, so you might as well just accept it. Now, which eye do you think, right or left?" Gilda didn't respond to the question so Rarity merely shrugged. "You know, I think that I'm only going to do one right now as I want you to see what is going on." Gilda continued her silence and kept her eyes shut tight. Rarity rolled her eyes and used her magic to turn Gilda's head towards her and force her eyes open. Gilda could only watch in horror as Rarity brought the hoof buzzer closer and closer to Gilda's right eye. "Now stay very still Gilda because this is really going to hurt."

Rarity pushed the button on the hoof buzzer into Gilda's right eye. Gilda immediately began contorting in pain and, based on the vibrations Rarity felt through the buzzer, the hoof buzzer was really in top form. She must remember to thank Pinkie Pie when she returned it.

Gilda continued to convulse in pain until Rarity decided that she had had enough and withdrew the buzzer. She gave a grunt of disgust when she saw what the buzzer did to Gilda's eye. "Wow, that was impressive, was it not?" Gilda began hyperventilating as tears of pain fell from her good eye.

Rarity turned Gilda's head to the side and examined the damaged eye. "Gracious, I didn't expect it to do that. Well, we'll just have to see what it does to you a little later, won't we?"

"Go to Tartarus," Gilda growled.

Rarity giggled and waved her hoof. "Oh, I've been doomed to go there ever since my first murders. I assure you that you'll get your wish someday." Rarity's face brightened. "Maybe I'll see you there!" Gilda continued crying from the pain and turned her head away from Rarity again. Rarity shrugged. "Alright then, let's see how easily your feathers come out, shall we? I'm pretty sure that they can be removed with a simple tug but if not, I have pliers that I can use if we need them. We'll start with your stomach since that's the spot I want to cut open next." As Rarity leaned in to start pulling out feathers, she moved her right front hoof to the right a bit to adjust her balance and slipped on the pool of blood that had formed thanks to Gilda's severed tail. She stumbled around for a few seconds before regaining her balance. "Oh, clumsy me. I really must be more careful so I can avoid slipping on your blood."

Rarity noticed that some of the blood was getting on Gilda's severed tail and staining it red. She picked it up an examined it before giggling.

"What's so funny?" Gilda moaned.

"Remember earlier today when we were playing 'Pin the Tail on the Pony' and you wanted the purple tail just so I couldn't have it? Well we just played 'Take the Tail off the Griffin' and I have the red tail just so you can't have it!" Rarity laughed uproariously at her joke but stopped after a few seconds when she saw that Gilda was looking at her with shock and confusion. Rarity controlled her laughter before clearing her throat and giving an embarrassed grin. "Yes, you're quite right, that wasn't one of my better... jokes."

Shrugging, Rarity leaned in and grabbed one of Gilda's feathers in her mouth and tugged. With a small snap, the feather came right out. Rarity placed it in the bucket where she had deposited Gilda's claws. "That was rather easy wasn't it, Gilda? Did it hurt?" Gilda didn't respond. With another shrug, Rarity got back to work pulling out Gilda's feathers.

She heard Gilda take a deep breath and groan slightly before she said anything. "Rainbow Dash will wonder where I am," she said weakly.

Rarity scoffed and shook her head as she pulled out another feather. "I hardly think that will be the case, darling." Rarity tugged at another feather, but decided that tweezers would be more accurate than her mouth. It certainly wouldn't leave a poor aftertaste at least. She levitated a pair over to her. "Honestly, after that fight the two of you had today? I think she'll be glad to see you gone."

"What, do you think that's the first, or worst, fight we've ever had?" Gilda retorted. "Our fights usually end up with one of us on the ground with a black eye or a bloody beak, but do you want to know something?"

Rarity rolled her eyes and yanked another feather.

"We didn't stop being best friends! We made up and usually laughed our flanks off about it later!" Gilda grunted when Rarity tore out another one of her feathers. "Do you seriously think the worst thing I've done to Dash is get really annoyed with her friends? I called that grey pony with the weird eyes a retard once, and the ensuing fight put us both in the hospital!"

Rarity raised an eyebrow and glanced back up at Gilda. "You called Derpy a retard? Well, I suppose that you really do deserve to be down here, don't you?"

"You're not listening to me!" screeched Gilda. "Dash and I have done bad stuff to each other, but we didn't stop being friends and do you want to know why? Because she's a loyal friend, something she learned from being friends with me! I stuck by Dash when things got rough for her, and she appreciated it so much it became one of her most valued character traits!"

"You're saying she learned loyalty from you?" Rarity smirked and rolled her eyes before maneuvering the tweezers once more. "I'm sure she did, darling."

"Griffons are - OW - some of the most loyal beings on the planet! Do you have any idea how much our society values loyalty? Dash learned how much she appreciated that when I was the one who was there for her to lean on when stuff got bad, and she repaid me in kind!"

"You weren't so loyal to her at the party today, were you?"

The fire that fueled Gilda seemed to diminish and she slowly hung her head. "I... I know," she mumbled. "I never said I was perfect, okay? But when we were walking back to your house after you stopped me, a lot of me wanted to take a detour back to Dash to apologize. I was being a bad friend to her by not at least giving some of you a chance, I know that."

Gilda snapped her head back up, and she glared at Rarity with nothing short of pure defiance and hatred. "But even if I walked out on her a hundred times I'd still be a better and more loyal friend than you could ever hope to be!"

A surge of anger coursed through Rarity and with a yell she picked up a large knife and slammed it directly into Gilda's chest. She arched back on the table and let out a shriek of pain. "NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" Rarity screeched.

Gilda slumped down and her breathing became more and more labored. "Better friend than you," she mumbled weakly. "Rainbow Dash deserves better friends than the scum of Equestria."

Rarity glared at her and began pulling the knife downward, eliciting gasps of pain from her griffin victim. "Hope Dasshhhhh finds outta 'bout you. She'll hate you fo—"

Rarity grasped the knife with her magic and violently twisted it inside Gilda. Gilda weakly arched back one more time before slumping down and laying still.

Rarity checked Gilda's pulse and confirmed the kill. She sighed and tore the knife out of her chest before using a rag to clean it and setting it back on her tray.

With that finished, she smirked to herself and leaned in next to the ear of her victim. "Maybe you were a better friend, but the fact is that Rainbow won't find out because you are dead and I am not. I don't think she'll miss you very much."

Rarity slammed her hoof into the side of Gilda's head, causing it to snap to the left. Rarity chuckled to herself and picked up her skinning knife.

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