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Early spring 2018, and me and my friends were in our Jr year high school. We’re a group of 3 and we actually form a REALLY good band. One night we’re driving home from a canceled gig, and we’re in a totally different world not sure how it happened though. All we know is that some voodoo magic is amidst and we need to stop it, while trying to win this battle of the bands thing.

This story is a take on raibow rocks. Its as if a classic rock loving bunch of teens get caught up in the whole situation.

This is my first story so.... yea if you like rock and roll you’ll love this story

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I do have a suggestion, it is a good idea to put your stories through spell check. It is also good to proof read as well. I can understand the struggles of spelling and grammer.
Good story though. I have not read a story like it.

I feel as though it needs more girth.
I compliment you on putting in those links though.

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