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Kavian Shadow

Over the years two things have become clear to me, dreamers always become valiant Heroes, and you are the greatest Hero


Who you are is not the past choices you've made, but the ones you make moving forward.

Tempest Shadow was once a great, mighty warrior in the fallen Storm King's army who had forsaken all bonds of fellowship in favor of hatred and malice. With the Storm King's aid she returned to the land as a conqueror, bent on enslaving all of those who had shown her the same hatred that she bore deep in her heart.

In the aftermath of the Storm King's demise she is lost, she is alone, she is afraid. Everything seems so backwards to her now. Nopony is willing to help her, nopony is willing to get to know her, nopony wants to. To them she is an outcast, her only friend being the Princess of Friendship. Everything in the world seems against her. Until a chance meeting with a strange dragon, who is willing to look past her veil of darkness.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 3 )

I hope you continue this

Been kinda of wrapped up in another project, but I do hope to someday return to this story.

Thanks for the heads up.

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