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>geta caught up
Well, I'm out.

My apologies. I type and publish this on an android phone, so autocorrect is not as effective as it could be. That combined with the lack of editing software makes errors common.

So far the story has nice potential

Are there going to be any new chapters coming out in the near future (2-3 months) ?? :pinkiesad2:
Keep up the amazing work!! :pinkiehappy:

Yes. I already have another three chapters written, plus plans to write and post new chapters quite often. Whenever I have a chance, really. I'm glad you're enjoying this story. When I first began writing it, I never really planned to post it.

much enjoyment best prototype x-over so far

princest is wincest(lenny face)

I like to think my story is a good one, but I recommend Legionary's Emerald Gleaner series.

I quite enjoy Princest. Those tend to be my favorite romance stories.

Are you talking about the Daedalus from Greek mythology?

The name Daedalus is inspired by Greek mythology, yes. However, that's as far as the inspiration goes. My Daedalus is not the Daedalus.

More chapters are coming. Don't worry.
Tip: Chapter 12 is done. I'm just waiting a few days to post it.

ON MY GODS! Viridian is so sad, HELP HER!!!!!

I honestly can't see a potential danger turned amicable ally would be talking about their fetishes with the princess at their first meeting. Ok otherwise

My reasoning behind it is sheer lack of care. Daedalus, a non-living creature incapable of natural emotions, has no fear or any reason not to act this way. No beliefs about etiquette or secrecy truly exists for him.

As for the Princesses, several thousand years of a form of pseudo-isolation have caused them to latch on to a source of mental and social comfort. Daedalus offers them a form of lasting friendship they haven't had since they were foals and jump at the chance quickly.

Makes sense, but it still seems a bit forced. At this point Daedalus is a potential lifelong friend and not a romantic interest. I'd understand if there was some sort of magical liquor was involved, despite the tropiness, and turning to sexual conversations so quickly despite their longetivity would come off as a bit cringy on their part.

Furthermore, Daedalus being non-living wouldn't have a concept of libido, as viruses are inherently parasitic in their reproductive nature. As a sapient being he could feel emotions such as love and friendship, but lacking organs, more specifically reproductive organs and the associated brain matter, sex drive would be nearly if not entirely non-existant.

It seems a bit forced because I am no professional writer. It took the turn it did simply because it was the train of thought I chose to follow, which, I admit, didn't blend all too well with the situation.

On the topic of his libido and emotional spectrum, Daedalus attempts to seem 'alive' as he was before his infection. This brings about his formal nature as an attempt to seem normal yet cultured, his rather odd reactions to some situations due to the lack of actual emotion behind emotional choices, and a noticeably strong drive to seem perfectly normal, revealed by his decision to get a job as well as to sleep every night.

She went from anger to sadness and I went from gentle to forceful to gentle again. What the hell is happening?

Welcom to the wonders world of what we mortals call emotions

:yay: yay :trollestia: Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

My only comment to that is thus: You're on to something.

"Yep! Just follow this road to the third right, take it, and it'll be on the left. Its called 'The Green Dragon.' You'll recognize it."

Ponies = Hobbits?

Glad to see the reference was caught! I've used that Tavern for this story as well as a few D&D Campaigns I ran.

Well, you are several weeks too late. I now have a tablet with a built-in physical keyboard, making simple mistakes less likely. i also have Microsoft Word, which has a decent spell checker, and I also have a BetaReader, who catches errors I and Word miss. Of course, some still slip past, but far fewer than previously.

Usually I avoid crossover tag stories, but I really like this one :) And story has good speed ;)

I wonder what princess Luna and Celestia will think?:trixieshiftright:

This is the most wholesome chapter on this site I have read from a story rated M...

Is it wrong that I kind of want Chrysalis to reveal she actually is evil and totally mess him up emotionally?

Be warned, the story is Rated M for a reason! While not much of the 'M rated stuff' has happened yet, there will be blood, gore, and sex later down the line! Just, not random amounts of it for no reason.

I can see where you're coming from but I've never seen Chrysalis as truly evil, and that reflects into my story. The same goes for Nightmare Moon. They are both products of their environment and treatment, reacting in the only way they knew how.

Of course, that's more than capable of changing from story to story, author to author. Stories where they are evil adds a rather intriguing villain to the schemes.

I understand that but there's a difference between not seeing someone as irredeemably evil and completely ignoring all the crap they've done in the past. This Chrysalis is so drastically different from canon it's hard to view her as genuine. Even fan-fics that acknowledge her having good reasons for her actions still make it clear that she is very manipulative and capable of being very cruel as long as it benefits her in someway.

Basically they work towards redemption where as here it skips redemption and just has her be not evil from the beginning and basically tell us to ignore the kidnapping, brainwashing and invasion.

This is currently only Daedalus' opinion of the situation. I'm not sure if you every played the [Prototype] games, but if you have, it makes this easier to understand; Daedalus served under Alex Mercer for several years, forced to murder innocent civilians and infect them, turning them into more Redlight fodder. Kidnapping and brainwashing is nothing to him because he has done so much worse to innocents, without even having a reason to do so.

The way the citizens of Equestria treat Changelings and Chrysalis is far different than what Daedalus is currently doing. This was not-so-subtly hinted at with the memory of Princess Luna visiting Daedalus in his dreams. The citizenry of Equestria despise Changelings with such a deep-seated hatred that the Princesses were forced to remove the knowledge from their minds to keep the peace.

Remember that you aren't aware of how this Chrysalis acted during the Invasion, just as Daedalus isn't aware. Did she regret her actions at the wedding and do so with reluctance? Or did she act like she did in canon and seem to invade Canterlot with glee and a sadistic mirth? I purposely didn't have the wedding happen for the reason that readers would have to infer their own opinions based on her current actions.

While I understand the idea, if you don't specify that the invasion went differently readers will automatically assume it played out like canon.

Just surprised about the amount of sappyness the chapter has, nothing more, nothing less...

Heller killed Alex not the under way a rolled -_-

It's an AU prototype world, cause Heller was hunting and killing every single other evolves in the canon storyline



Retyui is right. In this AU version of Prototype, Heller was killed long before he could become a significant threat to Mercer. As such, the events of Prototype 2 never happened for the most part. Mercer worked on upgrading the Blacklight Virus strains and even created a means to force the Evolved under him to obey him. Then he hunted down and consumed Pariah and Elizabeth Greene, giving him a boost to his own virus, which he used to create the new Redlight Horde seen in the first chapter. Then, he and his now-obedient army broke out of the NYZ and spread across Northeastern America, which is around the point that the first chapter happen.

When reading a story and it has several wholesome chapters in a row:

I think I really want to kill whoever invented auto-correct...

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