• Published 7th Mar 2018
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Smile Like You Mean It - Cool_Quick

When a cult in Gotham City attempts to revive Jerome Valeska, a wayward spell not only finishes the job, but also sends him to... Ponyville.

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Author's Note:

Well I was not expecting to be doing this again. But, at people's request here is Chapter 3. I hope everyone enjoys, and let me know in the comments anything you think Jerome should do.

Fluttershy woke with a start when something cold and wet splashed in her face. Above her, she heard a raspy voice say "Ah... nothing like a cold shower to get you going in the morning."

What's happened? Fluttershy wondered. Then she saw that demonic face and remembered. She had fainted after seeing Jerome's face, or lack thereof.

"What do you want?" Fluttershy asked, shuddering as Jerome smiled at her.

Jerome sat down in front of her, his face an exaggeration of thought. "You know, I was originally just going to stab you right in that pretty neck, but I decided that wouldn't be fun at all." He suddenly came forward with a smile, causing Fluttershy to jump back. "Instead I figured you could tell me where I am, and how to get back to..." He looked a little puzzled, and then suddenly hacked and coughed raggedly. "Sorry..." he said, not sounding very sorry at all. "Still a little fuzzy... Earth! That's right, I remember."

So that's where he's from. Fluttershy looked at the gleeful Jerome, and wondered what nightmare created him.

"Anyway," Jerome said. "Where am I? We'll start with that old cliché of a question."

"Equestria," Fluttershy replied, hoping her voice wasn't shaking too much.

"Okay, I live in a horse pun." Jerome giggled that horrible laugh. "Figures. What town in this?"

"You're on the outskirts of Ponyville."

Jerome laughed. "Another horse pun. And let me guess, there's places like Manehatten, Fillydelphia and so on, right?"

When Fluttershy nodded shakily, Jerome laughed hysterically. "Wow! That's too good!" Then he laughed some more, the knife in his hand a little too close for Fluttershy's comfort.

"Okay," Jerome suddenly stopped laughing, and gave her a piercing stare. "Since I know where I am, do you have any idea how to get back to Earth? I have someone I need to kill."

Fluttershy found some courage. "I don't know."

Jerome rolled his eyes. "Really? That's one of the worst lies I've ever seen."

Fluttershy put some power in her eyes and words. "I don't know."

Jerome looked at her eyes for a second with a thoughtful expression on his face. Then something he saw in her eyes struck him as hysterically funny, and he started giggling again.

Fluttershy realized then that her Stare had no effect on him. His mind is like a raging hurricane, she thought.

Suddenly, Jerome grabbed her by the neck, and held his knife right next to her cheek. "Alright, little pony," he said, his voice now demonic. "Where can I get back to Earth? Tell me, or I give you a smile." He sliced through the air in demonstration, making Fluttershy tremble.

"Fine," she squeaked. "Only the Princesses know. There's a secret place that Princess Celestia has in her castle that can be used for interdimensional travel."

"Perfect," Jerome said, smiling. "Where is that?"


Jerome laughed. "Seriously? Horse pun Number 5 has been served."

"Why do you want to go back?" Fluttershy asked.

Jerome giggled. "Well, there's a couple of people I need to kill. Theo Galavan, and Bruce Wayne. They rained on my parade, and it was quite a storm. Even had some thunder." He laughed again. "Anyway, Theo Galavan was the one who killed me, so it's only natural I return the favor."

Fluttershy suddenly recognized Jerome. "Wait, the Princesses saw you in a portal! You were that redhead boy who threatened that kid and got stabbed to death."

"That'd be me," Jerome said, looking as proud as if he'd been an actor recognized for a performance he'd just had. "Theo Galavan was the man who stabbed me, so I might as well..."

"Princess Celestia saw him die." Fluttershy couldn't believe she was so bold. No turning back now.

"Aw..." Jerome looked very disappointed and irritated as if he'd just been denied a bowl of ice cream. "Who beat me to it?"

Fluttershy still had some bravery left apparently, as she found herself saying "Which time?"

Jerome gave that death glare, the one that made Fluttershy's resolve cave again. "Galavan... came back to life too?"

Fluttershy could only nod.

Jerome laughed again. "That son of a bitch is always finding new and improved ways of upstaging me. Well, this time, I have something planned that'll knock everyone's socks, and maybe even their shoes off." He looked at Fluttershy again. "Your name?" he suddenly asked.


Jerome put a hand to his ear and leaned closer. "Sorry, a truck went by 60 blocks away."

Fluttershy squeaked out "Fluttershy..."

"What was that?" Jerome laughed. "A mosquito flew out the window, so it drowned that out."

"Fluttershy," she breathed.

"Well, that's a fitting name for a pony so shy she couldn't be heard if a power saw came on in the next county."

His rudeness and his ruthlessness frightened Fluttershy. He was uncontrollable, unpredictable, and crazy to the core. And two people were on his mind who he wanted dead. One now.

"One last question," Jerome asked, as he leaned even closer.

Fluttershy braced herself.

"Where is my face?"

Twilight and the gang meanwhile had finally found her autopsy kit. They were heading back towards the room where Fluttershy had gone into to watch the corpse, when Twilight said "Spike, where's that face?"

Spike looked at her. "I was tired of carrying that disgusting thing, so I set it on this table right..."

He was pointing at a table that distinctly lacked a face.

"Here?" his statement finished in a question.

Fluttershy suddenly staggered out of the door.

"Fluttershy!" Twilight said. "Is the corpse ruined?"

"No, the corpse is alive!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "He almost stabbed me with a knife!"

"Fluttershy," Twilight soothed. "There's no way a corpse can just come back to life. That takes a level of highly advanced magic."

"Uh, guys?" Spike said, noticing something walking by the nearby window.

"Not now Spike," Twilight interrupted. "Corpses stay corpses okay?"

"Twilight?" Fluttershy squeaked, pointing.

"What in the hay is making everyone so...?" Twilight began before she saw.

Everyone was staring at Jerome, face in one hand, something else in the other. He was smiling at them, an evil, insane smile. He waved brightly as if he was a kid waving at a friend, and then moved out of sight.

"No... way..." Twilight said. "I don't know whether to praise science or be terrified."

Rainbow Dash tried to laugh. "That dude looked ridiculous... without a face... smiling like a clown..."

Even Applejack shuddered. "Believe me, sugarcube, ah ain't evr seen sumthin so evil in mah life."

"What does he want?" Twilight asked.

"For everything to burn," Fluttershy mumbled before fainting.

Outside, two guards were posted. They were sitting chatting about Filly Joe Armstrong's solo work when suddenly they heard a raspy voice say "I love that band you know. And these pony puns are a knockout."

Jerome stepped into view, smiling at the two guards. The guards immediately raised their weapons. "Who are you?" they asked.

Jerome showed no concern whatsoever. "Come on. Let's not have such a boring time."

The guards charged at him. Jerome suddenly dodged out of the way, and managed to grab one of the guards spears. He used it to stab the other armed guard in an exposed spot, and the guard quickly died.

The other disarmed guard gulped as he stared up at Jerome's smiling lack of face. "Please..."

Jerome swung the weapon, and completely knocked the guard's head off, sending it down a rabbit hole.

"Hole in one!" Jerome laughed and cheered, imitating an audience. "I best not get a head of myself."

Laughing hysterically, he walked into the sunset, beginning to use a stapler he found to reattach his face.

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