• Published 27th Sep 2018
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Photo Shoot - An Intricate Disguise

Twilight asks Spike to take some photos of her and the girls for a calendar, but for some reason they're posing really saucily, and—hold on, are they all coming on to him?

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Great to see a new chapter to this story. I am happy to see she didn't sleep with Spike. I think it should just be them letting him know they are interested and teasing him. From there I can see later on stories where he get to be with each girl. This is a nice flip to most harem stories where Spike is the lead, this Spike is more just being pulled into the storm lol.

Good lord I about died with laughter at Spikes situation!! Cant wait for more!! This occurred to me: He's gonna be so dead when Celestia finds out.

Twilight (you, An Intricate Disguise) addressing the readers on things we want to know. :moustache::twilightsheepish:

Twilight nodded with a wink. "It doesss, but you'll have to wait and see who else! You'll know that Fluttershy's January because I left that on the schedule—needless to say, be gentle with her—but I've left the rest blank so this is a little more fun for you..."

How do you know Sunbutt isn't Miss August? (Luna is clearly October.)

Unless she's on the calendar too...Ms July/June would teally suit her summery self.

I'm pretty sure she's one of them. BUt, how will she react to SPike's dragonhood is what im getting at? Will she be disgusted? AMused? TUrned on? Upset? I don't know!! ANd im a little scared to find out.

ANd, WHat if CHrysalis or Eris is involved? Or Zecora? That would make this so much more interesting!!

Yeah. Still, what would her initial response have been though?

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.....

...Photos of Sexy Vet Fluttershy!!!

I just had to!! IM not sorry for this.

Do you know if these photos can be found online?

Hmmm....depends on your view of her personality. If she behaves like someone who has probably seen something similar to this situation multiple times over a millennium long life, she'd probably give stamina advice. If she behaves like the "pure" soul that her subjects see her as, she'd be shocked and dismayed at first, but swiftly turn to pestering Spike to marry/herd with them and proceed to providing her with multiple grandfoals.

How odd, I didn't get turned on

An Intricate Disguise does not hold himself responsible for the loss of erectile function regardless of whether or not it is ostensibly attributed to his content. If the problem persists, please consult your general practitioner or take some Viagra.

"Heh, yeah, I just had to tell them about your—" Twilight covered her mouth, 'eep'ing to herself, then took a moment to clear her throat. "Err... I just had to show them statistics!"

:moustache:: "Let me guess: In truth they just wanted the D!"
:twilightsmile:: "Maybe..."
:moustache:: "Does 'D' stands for dragon in this context?"
:twilightsmile: "Maybe..."

"Please, Spike," Twilight pfft'd. "Do I really strike you as the kind of mare that has the time and patience to plan out something this elaborate just to teach you some kind of lesson?"
"...yes. Yes, you do."

I agree with him.

Hopefully, Fluttershy had chosen to come dressed up as a fucking tree or something.
The door opened, and in trotted the most white and red nurse outfit Spike had ever seen, to the point that it looked distinctly like dress up. Gods, they were hitting him in the weak spots already. A nurse? How could you not want to fuck that?!

The audience is proud of you, Flutters.

How did she manage to so effectively pull cute and sexy off at the same time?

Answer: It's Fluttershy. As a nurse.
As simple as that.

"And that was just January, Spike. Just hope the next mare doesn't want to fuck. Think you've got the stamina for that?"
Spike stared slack-jawed as she continued to walk away, perfectly painted in his essence. "I... uhh... buh. That was amazing."
"Heheh, thank you. You just wait until I get to play with you properly... that was just a warm up. Have fun with the next mare! You deserve it..."

Did anyone mention yet this story is getting better and better?

Here was hoping the next mare would give him a break from heaven, he wasn't sure if he could handle that twelve times in a row.

Defend the honor of all dragons, Spike!

Great story so far!
And in the end it turns out they forgot to put an film in the camera so they have to repeat the entire thing... Not that anyone minds.

I find this both disgusting and vile.

Do write more, please! :twilightblush:

This gives a whole new meaning to D & D

Spike, you should have listened to Twilight. Fluttershy's ass would have covered your distracting hard on perfectly.

I'm actually hoping you'd make princess Luna and Celestia a double shoot, with the two princesses lounging next to eachother, getting more provocative, starting to play with eachother, until full-blown fucking

That's a lotta butts. At least one person has had their wish come true.

That was hot

That's hot! Think this is their way of thanking and claiming Spike for themselves!

I like it!:pinkiehappy: Who's next!:moustache:

My money would be on Applejack. Because she in my top 3 of the six!:ajsmug: Haven't found on place for Starlight, yet.:twilightsheepish:

This is fine smut!

The story says that Starlight is June, in the prologue.

Please i need more.

He was hoping it would teach him some kind of inner zen.

This made me laugh harder than it should have

God, I hope one of the future mares is Trixie...

Is this story going to get finished?

I have to say...

I both pity and envy Spike. Mostly the latter.

I think we're going to see it update from time to time, hopefully more often than just once every few months.

Also, I'm fairly sure there is no photo shoot. They discussed this among themselves, and... one thing lead to another. ;]

Either that, or this one's the unofficial one, if you know what I'm sayin'... ;]

Any day now there will be activity.

Half of me wonders how this cover photo was allowed, and the other half is just glad it was.

I think it's mostly due to the fact that it's not explicit. I mean, it shows off exactly what you'd want it to show off, but there's no detail to it - it's technically not pornographic. One could argue that it shows off about as much as the original show did - which is nothing, in terms of practical anatomy. Also, thanks to that - it has some artistic merit, since it requires imagination to complete the composition and required a little bit of creative composition to put together.

All in all - erotica-adjacent, but still within the rules I think. Besides, there's a clear indicator at the bottom of the site that this site is not meant for children... so I assume there's some leeway.

That was.... *blood sprays from nose as i collapse and spirit can be seen trying to leave like in animes*

Will there be an update?

Dang. Hopefully this will continue soon, eh?

Loved it! I wanna be in spikes place

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