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The Elements are the greatest power in all of Equestria right? But with no combat experience. The mane 6 realised after the royal wedding that this not a good thing. Sure they were able to take out a few Changeleing minions, but what if there is a greater threat ready to take over Equestria and the Elements arent available?

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*Looks at the fic picture* Must read *Face when opens the fic :trollestia:*

EDIT: First chapter is good. Make moar. Don't let me down, and don't give this fic up*pun intented*.

963735 Thanks, I hope that my spelling gets better, seeing as how my friend was laughing for 30 mins when he proof read it...:facehoof:
Anyways I hope to make another story after this one, but I woulnt reveal anything just yet. Maybe some hints in the story... We'll see where it goes.

964442 Uh, uh I've got one :pinkiegasp: Make it so that these dreams lead to events in actual, existent, non-dreamish world. Yay! :trollestia:

965488 They do have some tie to reality,:rainbowderp: but we'll just have to wait and see where I go with it wont we? I appreciate the Tip and ive seen this in some fics that are in my opinion damn awesome. but I dont want to confuse everyone too much yet (not saying iIreally have many people reading this but oh well :unsuresweetie: ), and I know the story is slow to start, but it will soon get into some actual action. :rainbowdetermined2:

i'm a bit confused why was everyone blaming Twilight for a nightmare Pinkie pie had? its not like twlight made her have one

968039 They were blaming Twilght for putting Pinkie in the crying and helpless state. Not for making her have a nightmare. The fact that Twilight told Her that was enough to set Pinkie off. :pinkiesad2:

Its un fortunate that more people dont read your stories, they are very good save some spelling errors but im sure that most could be dealt with by simply rereading your work


1029865 Lol adda boy and thanks my friend calls me the death of spelling... :rainbowwild: :facehoof:

Keep talking about me like that and ill start to think that you dont like me anymore:pinkiesad2:

1053092 I didnt mean to hurt anybrony :fluttercry:!

1053525 itll take a few less than flwttering comments to offend me so dont worry:twilightsheepish:

Urgh! YATO SMASH!!! 502fiction unfaved all my favs :raritycry: And I forgot about your story :applecry: Please don't hate me :fluttercry:

I take it you play a lot of online games

P.s.whys aj the shortest

1072764 I play a fair bit of online games outside of sports, work, school, music, and MLP so yeah that may be where I got some of the influences, also my friend gave me some suggestions, and I honor them seeing as how he brought me to bronydom, so his word is law lol. :rainbowwild:

Appljeack is the shortest, because I was kind of tired of the steriotype of the heavy wepons expert always being the bigest and tallest, so i thought i would switch it up alittle, also applejack being a bulky build like her brother really doesnt require hieght. se was already tall by Pony standards (in my mind in the actual MLP series they are all the same hieght :rainbowderp: So Applejack really didnt seem like she needed to be any taller than she already was. :ajsmug:

Once again SPELLING and try not to break the fourth wall TOO much, but apart from that great story:twilightblush:

Wait a second. The battle that had Celestia and Shining Armor fighting the super dragon was a 'DREAM?'
:trollestia: Strikes Again!

I think Spike should have a :moustache:. Befitting, methinks.

I was hoping for mimes :fluttershysad: but i guess thisll have to do:pinkiehappy:

1074069 Can you maybe send me your reply to my comment in a private message or something? I think it was on the notice chapter.

Which is now deleted.

If this is what it looks like after your friends proof-read it, get another proof-reader. Seriously. One that will do something about the random capitalization, for one thing.

So... shared dreams. It could be something to do with the Elements of Harmony, after all they were originally a single artifact, so it could be that they still 'talk' to each other and thus connect their bearers on a certain level.

The question that needs to be answered is this: Is this just their trauma and justifiable fears or have they gained a degree of prescience from their new mystical powers?

1163984 Both actually. It's thier dream so it's their fears, along with the Elements. If you want something deeper I recomend you check out Mindblower's stories: Envy and Arrogance and Guilt and Hate.

Aww i was hoping for a resident evil type plague

Ouch, that sounded just ouch.

You're not the first one to suggest that the evil versions of the Mane 6 were the avatars of a kind of anti-Elements of Harmony. Of course, that, in itself, also suggests that the Elements of Harmony might have once been a creature that was Discord's polar opposite.

I, for one, would like to see the anti-Elements emerge as regular antagonists in the show (maybe Trixie as the anti-Twilight, Glida as the anti-Dash and so forth). Ultimately, of course, they would be the Quirky Miniboss Squad for the Big Bad who the Divine Faust has implied was the real power behind Nightmare Moon and the second rise of Discord.

1167384 If you trully want to see that then I really do recomend taking a look at Envey and Arrogance. Its very dark, and The Elements go through alot more than in my story, but still very deep. Mindblower really turned things around in the story. Luna is now the favorite princess among the ponies for a good reason. Something happened to Celestia. But I wont give anything away.

Emoticons arent working right now...

Editor gets first post!

Good job as always:yay:

FWIW, I always thought that Pinkie had exaggerated her story for the Crusaders' benefit. I think that she and her family smiled a lot together and had good times together because they were a strong family who all loved each other. That said, the life of a rock farmer is difficult and I do imagine her father to be a very stern 'patriach'-style figure straight from American mythology - always working hard at quarrying rock (he might also be a mason or sculptor) and having little time to spend with his family or even to relax by himself sometimes. In my headcanon, he talks a bit like a Quaker or Amish (think of how Luna talks in Luna Eclipsed - it's a very good example of their dialect).

I was right, people are intimidated by big numbers I know so because rather than read your 8000 word story I went and read twenty-five 1000 word chapters to a story. :pinkiehappy:

At any rate see you again soon

P.s. what do you mean the story's more than half over

I kinda liked the story, but for some reason it is very hard to actually read. Maybe it's due to the structure, maybe the exposition dumps here and there, I'm not really sure.

Hey you got a new chapter out before the end of the world. Good job.

Wow!!!:pinkiegasp: That whole battle sequence with Celestia, Luna and Shining Armor was a simulation!? I was completely fooled.:rainbowlaugh: That was great. You deserve three yays for that one. :yay::yay::yay:

Even though I can't believe you actually wrote in Celestia going through with her punishment of losing the bet, I still enjoyed how you portrayed the royal sisters. It is nice to see them have fun with each other and still be able to rule a kingdom. I also liked how Fluttershy was the one to come to Celestia's defense. :yay: You really are a good writer; you just need to do some proofreading before submitting.

I liked how you did this chapter. It showed that the training was tough, but each of the six got used to it. I also loved how you made it so that Fluttershy was not the absolute weakest of the six. She is best pony to me. :yay:

1828590 Why thank you! Your certianly having fun!

This was such a sweet chapter. :twilightsmile: It is good to see that the mane six are still themselves despite all of their training and newly found power. The only thing that I am confused about is why Cheerlie acted in such a cold manner towards Rarity?

Was this another training stimulation like the one Luna and Celestia had in an earlier chapter? If it is than I really must say bravo. Even if it wasn't it was still a good chapter.

Imagine Luna's surprise if the lieutenant had been an actual donkey...

Comment posted by DashyJ deleted Feb 2nd, 2013

Ohhh My, Very well don good sir! :moustache: Keep up the good work :raritywink:

Wow this is the best birthday present ever except for maybe an actual present

2182694 And of course a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :ajsmug::yay::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Stay tuned for No Salvation coming out soon!
Edit: Its out!

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