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Trixie has hit rock-bottom. Desperate for compassion, she returns to Ponyville, seeking Starlight Glimmer. Unfortunately, Starlight isn't there. Even more unfortunately, Trixie can't get to Canterlot, and is stuck in the town where her life really spiraled out of control, a town where not everypony has forgiven her. She seeks redemption and acceptance, but things are complicated when a spate of dangerous arsons hits the town.

Part of the Wibblyverse continuity.

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Somepony is a Queen fan :trixieshiftright:

when a spate of dangerous arsons hits the town.

You mean spree, right?

I believe they're synonymous. A spate, according to my trusty dictionary, is "a large number of similar things or events appearing or occurring in quick succession."

Rarity is being both a bitch and a hypocrite, or did she conveniently forget about the time she went around redecorating everything and everypony against their will duo to a cursed book's influence. Hopefully some one sets both her and Rainbow straight soon.

I think Rainbow may be setting herself straight, even if she's not all the way there yet. As for Rarity... well, it's easier to see the bad in others than in yourself. That's part of what I'm trying to illustrate, and your comment shows me that I'm on the right track for doing just that. Thank you!

Alright Rarity pretty much broken the law here, please tell me she and carrot Top are punished inthe end harshly. No everyone forgives and forget, there no excuse for what they done!

Rarity needs to smacked really hard with a friendship laser. I dunno how much of hers and Carrot Top's scheming Sweetie Belle might of over heard but I hope it's enough to help clear Trixie's name, though that'll depend on how willing Sweetie would be to go against her sister even though she knows what Rarity's doing is wrong.:unsuresweetie:


Yes, they definitely are the villains of the piece, and they will definitely be punished. But remember the overall message of the piece, because that is absolutely going to influence the conclusion.

Nice chapter, glad things are coming to a realization. so Dash hates Trixies because she ...hates herself. Well that makes a lot of sense, HAH sorry but yeah, Trixie reminds her of herself too much, or she sees her as a hated rivals or sees all the bad stuff in her in Trixie.

also glad to see Rarity realizes how bad she screwed up, but please please PLEASE when it over she doesn't get off scot free. so she feels bad boo hoo, she blew up her own store, and could injuries herself or other still.
There needs to be real consequences and results from what she and Carrot have done!

Speaking of which Carrot's actions don;t speak much on how dependable she as a parent, I love to see authorities call her on what she done, and they be putting a restraining order on being a danger to Snails.

Just so you know, Carrot Top has a character tag. Please respond to this comment.

Ok. Thought I had run out of room. Didn't. Thanks.

There will be consequences. They will probably not be completely out of line with show-canon consequences, but they will be there.

I'm surprise that are not that many comments here, I mean, it's a great story. I'll add these to some groups to help it out.

Thank you, that's very kind!

Carrot and Rarity BETTER faces the consequences, donating blood not enough!

Before tomorrow's first light, Ponyville would see its first true riot.

I'll buy that the smarty pants incident doesn't count, but this I do not believe.
Surely the apple/pear feud boiled over at some point or something.

Never actually finished this one. :twilightsheepish: Suffice to say, brilliant work with one of the deeper and more tragic takes on Trixie I've seen. Impactful without feeling maudlin. Excellent work.

... Darn it, now I'm really going to have to wait until the next chapter.

Thank you! I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out, although I've been a bit concerned that it might have been too dark -- a fear which your comment has alleviated.

As for the waiting, I do also have some non-pony fics available on Ao3, if you happen to be interested.

Fantastic. I really enjoyed this one. I can't believe it's seen so little traffic. Nice work.

As though punctuating her remark, the oven took the opportunity to explode.

The oven is the best character in the story.

Twist looked up from where she was trying to wipe soot off her glasses. “I gueth you could thay…” she pushed the still-dark glasses up her snout. “Buithineth ith booming.”

I retract my last statement.

The good ol Twixie One Sided Rivalry.


If that's just her brother, I'd hate to meet her mother.

For a second there i forgot this was in the Wibblyverse and wondered why Big Mac was being referred to as They a bunch. :trixieshiftleft:

Then it hit me after the "Crushing on the Librarian Cum Princess" bit. :twilightblush:

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