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When Princess Celestia gets wind of a kidnapping in Trottingham, she calls upon Bon-Bon ( Special Agent Sweetie Drops) to assist in the rescue. Will Bon-Bon rescue the poor soul? Or will fate claim another life in the murky streets of Trottingham?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 7 )

well this is a good start

my bits say that agent ice flake is a double agent

I thought Sweetie Drops was retried, and her group disbanded.


8789145 Thanks!


you're missing another bracket also their goes my theroy about icy wind or more evidence to support it because of the convinence of that henchmen hmm

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

leg have shown fatal, thus

i think injury is missing their

I think that relocation wasn't nessicary but lets see where it goes

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