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Let's just say they're not throwin' away their shot.

You got me interested.

"History is sexy" I already knew that! have you looked at those naked Roman statues? and dem Spartans got abs for days!

I'm glad to hear it.

I love the gryphon by the way. He's very dashing.

The author may or may not have a crush on Julius Caesar...
...and Alexander the Great

Thanks mate. The gryphon in my profile picture is an oc of mine that I barely have anything written of but I plan to change that.

id like to point out scitwi is a engineer

Huh, so history can be sexy. I can buy it. I mean, Celestia and Luna are walking history and usually depicted as the pinnacle of Equestrian beauty. That too much of a stretch?

Searched for clop got knowledge win win for me

Knowing is half the battle! The other half is lasers!

They're just like their country, they're young, scrappy and hungry.

8767702 There’s sex in this story and these bitches are horny and they’re not throwin’ away their shot.

Porn is a very underused educational medium. Hasn't been touched since James Dean attempted String Theory: The Porno.

Reeeeeeee Carthage.

The worlds least sexy field of study is probably something like Geology. Try getting your rocks off to an article on seafloor spreading, it just won't happen.

Also, Twilight totally cheated. Sunset wasn't getting off to history, she was getting off to Twilight fingering her. I demand a sequel where Sunset gets off solely to the sound of Twilight explaining the Defenestrations of Prague.

But there is a lot of cleavage and cracks to explore in good geological porn. Alongside deep canyons and a lot of nasty Schist that people can find on the net.

Porn, SciSet, spanking and history? Is it my birthday?

I'm giving you a like just for that cover photo! Oh and the story was good too, but good God that cover photo! :rainbowlaugh:

The finger symbolizes the Canadian education system.

I love the avatar by the way. It's extremely powerful.

I know, I love it so much. It's some real good shit.

I mean it's not called "Getting your rocks off" for nothing...

Also, Maud Pie disagrees with you. Vehemently. Just sayin'.

Will all of the sex scenes in your series be F/F?


I haven't really started any future scenes.

So we'll see.

Twilight didn’t really prove her point. Reciting historical fact while fingering your girlfriend doesn’t make history sexy — it makes fingering your girlfriend sexy. I demand a sequel wherein she admits her fault!

gotta say this was pretty damn great

Well, she lost in the end anyway, so I guess it evens out?

Why the heck did I read this? I don't even like porn...

Ah well, everyone likes history :scootangel:

I will read more about History of America to prove you wrong

Well. That was...something. Both odd and sexy, with a bit of cuteness at the end. I liked it!

Leave it to Twilight Sparkle to use history to dominate Sunset Shimmer. There's more to Twilight that being a cuddly egghead.

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