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The Secret Life of Rarity - BronyWriter

Rarity has a deep dark secret that she cannot control but must hide from the world.

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With her head held low, Twilight Sparkle walked back into the main room of the royal guard headquarters with Sweetie Belle by her side. She looked sadly at Sweetie Belle, knowing that she would now have to grow up without a sister to look up to. Having an older sibling herself, it was heart wrenching.

When she reached the main room, she looked up to see Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy sitting in chairs that had been put out for them. When they saw Twilight and Sweetie Belle, they instantly stood up and walked over to them. “Twilight, thank goodness you’re okay!” said Applejack.

“We’re both fine,” Twilight muttered. “They let us go without charging us with anything.”

Twilight noticed Pinkie Pie look at the space behind her with a confused look on her face. “Where is Rarity?”

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash agreed, "didn’t they let her go too? I mean, I’m sure that she didn’t do anything wrong, just like the rest of us!”

At this Twilight’s lower lip began quivering and tears slowly began streaming down her face. She let loose a single sob before regaining control. “Twilight..." Fluttershy gently put a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with Rarity?”

Applejack’s mouth fell open slightly and her eyes widened. “Oh no,” she said quietly. “Don’t tell me that they're gonna...”

Twilight nodded. “Yeah, I think they are.”

At that moment, Sweetie Belle completely lost control and she collapsed on the ground, loudly sobbing. Fluttershy rushed over to her and scooped her up. She began rocking her back and forth and stroking her mane. “Shh. It’ll all be okay. I’m sure that they’re just gonna ask Rarity a few more questions and then she’ll be out here with us and we can all go home.”

Twilight wiped her eyes with her hoof and shook her head. “No, Fluttershy, she’s not coming back.”

“What do you mean ‘she’s not coming back’?” asked Rainbow Dash. “Are they keeping her here for a while?”

Twilight shook her head. “I imagine that she’ll only be here for a few days at most."

Rainbow Dash breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh that’s good. They’ll let her go after a few days?”

“No, they won’t,” said Twilight.

“Well if they aren’t keeping her here for more than a few days but they aren’t letting her go then then what…” A sudden realization hit Rainbow. “Twilight, they’re not gonna… execute her, are they?” Twilight looked up at Rainbow Dash and made eye contact with her.

Before she could answer, a royal guard walked up to them. “Princess Celestia has allowed you six to see the prisoner after they complete the operation.”

“Operation?” Applejack looked between the guard and Twilight. “What operation?” But the guard had already left.

“Twilight,” said Rainbow Dash, “you didn't answer my question: are they going to kill Rarity?”

Twilight looked back at Rainbow Dash and nodded. “Yes, Rainbow. I think they are.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened in horror and she shook her head. “What? Why would they do that?” she shouted. “She hasn’t done anything wrong, and even if she has, there’s no way she did anything so bad that they need to execute her! I know Rarity, and she wouldn’t do anything like that!”

“But she did,” said Applejack.

Fluttershy looked at Applejack uncertainly. “What do you mean?”

Twilight took a deep breath. “I think that she should be the one to explain when we see her.”

“Ah agree,” said Applejack.

“But… I don’t… I don’t understand,” Rainbow Dash stuttered. “What did… I mean… what’s going on? Why was I arrested this morning, and why are they going to execute Rarity?”

“Well, maybe this is all just one big misunderstanding,” said Pinkie Pie, trying to sound upbeat as usual. “I’m sure that they’ll realize their mistake and release Rarity. She’s a wielder of an Element of Harmony just like the rest of us, so they won’t execute her.”

The extreme amount of fatigue plaguing her mind and body left Twilight too drained to correct her pink friend. Applejack seemed to be in a similar mental state if her expression was anything to go by. “Should we try to contact her parents?”

Twilight nodded. “I’ll see what I can dig up." Before Applejack could respond, the doors to the station burst open revealing Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Spike, and Big Macintosh.

“What are you doing here?” asked Applejack.

“We heard you got arrested and we came to see if you were alright!” said Apple Bloom.

Applejack turned her gaze Big Macintosh and glared at him. “Why did you bring ‘em all here? You shoulda kept ‘em at home!”

“Why?” asked Big Macintosh. “What’s goin’ on?”

Applejack opened her mouth to answer but she was quickly interrupted by Scootaloo. “Sweetie Belle!” cried Scootaloo. “What’s wrong with Sweetie Belle?”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo rushed over to their fellow crusader and looked up at Fluttershy. “What’s wrong with her?” asked Apple Bloom. Fluttershy looked at the duo sadly but she didn’t respond.

“Big Mac, I want you to take the three of ‘em home,” Applejack commanded.

“Don’t. You. Dare send us home right now AJ,” growled Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom—“

“No! Our friend is here and she’s in some kind of trouble! We wanna stay here and help her through it just like you would do if it was one of yer friends!”

“What’s goin’ on here ain't for fillies to understand yet!” Applejack insisted.

“What’s going on?” asked Scootaloo. “What's so bad that we have to go home instead of staying to help our friend?”

“Wait, where's Rarity?” asked Spike, looking around the room. “Are they still questioning her? Where is she?”

The Crusaders and Spike both looked up expectantly at Twilight, hoping for an answer. “She not going to be coming home,” said Twilight.

“Why not?” asked Spike who was clearly growing nervous. “Are they keeping her overnight or are they—“

“She won’t be home ever again,” said Twilight. She knew that it was pointless to lie. They would all know in a few hours anyway.

“Why not?!” asked Spike.

Twilight looked down at Spike, willing herself to say what the four of them who had just entered were expecting to hear. Instead she merely shook her head and began walking out the station door. “I have to go find Rarity’s parents."

* * * *

Finding Rarity’s parents took much less time than Twilight thought it would. She contacted the office where the two of them worked and discovered that they were both in Canterlot at a convention, selling some nick-knack or other. The receptionist that Twilight talked to directed them towards the Canterlot Convention Center where the two were supposed to be stationed.

Twilight walked towards the Canterlot Convention Center and sure enough, the event was taking place just as expected. Twilight entered the convention and looked around the Pavilion for Rarity’s parents. She almost hoped that they weren’t there so that they wouldn’t have to see their oldest daughter be executed, but it was only a few minutes before Twilight saw the two of them behind a table presenting a product. Twilight walked up to them and in a few seconds, Rarity’s parents spotted her and waved. “Well hello there, Twilight,” said Rarity’s father with a smile. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“How are you?” said Rarity’s mother, smiling warmly at her. Twilight opened her mouth to respond but no words came. This was going to be harder than she possibly imagined. Rarity’s parents looked at each other confusedly. “Is something wrong?”

Twilight nodded and Rarity’s parents gasped, panic overtaking their previously casual demeanors. “Did something happen to Rarity or Sweetie Belle?” asked Rarity’s father.

Twilight nodded once more.

“Oh my Celestia!” said Rarity’s mother. “What happened to them?!”

Twilight took a deep breath and did her best to answer. “Late last night Rarity, Sweetie Belle, me, and my friends were arrested by the royal guards and brought to Canterlot for questioning."

“Arrested, what in Equestria for?” asked Rarity’s father frantically. Twilight's resolve finally failed her and she broke down crying in front of Rarity's parents. Rarity’s mother seemed to be crying as well. “Where are they?”

“They’re…they’re at the station with the rest of my friends. They released all of us except for Rarity.”

“Why didn’t they release Rarity?!” asked Rarity’s father.

“Because she’s guilty,” Twilight whispered.

“Guilty? Guilty of what? What did she do?” cried Rarity’s father. Twilight continued sobbing and Rarity’s father took a deep breath. “Take us to her,” he said.

Twilight nodded and beckoned the two to follow her.

* * * *

The three arrived at the royal guard headquarters after a half hour of walking. When they walked in, Rarity’s parents immediately saw Sweetie Belle and they ran up to her and took her out of Fluttershy’s forelegs. Rarity’s mother cradled her and looked back to Twilight. “Is she okay?”

“Physically yes,” said Twilight. “They didn’t hurt her or anything.”

“How is she doing emotionally?” questioned Rarity’s father.

“Emotionally… I don’t think that the happy filly that you know and love is going to be around for a while, if ever again,” said Twilight sadly.

“What?!” shrieked Rarity’s mother. “What do you mean?! Would somepony please explain to me what is happening to my children?!”

Before Twilight could respond, a guard walked in and addressed the group. “We finished the operation and she’s conscious again. You can see her if you want."

“Operation?” said Rarity’s father. “What operation?” The guard didn’t answer but he instead beckoned them to follow him.

Rarity’s mother put Sweetie Belle down and they followed him. Applejack turned to Big Macintosh. “Will ya watch Spike, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom while we’re in there?”

“Eeyup,” said Big Macintosh.

“But sis—“

“You ain't goin’ and that is final!” said Applejack angrily. Apple Bloom shot her an angry look but she didn’t argue with her.

The eight ponies followed the guard into the holding cell area and he pointed to the end of the hall. "She’s in there. You have twenty minutes." Twilight nodded and the guard left, leaving the eight of them to file down the hall silently. It only took a few seconds before they were all at the end of the hall where they saw Rarity silently sitting in the cell, staring intently at the floor with a totally blank expression on her face.

Twilight gasped in shock when she saw her. “Rarity, what happened to your horn?!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Rarity muttered. “They surgically removed it so I can’t cast any spells when they..." Rarity's ear twitched. "You know.”

“Oh my baby,” whispered Rarity’s mother. “What have they done to you?”

Rarity blinked once but didn’t answer. She just continued staring at the floor.

“What is going on Rarity?” asked Rarity’s father. “Why did they arrest you and remove your horn?”

A sad shell of a smile crossed Rarity's face. “Well, father, they arrested me because they found out that I’ve been butchering ponies in my basement for many years now. They removed my horn so that I don’t try anything foolish when they execute me tomorrow.”

The hall was dead silent as each of the ponies processed this information. It was Rainbow Dash who spoke up first. “You’re…you’re a serial killer?”

“Yes,” said Rarity. “I’ve been killing ponies since I was eight years old. I messed up on my latest one and they found out about it so here I am.”

“I don’t… I don’t understand,” said Pinkie Pie. “They wouldn’t execute a pony who was a wielder of an Element of Harmony, would they?”

Rarity looked up at Pinkie Pie with a gentle look in her eyes. “Pinkie Pie, I know that this is hard for you, but they are indeed going to execute me. Princess Celestia herself passed down my sentence. It will be tomorrow at ten o' clock by method of lethal injection.”

“No!” Pinkie Pie wailed, hoping desperately that somepony was pulling a very mean prank on her. “You aren’t gonna—“

“Yes I am, Pinkie,” said Rarity. “I am going to die tomorrow.”

Upon hearing that, Fluttershy broke out into sobs. Rainbow Dash put a hoof over her shoulder to comfort her, but Rarity could see that tears were flowing from her eyes too. “D-d-don’t s-s-say things like th-th-that, Rarity,” cried Pinkie Pie. “Y-y-you’re going to be okay!”

Rarity looked down at the floor again and shook her head. “Pinkie Pie, I need you to understand that this isn’t a joke or a prank or anything like that. I am a serial killer and I will be executed tomorrow."

“No!” said Pinkie Pie hysterically. “They’ve got the wrong pony! They’ll realize it soon and they’ll give you your horn back and let you go and then when you get back to Ponyville we can have a big party and you’ll—“

“Pinkie Pie, please don’t do this to yourself,” pleaded Rarity.

“She’s not,” said Twilight quietly. “You’re doing it to her. You’re reason that she has to go through this.”

“Rarity, why did you do things like that?” squeaked Fluttershy.

Rarity looked back up at Fluttershy with the same blank expression on her face. “I would rather that you didn’t know the details. I don’t want you to suffer any more than you have to because of this.”

“That’s too bad!” growled Rainbow Dash. “We’re all going through Tartarus right now, so don’t even try to spare her feelings. It’s far too late for that!”

Rarity didn’t respond but she instead turned to Sweetie Belle. “I’m leaving everything to you. The boutique, my money, my dresses, Opal, everything. It’s all yours once I…” Rarity bit her lip to hold back a sob and looked back down at the floor. Sweetie Belle merely nodded.

The guard came back after a few more minutes of silence and the eight ponies left the hallway. Rarity looked up to see them go and once they left she curled up into a ball on her bed and stared blankly at the wall.

* * * *

The eight ponies filed back into the main room and when Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Spike saw them come in, they all rushed over to them. “What’s goin’ on?” asked Apple Bloom. “Is Rarity goin' to be okay?”

Twilight moved to the front of the group and motioned to the chairs beside them. “I need you all to sit down. I have something to say.”

The ponies and dragon all sat on the chairs in the room and looked up at Twilight. Twilight took a deep breath before biting the bullet and revealing the secret. “Rarity is a serial killer. She was captured last night when they found out somehow and they are going to execute her by lethal injection tomorrow.”

The room was silent for a moment. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom both began crying and Big Macintosh just looked shocked beyond belief. However, it was Spike that was worrying Twilight. He merely sat there staring at the floor with a look oddly reminiscent of the one that Rarity had when they had seen her. “Spike? Can you—“ Before Twilight got any further Spike jumped up off of his seat and ran out the door. “Spike, come back!”

Spike ignored Twilight and she soon gave chase. None of the others bothered to go after the two of them. They all knew that Twilight was the only one who could truly reach him.

Applejack looked up at the clock and saw that it was four thirty. She sighed and looked back at the rest of the ponies in the room. Each of them was merely staring blankly at a spot on the floor. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom were all crying. Applejack desperately wished that she could say something to them to make it all better but didn't know what she could possibly say.

At that moment, one of the ponies that had been in the room with Princess Celestia with Rarity walked through the door. He began walking towards the door out of the station but he turned his head briefly to see the group of ponies. He shook his head sadly and continued to walk but he suddenly stopped in his tracks. He turned to look back at them and his eyes landed on an orange filly that looked familiar somehow. He opened up the briefcase full of pictured of Rarity’s confirmed kills and leafed through the photos. The ponies in the room noticed him doing it and looked at him with interest.

Finally he found the photo he was looking for and he pulled it out. He looked up at Scootaloo and then back at the photo. Nodding to himself, he uneasily walked up to the group. “Um… hello there."

“Hi,” said Applejack.

“Uh, what is your name?” he asked, pointing to Scootaloo.

Scootaloo frowned. “My name is Scootaloo,” she said. “Why do you ask?”

A look of horror crossed his face and he had to take a few deep breaths before he continued. “What um… what are you doing here?”

Scootaloo glared at him and flared out her tiny wings. “I’m here because you arrested my friend and her sister!”

“You are here to support Sweetie Belle and Rarity through this time, yes?”

“Yes, I am!” said Scootaloo.

The pony glanced at the photo once more before continuing. “Scootaloo, do you know where your biological parents are?”

The anger and defiance in Scootaloo's demeanor faded away and her eyes filled with confusion and she shook her head. “No. They dropped me off at the Ponyville Orphanage when I was about three years old.”

The pony closed his eyes and to the surprise of the group, he seemed to be holding back tears. “Oh Celestia, please no,” he whispered. He levitated the picture in front of Scootaloo and flipped it over so she could see it. “Scootaloo, are these your parents?”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened as she saw a photo of two ponies holding a filly that was unmistakably a younger Scootaloo. Even the caption of the photo confirmed the identity of the filly in the picture.

Mom, Dad, and our darling daughter Scootaloo at the Fillydelphia Fair.

Scootaloo's eyes widened and she shakily reached out a hoof and placed it on the picture. “How did you get that photo?”

The pony didn’t respond but instead he put the photo back in the briefcase before walking closer to Scootaloo. “Scootaloo, that picture was in a group of pictures that I collected of all of the ponies that have gone missing in Equestria over the past twenty years.”

“Gone missing?” said Scootaloo. “I—“

“Scootaloo,” said the pony gently. “I compiled those photos together to show Rarity so we could determine who she killed and… and she looked at that photo and said that she killed the ponies in it. Scootaloo… Rarity killed your parents.”

Scootaloo recoiled a bit as if he had just smacked her across the face. The pony looked at her sympathetically. “I’m so sorry,” he said quietly before he turned around and walked out of the station.

The other ponies in the room stared at Scootaloo, waiting for a reaction to the news that Rarity was the reason that she was an orphan. “Scootaloo?” said Rainbow Dash. “What are you thinking?”

Scootaloo was silent for a few moments before she responded. “I… I don’t even know,” she whispered. “I’m still not entirely sure what he said.” Tears were streaming down Scootaloo’s face once more. “I just… I don’t… what…”

Scootaloo began letting out a noise that was almost like an elongated whimper before she let out an ear piercing shriek and began loudly sobbing. She collapsed on the floor and laid there screaming and crying. Rainbow Dash got up and scooped her up and hugged her tight. Scootaloo returned the hug and screamed into Rainbow Dash’s shoulder.

“Scootaloo…” began Rainbow Dash before she realized that there was nothing that she could possibly say that would make this all better. All she could do was be there for Scootaloo so that she would have a shoulder to cry on.

* * * *

Twilight caught up with Spike after a few minutes and she used her magic to hold him in place while she caught up to him. Spike didn’t even try to struggle out of the spell. He just stood there as Twilight ran over to him and wrapped him in a hug.

“Why, Twilight?” Spike moaned. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Twilight responded.

“I thought that I knew her,” he whispered. “The Rarity that I knew, the one that I fell in love with, would never do anything like that!”

“I thought so too,” said Twilight.

Spike looked up at Twilight. “Are…are we going to be allowed to watch when she’s…?”

“From what I understand, yes,” said Twilight. “But I don’t want you going. I don’t want you to see that.”

Spike nodded sadly. “She was such a generous, kind, and loving pony. What happened to her?”

“She had a darkness inside of her that made her do this,” said Twilight. “I want you to know that she regrets what she did. She never wanted it and I promise you that she tried to fight it.”

“But she couldn’t,” said Spike. “She couldn’t fight it.”

Twilight didn’t respond. She couldn't respond. Instead, she just wrapped Spike tighter into her hug.

* * * *

Twilight walked through Canterlot Castle, hoping that she could see the one pony that could help her through this. If she even wanted to talk to her that is.

She walked up to the main throne room and was stopped by a duo of guards. Twilight glared at them and they sighed and let her pass. She walked through the door and saw Princess Celestia sitting on her throne with a look of pure sorrow on her face. The sun goddess looked up when she saw Twilight and she sighed. “I expected you to come sooner."

“I was comforting Spike,” Twilight replied. “You know how much he loved Rarity.

“Indeed I do,” said Celestia. “Indeed I do.”

The pair was silent for a few moments before Twilight spoke up again. “Is she going to Tartarus for this? She wielded an Element of Harmony, and I do truly believe that she was a good pony in spite of the evil things that she did.”

“Why do you believe that?” asked Celestia.

“I believe that because I think she didn't want to do what she did, even if she didn’t admit that to herself. If she was truly all evil then she wouldn’t have felt remorse for a moment of it,” said Twilight.

“Does she feel true remorse or does she feel bad that she got caught?” asked Celestia.

“She felt remorse for her actions even before she was caught,” said Twilight. “I know that she truly wished that she could take it all back.”

Celestia nodded. “I assume that you spoke to her about it?”

“A few times, yes,” said Twilight.

“And you know that she continued to kill even after she was supposedly cleansed by the Elements?”

Twilight was silent for a moment. “Yes."

Princes Celestia shed a single tear and took a moment to regain control of her emotions. “Twilight, you realize that by not telling me about her you led to the deaths of many other ponies, ponies that would be alive right now if you had done the right thing?”

“I thought I was—“

“No, I mean the real right thing,” said Celestia. “If you had told me when you found out then those ponies would be safe at home right now. As you know, Rarity still would have been executed when I found out, but we came to that end anyway.” Twilight nodded sadly. “Your actions, whatever else you thought they were, directly led to the deaths of many ponies and I cannot overlook that.”

“I know you can’t,” said Twilight softly.

“I need you to understand that I can no longer accept you as my student. I have to, for all intents and purposes, banish you to Ponyville for the time being. I do not want you leaving there. You won’t get a prison sentence, nor will your friends, but you are no longer my protégé.”

“I figured as much,” Twilight muttered.

She turned around and slowly began to walk out of the throne room before Celestia's voice stopper her. “In answer to your question, Twilight, about whether or not Rarity is going to be sentenced to eternity in Tartarus for her actions: yes, I think that she is. I can’t know for sure, but I think so."

Twilight nodded once more and left the room.

* * * *

Rarity sat on her bed, wishing that she could just get to sleep. She wanted all of this to be over as soon as possible. The sooner she was dead, the sooner her family could get on with their lives.

She rolled over and pulled the blanket tighter over her. It didn't provide much warmth for her but it was certainly better than nothing. She groaned as she felt each minute tick by slowly.

All of a sudden, she heard a voice behind her, one that she didn't think that she would hear ever again. "Rarity, we're here."

She rolled over and gave a small yelp of shock. Behind her inside the cell were Dug, Kicker, Annie, Krissy, Scarlet Tomato, and the mare and her daughter Sweetie. She sat up and looked at them curiously. "What are you all doing here?" she asked.

"You brought us here I think," said Krissy solemnly. Rarity noticed that Krissy's wings were still missing.

"Why did I do that?" asked Rarity.

"Because we are the ones you remember the most, and I think regret a little too," said the mare.

"Regret?" whispered Rarity.

Scarlet Tomato nodded. "I think that you know that none of us were truly evil. You remember us the most out of all of your victims because you felt justified somehow in killing us. Rarity noticed that her scars from her murder remained as well.

"Not them!" cried Rarity, pointing to the mare and her filly. "I regret killing them every day!"

"They are the exception, not the rule," said Krissy. "We are not the ones you openly regretted."

"But you think that in the back of my mind there is a part of me that does regret killing you," said Rarity.

"We do," said Scarlet Tomato. "We think that you were addicted to the power you had over us when you killed. We do not think that you were truly evil."

"But I am!" said Rarity. "I think that the murders of the two of them proves that!"

The group looked at the mother and Sweetie. Sweetie looked up at her mother who nodded. Sweetie walked up to Rarity and put a hoof on her foreleg. Rarity flinched back but was surprised to feel that Sweetie's touch was warm. "I don't hate you and neither does mommy. You were just scared."

"But I want you to hate me for what I did to you!" said Rarity hysterically. "I am going to be hated by every pony in Equestria for the rest of time! Surely I deserve your hate the most of all!"

"Of course you do," said Sweetie's mother. "But we still do not give it.


"Because we know now that death is not something to be feared. We know what lies on the other side and it is beautiful. It is far better than what we had in life," said Krissy.

Rarity lowered her eyes to the floor. "But I'm not going to get that," she said sadly. "I know that Tartarus awaits me." Her eyes snapped up and looked directly at Dug, Kicker, and Annie. "And it is ALL YOUR FAULT!"

The trio of bullies looked at each other sadly and Annie stepped forward. "Rarity, we're sorry for what we did to you. But you have to understand that we were just foals. We didn't understand that our actions could have serious repercussions."

"Is that what you call being buried alive?" asked Rarity bitterly.

"Don't you remember my last words?" said Annie. "I told you that I didn't mean to hurt you that badly."

"Yes, you just wanted to beat me into an unrecognizable pulp," said Rarity. "Truly there is nothing you can possibly say that can justify what you did to me! You are the reason that I even started killing in the first place! If you hadn't bullied me then I would be at home with my sister right now instead of in a cell awaiting my death! The rest of these ponies would be safe at home too!"

"No, Rarity, you chose to kill them. We didn't have much to do with it after you killed us."

"But if you hadn't cornered me and forced me to defend myself then it wouldn't have happened in the first place!" A sob escaped her lips and she looked down at the floor. "And now I have to die."

"As we all must," said Krissy.

"But not by execution because you're a serial killer!" said Rarity.

"Did you think it would last forever?" asked Scarlet Tomato. Rarity shook her head.

"You knew it would come to this someday, didn't you?" asked the mare.

Rarity nodded. "I think so. How could it not?"

"But you hoped it wouldn't," said Krissy.

"Of course I did!" said Rarity. "My friends and family are going to have an absolutely terrible life now because of this!"

"All actions have consequences," said Scarlet Tomato.

"But they shouldn't have to suffer for my sins," said Rarity.

"But they will," said Annie.

"But that is true of all sins," said Krissy.

Rarity's bottom lip quivered and tears began streaming down her face. "I'm afraid," she whimpered. "I'm afraid of what Tartarus will be like."

"Do you truly feel that you are evil, or do you feel that you were a good pony that was consumed by fear and as a result of that fear, you did evil things?" asked the mare.

"Well now, that's the big question isn't it?"

* * * *

Rarity's eyes snapped open. She had indeed fallen asleep and it was daytime now. She flipped over to see that her victims were gone now, replaced by stray beams of sunlight filtering through her cell window. She slowly got out of her bed and took a deep breath. Was it merely a dream brought on by her subconscious or was it truly the spirits of her victims coming to comfort her?

She walked up to the bars and tried her best to see the clock that was at the end of the hall. She squinted when she saw it and read the time. Nine forty-five. She nodded and sat back down on the bed. It was time.

Within ten minutes, a trio of guards walked up to her cell and opened it. She looked at them, nodded, and walked out of the cell to her fate.

The walk to the execution room seemed to go very quickly for Rarity. She hardly had any time to register the fact that this would be the last time that she ever got to walk again. She would be carried out of the room when it was over.

The lead guard opened the door and Rarity saw a table with restraints on it as well as a tray with a single syringe on it. Rarity walked up to the table and lied down on it, not even bothering to try any form of resistance.

As the guards strapped her in, Rarity looked to her right and saw a large window behind which was another room. In the room were Sweetie Belle, her parents, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Scootaloo. Each of them had a solemn look on their face. Sweetie Belle put a hoof on the glass as if trying to reach out to Rarity one last time.

“Any last words?” asked one of the guards. Rarity remained silent and the guard picked up the syringe.

Rarity felt the small prick as the needle went into her skin. She flinched slightly as the cold liquid went into her veins, numbing the limbs where it spread. Slowly Rarity turned her head to see her sister and stared deeply into Sweetie Belle’s eyes. She smiled at her one last time and began singing to her.

“Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to go…”

Author's Note:

Thank you to everybody who read this! I would also like to say at this point that if you have any problems with the story, I've answered most, if not all, of them here. http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/151802/in-defense-of-the-secret-life-of-rarity

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