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i love this story! I'd love to see more of Spike Going Full On Dragon (And Not Friendly Like Southlake Carroll in School Sports or 5) or Making Princess Twilight Sparkle pregnant with Foals.


I wanna see more virgin on virgin lemon clop but we can't wish for everything now...

pretty good story:ajsmug:
but I'm not going to lie when i read the description, I thought it was going to be Dragon Spike in Equestria was hit by a spell from Princess Twilight and ended up gong through the portal to the human world.
but that honestly just the first thing that popped into my head, its good the way it is.

Good shit man this was awesome! I'm glad I could help you do some of this and I hope I can do more in the future.

Are both sunset and twilight are going to turn into weredog in the next full moon night?

This an't bad, could we get a part two?

I am honestly a bit conflicted about this story. Like the works of yours I have read in the past it is very well done and interesting. But with this being a rape story on top of a bestiality (at least in the idea of girls sleeping with dogs) those are some real put off for me. So I enjoy the writing as I do for most of your works and the way you can tell a story. But the subject matter on this one is unfortunately a miss personally for me. I can't wait to see your next work tho

your not alone in the disliking rape department, like usually my opinion is any and all rapist need to burn in hell:pinkiecrazy:
but for this story its different since Spike wasn't in any way in his right state of mind during any of it, and if anything that's Twilight's fault.:unsuresweetie:......and since by the next day Sunset and Twilight were fine and possibly wanted a round two i don't consider this a rape situation.
And yeah you have a point on the bestiality, but honestly Spike was more of an anthro dog then anything else so he was practically just a human with fur......so i guess you could say he was just furry dog?:moustache:

Delivers what it promises~:yay:

Please do one about Spike making Chrysalis submit completely to him.

Link to full image please

Good read! Certainly enjoyed it!

not to be rude but, are you gonna write more chapter harem story?

If there is another story like this one, I'd prefer is to be dragon Spike in regular/anthro Equestria railing all of the Mane 6/whatever they're called now.

if there is a sequel make sci-twi and sunset start to go feral or werecreature because they got impregnated from weredog spike until they give birth

I noticed a few errors, "marehood" at some places, this doesnt really fit since they are humans. "Wallflower Brush" its spelled Blush. And twilight crying out celestias name, this doesnt make any sence for sci-twi saying it. And a few other misspellings.
Other than that i have mixed opinions on this. On the one side its the same quality as your other stories, entertaining and the sex scenes are very fun and satisfying.
On the other hand its basicaly just an anthro dog(which still is bestiality) raping two girls regardless if they liked it or not.
And a another major flaw was the size difference, it really wasnt necessary to give him such a big tool, i've seen a few hentais where stuff like this happened and believe me, its not a pleasent sight. And the whole "inflation" thing was way too over the top Look, i get its a fetish and its just fiction and theres nothing wrong with that, but technicaly this takes place in a "normal" world with "normal" people in it that doesnt have magic, and if this really happened these two girls would have some serious injuries. A human body just doesnt work like that, and you cant use "magic" as an excuse, that doesnt work here.
Overall its a pretty good story but it has flaws, 4/10.

I kinda want there to be a sequel to this where he gets the other girls as well.

Despite some hentai-like parts, job well done. And with Spike apparently being a "weredog?", a sequel can easily be arranged at the next full moon. That's if I'm reading this correctly. Still, great work.

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