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Harmony Pie

I'll write. Eventually


A series of unrelated short stories focusing on two characters and their relationships, all in the Equestria Girls universe.

{Tags and characters to be added as necessary. I’m open to requests or pairs to add on for future chapters. Chapters will be no longer than 1000 words each. Warning: may be fluffy, silly, and random.}

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No way I can't like this :twilightsmile:

Awwwww.....that was sweet.... ....also, Flutters is likely best EQG gamer.

It's so completely adorable... they all were...
You're making me overcome my dislike of second person through sheer sweet fluff! You fiend!

I’m glad you liked it. Though, FYI, this isn’t second person; it’s third. Second person is “you”

You're right of course, serves me right for posting while jet lagged.

Point is, I like your stories.

This felt more like a sisterly quarrel than anything. Like it was inspired by a real-life incident.

Pfft, no. :ajsmug:But I did try to emulate what I do when I laugh with friends

So, in this one are they both straight or just Sunset?

Who knows :trixieshiftright:

Though honestly, I only said that because this particular fic was them just being friends. There’s not continuity between each story; so you may expect a Sunlight later on

So each is a little story unto itself and what's true in one might not be the facts of another. Got it. :twilightsmile:

She says their icky and weird

Should be "they're".

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