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Sweetie Belle is a young, energetic, and talented young filly. But what happens when she awakens in an unfamiliar world filled with war and death. If you wish to know on how she arrived in our world, then you'll have to read about one of the most dangerous times in humanities long history, and the secrets it hid.

I would like to give a thanks to Dominus Alicorn for editing this.

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To be honest, I had no idea on what I was doing. Plus the story didn't have all the stuff I originally wanted, and it honestly sucked in the long run. Personally, now I've taken my time and improved on my writing during my long hiatus, I'm ready to tackle this story, and the first thing was scrap the entire thing.

All in all, I think this'll be good.

But what did you think of the prologue?

Good so far. I like howsweetie belle is still in the human world after ww2 instead of back home a small but major change can go a long way


Yeah, personally I kinda think that trope of them returning to Equestria is overused, and I like thinking outside of the box.

I tried to resiste the erdge to chuckle at his first question. Resist the urge

memories of that first night fludded my mind. Flooded

So far for a prologue I enjoyed it. It captures my interest that Sweetiebelle is still in the world of humanity after the war and scared by it. Many have already tried to tell her tale only to botch it up completely and this reporter thinks he can tell it better then anyone else has. I am interested and will continue to read as new chapters come out. Good luck and happy writing. :raritystarry:

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