• Published 5th Mar 2018
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A Filly of the Force - Shadow Quill

Applebloom had been worried she would never find her special talent after her fellow Crusaders got their marks and moved on with their lives. Yet one fateful day, she discovered a power unlike anything Equestria has ever seen before.

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The first thing Applebloom became aware of was the beeping sound of her heart monitor as her mind slowly came back to the land of the waking. The next thing she felt was that she had been changed into one of those flimsy hospital gowns and was covered with what was most likely the bedsheet, although she could feel something wrapped around her shoulder and neck as she opened her eyes and looked around the room. All and all it was a standard hospital room with a table next to her bedside with all the trimmings a patient could need, including that annoying heart monitor that was hooked up to her chest with a trio of wires. An I.V. was attached to her left arm just above the wrist, and a quick look at her shoulder revealed it had been heavily wrapped in gauze and medical tape. Using her other hand, she felt along her neck and found more of the gauze wrapped around her throat where the Timberwolf had bitten her, although for the life of her she couldn’t remember exactly what had happened after she got back to the farm. The last thing she could remember was Applejack talking to her, and then, nothing.

Speaking of her older sister, a second look around the room revealed said mare was sitting in a chair against the far wall, her Stetson pulled down over her face as she slept, her arms crossed under her chest and her denim jacket hung on the back of the chair next to her. Applebloom opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by the door opening, revealing the brown fur and bright blue eyes of Dr. Tenderhoof. The unicorn took a glance at the chart in his hands before walking into the room proper, his gaze landing on Applebloom’s for a moment before his mouth split into a smile.

“Nice to see you awake.” He said as he walked up and shined a flashlight in her eyes one after the other, “We were worried you had lost too much blood and wouldn’t be able to recover. Your sister wanted to give you a blood transfusion, but we were able to get you stable before that was needed.”

Applebloom nodded, her gaze traveling over to her sister as the orange mare stirred from her slumber. As she lifted her hat brim and spotted Applebloom awake, her emerald eyes lit up with happiness and before anypony could react, Applebloom felt herself being nearly crushed in her sister’s arms as the older mare gave her a nearly bone-breaking hug around her middle.

“Ah was so worried you weren’t going to wake up.” Applejack said into Applebloom’s chest, “Granny and Big Mac said ya were goin’ to be fine, but they didn’t see ya when ya walked back to the farm, all covered in blood and nearly trippin’ over yer own hooves.” She looked up and met Applebloom’s gaze, her eyes brimming with tears as she sniffed heavily, “Ah was sure we were goin’ ta lose ya, just like we lost ma and pa back when you were little.” Her grip tightened slightly, nearly causing Applebloom to wince as the larger mare’s face grew hard, “Don’t you ever go runnin’ off like that again, or Ah swear Ah’ll tan yer hide like a rattlesnake in the desert on a hot summer’s day and then hogtie you to yer bedpost. Do ya’ll hear me?”

Applebloom quickly nodded her head, her eyes wide with fright, not because of her sister’s threat, but because of the true and vibrant fear she could see in her sister’s eyes. Applejack had been scared, scared of losing her. Applejack wasn’t scared of anything, not ever, not even when she had to go and face down that big dragon that was smoking over the whole town all those years ago. No, Applejack wasn’t scared of anything. And yet here her sister was, on the verge of tears at the though of losing her to a pack of Timberwolves. It was a sobering thought, and in that moment, Applebloom knew that no matter what happened, she would never make her sister feel that kind of fear ever again for as long as she lived.

“Ah understand sis.” She said softly as she wrapped her good arm around her sister’s shoulders, “Ah promise never to run away again. Ah just thought that if you could go off on an adventure to find yerself when you were mah age, then why couldn’t Ah do the same?”

Applejack pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed, allowing Dr. Tenderhoof to examine Applebloom’s shoulder and neck as he carefully cut away the tape and gauze, “Thank ya, Applebloom. It does mah heart good to know ya won’t go runnin’ off again like that.” She glanced over at the doctor as he pulled the first swab of gauze off of Applebloom’s shoulder, “How she doin’, doc?”

“We’ll know more in just a moment,” he replied as he watched his handiwork carefully, “I just need to make sure the healing salve is taking full effect before we can send your sister home.”

Applebloom watched with rapt attention as the final layer of gauze was pulled away, revealing something that made all three ponies gasp in sock. Underneath the gauze, where there had once been a huge bite mark, was nothing more than smooth fur and unmarked skin. Applebloom’s eyes widened in wonder as she slowly moved a hand up to touch the area, finding to her complete surprise that there was absolutely no pain when she pressed into her own flesh with her fingertips.

“This is impossible.” Tenderhoof said as he carefully examined Applebloom’s shoulder with his light blue magic, “We didn’t administer any healing spells to her shoulder. The healing salve should have simply stopped any infection from taking root and helped to prevent further tissue damage. She should still have a huge wound here, on top of the fact that it would never have healed without leaving some kind of scar.” He stood up straight and looked down at Applebloom with a questioning stare, “Did you do anything before your sister brought you here to help heal your wounds?”

Applebloom shook her head, her eyes flickering between the doctor and her sister, “No, Ah just walked back to mah house and then sis brought me here, or at least I think that’s what happened. Mah memory is kind of fuzzy from that point on.”

Tenderhoof nodded, “Ah, I see, amnesia caused by the loss of blood.” He turned to Applejack before speaking his next words, “Then I must ask you the same question, Ms. Apple. Did you administer any kind of aid to your sister before bringing her here?”

AJ shook her head, “No sir, Ah brought her right here as quick as I could once I saw what had happened to her. Speaking of which,” she turned her attention back to Applebloom, making the younger mare shrink under her sister’s penetrating gaze, “somethin’ ain’t addin’ up about what ya told me when ya got back to the farm. Ya said you were attacked by Timberwolves, and yet you managed to get away without being killed, and somehow got all the way back to the farm without them following you. Care to explain how that happened?”

Applebloom felt the world come to a standstill, mostly because she had no idea what she was supposed to do next.Sure, she could tell them the truth, but who would believe her? Tartarus, she barely believed it herself and that was taking into account that she was there. Then again, Applejack could smell a lie a mile away, so she was sure to call her out on it if she fibbed. Yet she had no idea what else to do so after taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and spoke.

“Ah was walking out of the Whitetail woods when they showed up,” she said slowly, trying to keep to the truth as much as possible, “there were about six of them, maybe seven, Ah’m not entirely sure. They surrounded me and then one of them tackled me to the ground, biting mah shoulder before going after mah neck.” One of her hands moved to her throat as the memory of the Timberwolf’s fangs came rushing back to the forefront of her mind, “Ah couldn’t breathe, and the world was goin’ dark, when all of a sudden there was this huge roar. Ah don’t remember much after that, but it had to be a Manticore or something, because the wolf let me go and the pack ran back into the forest before I could even move. I could hear them fighting with something inside the forest, so I got up and ran back to the farm as fast as mah hooves would take me.” She looked up and focused her gaze on the doctor, hoping to avoid her sister’s eyes for as long as possible, “The rest ya’ll already know from Applejack’s side of things.”

One of Applejack’s eyebrows rose up in a questioning manner as she placed her hands on her hips, although she neglected to call Applebloom out on her fabrication as Tenderhoof walked up and placed a caring hand on her healed shoulder, “Well then I’d say you are one very lucky filly to make it out of that situation alive.” He glanced over his shoulder at Applejack, “I am comfortable letting her go home as long as she takes it easy for the next couple of days, just to make sure her shoulder and neck fully heal before she does anything strenuous. Are you comfortable with that, Ms. Apple?”

Applejack nodded, “Yes sir. Ah’ll make sure she gets plenty of rest once we get back to the farm.” She fixed Applebloom with a look that said under no uncertain terms was she off the hook just yet. “Ah think we could all use a break after yesterday’s excitement.”

Applebloom gulped as she stood up and grabbed her clothing from the bedside table, letting the doctor leave the room before pulling on her shirt, jeans and tying her signature ribbon into her mane. Applejack led her out of the door and down the hall, a firm grip on the filly’s shoulder telling her that she wasn’t going anywhere. After some paperwork and a few bits as fee, Applebloom found herself being led down the streets of Ponyville and back to Sweet Apple Acres, where she was certain a grilling from her older sister was sure to await her.

By the time the duo got back to the farm, Applebloom was nearly sweating bricks, and it only got worse when Applejack steered her away from the house and to the barn. She was ungraciously shoved into the barn and the door was firmly shut behind them, effectively locking them inside as Applejack fixed her with a withering glare.

“Ya’ll want to explain what kind of horse apples ya’ll were spittin back at the hospital?” Applejack’s tone made it abundantly clear that Applebloom was in for it if she so much as tried to weasel her way out of this conversation, “Because Ah’ve heard more convincing lies coming from Fluttershy on a bad day, and that’s assuming she could even get it out of her mouth to tell it. Now explain exactly what happened when you were attacked, or so help me Ah’m going to get Granny in here and she’ll be the one to talk to ya.”

Applebloom faltered at the mention of the Apple matriarch. One thing she knew, if the grilling she was going to get from her sister was bad enough, Celestia help her if her grandmother got wind of her tellin lies. A verbal lashing would be the least of her worries, and she could barely imagine the punishments Granny could come up with if she put her mind to it. So, left with no other choice, she told the truth, or at least an edited version of it.

“Alright, Ah’ll tell ya the truth,” Applebloom said as she waved her hands about in front of her like a shield, “no need ta get Granny involved in this.” She let out a gusty sigh before continuing, her arms falling to her sides as she spoke, “Ah don’t really know what happened, only that when that Timberwolf had me by the neck, there was this force that just seemed to pick them up and throw them like ya got a good buck in against their muzzles. No, it was more like a hundred of yer bucks hitting 'em all at once. The one holding me got thrown against the trees of the Everfree and was turned into splinters, and then a second wave of that force pushed the rest of them into the trees as well. Just like that, an entire pack of Timberwolves, gone.”

Applebloom kept her eyes locked with her sister’s the entire time, hoping that Applejack wouldn’t sniff out her alteration of the truth. The older Apple sibling stared her down for a moment, her eyebrow raised in disbelief for several seconds before she let out a sigh of her own, “Alright, Ah believe ya. Ah don’t rightly know what could have caused something like that, but I can tell yer tellin the truth, much as I don’t want to believe it.” She walked past Applebloom and opened the barn door, allowing the midday sunlight to shine in through the opening, “Go on and get out of here before Ah decide to keep ya in the house for the rest of the week.”

Applebloom grinned wide as she ran past her sister, barely paying attention as the orange mare called after her, “And don’t go running off into the forest again unless ya take somepony with ya! Ah don’t want to hear about ya’ll getting into trouble again or Ah’ll tan yer hide worse than a sunbathing rattlesnake!”

Applebloom ran off into the orchard, hoping to get some time to herself so that she could figure out what that crazy power was that she had felt when she pushed the Timberwolves away from herself. She had no idea what kind of magic could be at work inside her, but she thought it would be best to work away from anypony else until she got a handle on things. Last thing she wanted to do was hurt somepony by pushing them into a tree at pegasus flight speeds. And yet, as she raced off into the rows of apple trees, she was unaware that she was being followed, the hooded figure pausing for a moment at the edge of the farm to glance over its shoulder at the shrinking form of Applejack.

Neither mare knew it, but the figure had been following them from the time they left the hospital, and had overheard the entire conversation, even though Equish was not a language it understood. It took a second look to make sure that Applejack wasn’t going to follow her younger sibling, and then raced off into the orchard after Applebloom, its silent footsteps barely making an imprint in the soft dirt as it ghosted between the orderly rows of trees.

Prax Solaris knew one thing as he fell into a long-strided lope that would catch up with the youngling at a rapid pace, and that was that he wasn’t going to let his charge out of his sight until he could figure a way around the language barrier, never mind the idea of playing diplomat for the galaxy at large. He sighed as he followed the youngling at a distance, making sure to keep his Force Stealth ability active to avoid being detected. If here was one thing he knew, it was that Force sensitives were much more attuned to the areas around then than normal beings of their race, and after his encounter with the black guard and their super hearing, he wasn’t taking any chances.

The young equine kept going until she made it to the edge of the orchard, the wooden fence the only thing acting as a barrier between the dark forest he had landed in and the neat rows of fruit trees the youngling’s family owned. He had assumed that the adult from earlier was the youngling’s mother, if the way she scolded the small mare was anything to go by, although when he had looked around the farm to try and find more clues as to who his charge was, he found that the only other residents of the farm were a large red stallion and an aging green mare, whom he assumed was either an elder of the family or some other such relation. Yet the idea of three beings taking care of such a vast orchard, especially if the stallion was anything to base the others off of, was enough to frazzle his mind.

He had spotted the red equine kicking the fruit right out of the trees on the northern side of the orchard, and then picking up what had to be several kilos of fruit with seemingly little effort. He shuddered to think what would happen if one of them got a hold of him with that kind of strength. Flight and super hearing he could deal with, at least on the short term. Superior endurance and strength, not so much, especially if the entire village had the same abilities.

Prax shook his head to clear it as he fell in behind one of the trees, a few rows to the left of the youngling a she began to wave her arms around in seemingly random directions. At first Prax thought she was simply performing some kind of dance, but as he payed closer attention, he noticed that she seemed to be trying to push something away from her with her hands.

His eyes widened as he realized that the youngling was attempting to perform a Force push, “Well I’ll be. I never though I would see the day that a youngling would try to self-teach themselves in the Force. Then again, most younglings are far too young to do anything like that by the time we find them and bring them back to the Temples for training.” He grinned as the filly threw her head back and groaned in what he assumed was frustration, “Not so easy is it little one? Well, I guess I can’t really blame you for not getting it on the first try. Took me almost a month just to sense my own powers when I first started my training.”

For several hours Prax watched the filly try every possible body motion she could think of, and some he had never thought to try, in order to get a reaction out of her powers, yet it all ended in vain as she flopped onto her back and lay in the dirt, panting as she wiped the sweat off of her brow. Prax smirked as he stood up, taking a moment to scan his surroundings for the tenth time to make sure he wasn’t being snuck up on by any of the other family members. The last thing he needed was that big stallion splitting him in half with one of his kicks.

As Prax returned his attention to the youngling, he noticed that she was standing up again, this time turning towards the dark forest that bordered the farm’s land. She seemed to steel herself for a moment before walking into the forest, forcing Prax to quickly follow or risk losing her in the thick foliage. His nervous reflex was quickly soothed as he spotted the filly on a well-established trail, leading further into the woods as he followed behind. He wondered what the filly could possibly be doing in here after getting a scolding from her mother for probably doing something just as risky. He could sense larger predators in the area, although for some reason they stayed away from the path, almost like they were being repelled by something.

As the duo ventured further into the forest, Prax spotted small vials and other totems hanging from the trees along the path, all leading up to a massive tree at the far side of a small clearing. The tree was marked with all manner of archaic masks and other trinkets, the vials and totems littering the edge of the clearing like glowing fence posts. Prax stopped at the edge of the clearing, watching as the filly walked all the way up to what seemed to be a door built right into the tree, her hand knocking on the wood three times before she pushed it open and walked in.

Making his way over to one of the windows, Prax glanced inside and widened his eyes in surprise at what he saw. A massive cauldron took up the majority of the room he spied upon, more masks and all manner of flasks and jars taking up almost every available space in the tree hut. And yet, that was all underplayed by the being who was currently stirring the bubbling green concoction. Her clothing was minimalistic and seemed to be made from animal skins instead of the cloth the other natives wore, along with several gold rings that wrapped around her neck and left wrist. Her fur was mostly dark grey with deep black stripes and her mane was done up in a wild mohawk that nearly touched the hut’s ceiling when she stood up fully. Had Prax not known any better, he would have thought he had stumbled into a remnant of the old Night Sisters coven, if the shamanistic setting was anything to go by.

“So, the little one sought out help from the local shaman instead of revealing it to her family,” Prax mused to himself, “interesting. Then again, given how remote this system is, the likelihood of there having been another Force sensitive and it not having caught the attention of at least one of the Orders would be next to impossible.” His face fell slightly as the filly waved her arms about in animated gestures, the strange mare only nodding every once and a while with a perfectly straight face, “Poor kid, she must be scared out of her mind, not knowing what kind of power she has inside her and no one to ask for help.”

The striped mare finally spoke, her voice archaic and rhythmic to Prax’s ears as she walked over to the far wall and picked up a long wooden staff that had large golden rings attached to either end. She flipped it around a few times in what looked to be practiced ease, then slipped in into a sling over her back before turning to the filly. With a flick of her head, she walked over to the door and walked out into the clearing, his charge following eagerly with a wide grin on her face as the duo walked off into the forest, away from the village.

“Now where are you off to now?” Prax asked himself as he followed the pair, stopping just at the edge of a small clearing as the duo continued up to the edge of a small pond. The water was crystal clear and perfectly smooth, creating a perfect mirror image of the forest beyond as the larger mare turned to the filly with a soft smile.

The striped adult sat down and crossed her legs in a manner that reminded Prax of his own meditation sessions in the Temple of the Soul, the filly taking a similar position after a moment’s hesitation. Both closed their eyes as the shaman began to chant softly, her voice taking on an almost ethereal quality as the two slowly slipped into a meditative state. Prax’s eyes widened as he began to sense the Force rising inside the filly’s body, even though he was getting nothing from the shaman. Before long, the stones and small twigs around the duo began to lift off the ground, and the shaman smiled as she opened one eye to see what was happening. The filly kept her eyes firmly closed as the shaman’s words continued, slowly picking up speed as their bodies very slowly began to rise off the ground. Prax’s eyes widened further in shock as the filly performed one of the more advanced meditation techniques on her first try, although he was pulled out of his stupor when he realized that he was losing his grip on his Force Stealth. He quickly reaffirmed his concentration and focused back on the levitating duo, listening in just in time to hear the older mare speak in a soft and comforting tone.

The filly opened her eyes and seemed confused for a moment, her eyes taking in the floating sticks and rocks with wonder before her gaze eventually turned toward the ground. Her eyes widened in fright and she screamed as she flailed about in the air, the collection of rocks and twigs dropping to the ground as the duo followed suit. The mare simply unfolded her legs and landed perfectly on her hooves, while the filly landed flat on her rump with a grunt, rolling onto her back before immediately jumping to her own hooves. Her eyes were wide with fright and it took a moment and several comforting words from the shaman before she calmed down.

Prax could feel the Force running through the youngling in much greater quantities now, along with there now being a direct flow that matched the filly’s emotions as she slowly brought herself back to a calm state. Prax could barely believe it, had he not seen it with his own eyes, but a non-Force user had just initiated a Force-wielder’s training on the first try, and with no experience with anything like it on the planet to use as a guide. To say Prax was impressed would have been the understatement of the century.

Yet, as the filly slowly lifted her hands to her face, her eyes wide with wonder as she closed her fingers into fists and opened them again, he knew that it was for the best. Any training and control the filly could use before he brought her to the Temples for training would be a blessing, not to mention it would allow him to make his case to the locals a bit easier if the youngling knew at least some of what was going on with her powers. Not to say she wasn’t still in danger, but at least now he had a bit more time to work with before it came down to the wire. He walked a bit further into the forest as the duo began to walk back to the hut, letting his Force Stealth drop for a moment to regain his strength. Keeping his abilities powered up like that for long periods wasn’t impossible, but it was certainly draining to keep his presence hidden for such extended lengths.

Now if he could just figure out how to break the language barrier and he would be golden.

Applebloom wasn’t really sure what to think as she followed Zecora back to her hut. She felt somewhat better that she had finally discovered how to access her new abilities, at least to a certain extent, but it still left her wondering exactly what this new power was. It wasn’t magic, that was for sure, at least not any kind of magic that she was familiar with, Zecora either for that matter. It was certainly a mystery, and one that made her extremely nervous should anypony else find out about her abilities. She wasn’t sure what her family would say if they discovered she could use strange magic, let alone what the unicorns up in Canterlot would do once they got word of it. At the very least they might try and study her, at worst she might be experimented on, or driven from her home because she was different. She was already an outcast in part because of her lack of a cutie mark, she shuddered to think what it would be like to be driven from her home and family because ponies feared what she could do.

“Do not fret young Applebloom,” Zecora said softly as she placed a hand on her shoulder, “this new power will not spell your doom. Trust in your friends and take heed of my advice, because power is not defined by its strength, but by deeds and sacrifice. You are never alone in life, be it in times of good or those of strife.” She stepped in front of Applebloom and tilted her head up with one hand under her chin, “Stand strong and proud, and do your fellow pony well, because you are more than just some new magic spell.”

Applebloom nodded as Zecora released her, falling in step behind the zebra as they came back to Zecora’s hut. She paused for a moment as she stood in front of the hut’s door, feeling something at the back of her mind, something that wanted to grab her attention but was just a little too weak to fully drag her out of her focus. Applebloom turned her head towards the forest at the far side of the clearing, her mind pulling at her senses as she tried to figure out what her heart was trying to tell her. At first, she couldn’t see anything, but as she followed the sensation further, she thought she saw something waiting just outside the sunlight that broke through the canopy.

She took a hesitant step closer, feeling drawn towards the dark figure as if it was calling her name, “Hello? Anypony there?”

The dark figure seemed to not have heard her, but just as she took another step, it jerked to one side and raced further into the darkness. Applebloom felt the presence in her mind traveling further away before fading from her senses like mist. Yet, even with its presence diminished, she could still tell at least the general direction it had gone.

“Ah’ll be right back, Zecora,” she called out as she started walking in the direction the figure had gone, “Ah think Ah saw something in the forest.”

Before Zecora could reply, Applebloom raced into the wood, following the dim echo in her mind as she tried to figure out what the figure could have been. It was too tall to be a pony, yet it didn’t seem to be a monster of any kind she had heard of before. So, against her better judgement, she ventured further into the darkness as the vines tangled around her legs and snagged against her clothing. Yet the tug in the back of her mind seemed to grow stronger as she went further, almost as if the figure was calling to her as she picked up her pace and began running as fast as the brush would allow.

For what seemed like an hour and yet no time at all, Applebloom ran through the forest’s dark recesses. She felt the tug in her mind growing stronger with each step, and then all at once it vanished like the morning mist. Before she could even think about slowing down, she came crashing out of the brush and into a clearing, where a massive manticore stood as if it had been waiting for her all along.

Applebloom screamed as the lion hybrid roared at her, her legs back-peddling as she fell onto her rump and slid back until her back was pressed against one of the trees that ringed the clearing. She cowered against the trunk as the monstrous creature slowly prowled closer to her. All she could imagine was her sister’s tear-stained face when she got the news that she had perished in the Everfree, her body torn to bits by a monster. Yet as the feline drew closer, she felt the presence flare into being again, directly to her left as the shadowy figure raced out of the forest and placed itself between her and the manticore. Her eyes widened in shock as the robed being came to a stop, its supernatural speed having brought it to a halt almost faster than her eyes could see. Its head was covered by a hood, the grey cloak covering its body all the way down to the lower leg, leaving its oddly-shaped hooves open to the air as it faced down the manticore.

The large monster tilted its head to the side, as if confused by the figure keeping it from lunging at the helpless filly before it. For a moment it seemed like the creature would simply leave, but then it roared and flared its wings as its scorpion tail lashed back and forth behind it.

The being’s robes billowed for a moment as it pulled something free, an oddly-shaped device that looked like a dart blower fused with a crossbow, although much smaller and made completely of metal. The being pointed it at the manticore, a trio of red bolts flaring into being for a moment as the weapon discharged with a loud pew sound. The charged bolts of energy impacted the manticore square in the chest, the fur sizzling as the flesh and hair burned under the intense heat.

At first Applebloom thought the being had actually hurt the manticore, but as she got a closer look, she saw that the bolts hadn’t penetrated the skin, instead leaving bright red burns that seemed to do little more than irritate the monster. It roared once more, taking a swipe that was aimed at removing the being’s head from its shoulders with one powerful paw. Yet the being seemed to move as if it was made of water, flowing around the strike like it wasn’t even there as the paw’s momentum swung the manticore around like a top. The beast stumbled for a moment before turning back to face them, its teeth bared in challenge as it swung its tail high, preparing to sting the being and deliver a dose of deadly poison.

Applebloom cried out a warning, but the figure seemed to be one step ahead of her. It let out what sounded like a deep growl before it pulled something else out from its robes, the silver cylinder fitting snuggly in its gloved hand before igniting with a crack-hiss. A long golden blade erupted from the end of the cylinder as the manticore’s tail came whipping down like a hammer.

As the manticore’s tail came down, the being took the glowing blade and swung it like a sword, cutting the end of the tail off with barely any effort as the heat cauterized the wound. The manticore roared in pain and fury as the end of its tail fell to the forest floor with a thud. It took several steps back as it curled its tail under its body, its teeth now bared in a threat as it slowly began to back away.

The being held its blade between it and the manticore, waving it with a whoosh sound as it swung back and forth in slow arcs. The manticore watched the blade like it was a lantern in the night, its eyes narrowed in fury as it followed the blade’s motion with its head and ears.

Prax felt like his heart was going to beat itself out of his chest. Here he was, staring down a blaster-proof monster in order to protect his charge from certain death, with the only thing keeping them alive and out of that thing’s belly held in his shaking hands. The lion creature hissed as it stepped closer to them again, its paws clicking as its claws dug into the ground and scraped against the stones that littered the clearing’s dirt and grass. Prax raised his blade and stepped closer to the creature, trying to draw it away from the filly. It followed his motion for a moment, before turning its attention back to the youngling and taking a step in her direction.

“Oh no you don’t.” Prax growled as he stepped back between the feline and the filly, “Not on my watch.”

Without any warning, the monster dove forward, its claws extended as it tried to bowl him over and knock him to the ground. Prax swung his lightsaber in an attempt to stop it, but as his blade dug into the creature’s flesh, its claws slashed into his robes, cutting them to ribbons as his blade carved into its midsection.

The weight of the creature’s body fell completely on top of him, driving his blade into its body all the way to the hilt as his body was pressed into the ground and pinned in place. He grunted as its weight settled on top of him, forcing the air from his lungs as he rolled its body to the side. He grunted as he pushed the dead mass off of his thinner frame, using a bit of Force assistance to get some extra power as the feline’s body settled to the forest floor.

Prax slowly stood up, his robes falling to the ground in tatters as he deactivated his saber, his attention drawn back to the filly as he heard a loud gasp coming from her mouth. He turned his full attention her way, taking in her wide eyes as her gaze travelled up and down his body, stopping several times on his weapons as he stood up to his full height. With little choice now that his cover had been blown, he gave his best smile and slowly lowered his saber, attaching it to his belt again as he slowly raised his hands in a placating gesture.

“It’s alright, little one,” he said in a soothing tone, “I’m not going to hurt you. Are you alright?”

The filly’s expression changed from wonder to confusion, and Prax berated himself for forgetting the language barrier, his arms falling limp at his sides as a sigh escaped his lips, “Frelling language mix-up. Why couldn’t I have landed on a planet where the natives spoke Galactic Common?”

He turned his attention back to the child as she slowly stood up, her back still pressed to the tree as she looked up and met his gaze. For a moment her gaze met his, and then her lips pulled back into a wide smile. Before Prax could react, her arms wrapped around his middle, forcing the air from his lungs again as her arms squeezed him like a vice.

He patted her on the back for a moment before she pulled back, his voice slightly groggy as he spoke, “You might not understand me, but I guess there are some things that are universal.”

The filly’s voice started going a mile a minute as she started pulling him back the way they had come, her grip so tight on his fingers it nearly cut off the circulation. Prax was tempted to try and stop her from dragging him back to the village, but without any idea as to how he was going to break the language barrier, he figured it would be best to go along with her instead of letting her go back alone. Karabast, he knew she wouldn’t be able to make it back by herself.

As Prax was dragged back through the forest and out into the grassland that separated the woods from the village, he had one last moment of hesitation, remembering the warnings of the Master from their earlier communications. As far as they knew, there had never been any kind of connection between this world and the galaxy at large, and if his own feelings were anything to go on, there hadn’t ever been another Force-wielder either. Then again, unless he could get past the language barrier that was preventing him from talking to the natives, there wasn’t any way he could ever explain to them how and why he had come to this planet in the first place.

As they entered the village proper and walked down the main street, he could feel the eyes of all the natives on his back, especially the guards in gold armor as they began to collect a following. The little filly seemed completely unaffected by the attention and directed him up to what looked like a house built directly into a large oak tree. Before he could react in any way, the door to the tree house opened, revealing a bright purple mare that sported both a pair of wings and a long horn that sprouted from her forehead. She was dressed in a dark brown vest over a dark blue shirt, her legs and hips covered in a pleated black and dark blue skirt. Her lower legs were covered in black socks that went up to her knees, and a pair of purple reading glasses were perched on the midsection of her muzzle.

The older mare’s eyes widened in what had to be shock as she looked Prax up and down. Prax felt like a bit of a lab exhibit as the winged unicorn seemed to have a slight aneurism, her wings snapping wide open and her mouth running almost as fast as the filly’s had when they were back in the forest as she battered the filly with questions. Getting a rather rushed reply from the filly, the mare turned back to Prax, looking him up and down once more before stepping aside, allowing them to enter the strange abode.

As the mare led them into what looked like the foyer of a library, Prax noticed that a duo of the guards had followed them inside. His senses immediately went on high alert, and he kept a hand near his blaster just in case they got aggressive. The filly seemed to be friendly enough, but these adults could very well be a different story. Plus, they had some very strange abilities indeed, if the glowing aura that the lavender mare’s horn was giving off was any indication. A collection of books, paper, quills and feather pens floated around her in a halo of knowledge as she muttered to herself at a rapid pace.

Prax sat down on one of the couches, feeling rather comfortable in the apparent library as he looked about the place in interest. It was rare to see paper books nowadays when most information was stored on data chips and computer banks. The filly sat down next to him, leaning against his side as she watched the older mare rush about like a frantic bird. The guards had taken up posts next to the door, effectively blocking his only way out unless he wanted to climb out a window. The winged unicorn came back soon after he took a seat, trailing a large collection of books as they levitated along next to her head. She sat down on the chair opposite him as the books came to a stop on the table between them, her hands busy with a scroll and quill as she latched her gaze onto him.

She rattled off a string of words that meant absolutely nothing to Prax, and he shook his head after she stopped, bracing himself for the long haul, “I can’t understand you. I’m sorry, but perhaps we can try to come to an understanding some other way.”

The mare’s eyes narrowed in frustration before her horn ignited again, this time forming a ball of purple energy between them as she placed her hand into the ball. For a moment, Prax hesitated, remembering some of the stories of the old Night Sisters and their magics. When the mare made a motion for him to do the same, he hesitated for a moment before gently placing his hand inside the sphere. He could feel the gentle pulse of energy as it flowed between them, and in an instant, he understood. Words and meanings that he never knew before suddenly appeared in his mind, and as he pulled his hand out of the bubble, he realized what the mare had been doing.

The mare smiled as she opened her mouth, the words escaping her lips somehow being completely understandable even though it was still far from anything he had ever heard before, “My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, it’s nice to meet you. Welcome to Equestria, or the town of Ponyville, to be precise.”

Prax sat back and rubbed his hand down his face, letting out a sigh of exasperation as he turned his gaze back to the apparent princess before him, “And here I thought the language barrier was going to be an issue.”

Author's Note:

Well another one in the books, as the saying goes. This one was more my usual speed when it comes to length, so expect something more alike to this from now on when it comes to word count. Hope you guys are enjoying the book so far, and I hope to see more of you enjoying my work in the future. As always, leave a like, fav or follow if you so desire, and I look forward to hearing from you all in the towel section below.

As always, I'll see you all next chapter,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

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