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But sometimes it does.

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“Uh, are you crazy?” You frowned with your whole sallow frame. “I actually need my fingers.”

“...But do you really need all of them?”

You sighed. “I guess not.”

This is a very strange story.

the little blue pony noticed and, ears drooping, it dashed over to your feet

Tee hee.

I mean. But why? It reads something like a prelude to a horror or a dystopian novel.

Dick Laurent is dead.



I... really like its... mane?

Srsly tho good job fourths. This really didn't need or allow for editing. I think it's worthy of an audio version, and I'll continue to imagine one in your honor.



Interesting! I enjoyed all of the imagery. At this moment, there's nothing else this could be to me than an allegory...

You have good me an it was confused.

This...I mean, it reads like it was written by the same people who write commercials for high-end perfume companies. After it's over you're just sitting there dumbfounded, going "...guuuhh...uhhh...buuhh...what the fuuu..."

And I just don't feel like the reason for the lack of comprehension is on my end. I think you've read too much Kafka. Or maybe the whole thing is written as an intentional mockery of surrealism?

Well, it makes an impact on the reader at least, even if that impact is befuddlement, so congratulations on that point I suppose.

I'm gay too

But was the pony okay afterwards?

He's dead but he's okay

Well, that's a load off my mind.

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