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A Mother's Love is Eternal - Flaming_Nova

Celestia has a secret that no pony other than her sister know's, will her hopes for the future come true of will they crumble to dust?

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A Mother's Love is Eternal Chapter 3 Re-edit

For Rainbow Dash, the ride to Canterlot felt unnaturally slow almost as if they had entered the Twilight Zone Minutes to young Pegasus felt more like hours. She had just finished re-reading the first Daring Do book for the tenth time just this week. Finally, the longest train ride she had ever been on was ending as the train pulled its way out of the tunnel and was greeted by the warmth of Celestia’s golden sun.

“Well, it’s Flippen about time! I thought we were going to be stuck that train forever!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash loudly.

At this Twilight could do nothing but roll her eyes in annoyance at her friend’s unnecessary comment. She herself had felt as if the train ride was longer than it had been in the time's prior. The two friends started to make their way to the Castle where both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were lying in wait for their arrival. As they made their way through the hustle and bustle of the Canterlot fashion district Twilight spotted an off duty Solar Guard talking to one of his fellow officers.

“So, what do you think this big announcement will be? I have my bits set on that the griffons are waging war against Equestria once again.” Said the muscular dark brown unicorn stallion with a black mane and judging by his armor he was a lieutenant of the Solar Guard.

“You’re only saying that because you're trying to get Captain Armor’s old position now that he’s become a prince in the Crystal Empire.” Retorted the younger teal unicorn mare with the lite blue mane.

His friends comment made the stallion wince as he put a hurt expression on his face.

“Why I would never, there is No pony who could ever take his place. But if the princess’s ever thought it necessary to replace him then it would be with a heavy heart I take up the mantle of Captain of the Solar Guard.” The stallion responded with a hint of Rarity showing in his voice.

This caused the couple to burst out in laughter, after taking a few seconds to compose themselves Twilight thought she heard the mare say something about Princess Celestia. She was about to go ask the mare as to what it was she had said when Rainbow Dash interrupted her train of thought.

“Come on Twilight if we don't get going we won’t be able to make our meeting with Princess Celestia.” Rainbow playfully teased her befuddled friend.

This caused Twilight to remember as to what they had originally come to Canterlot. Twilight then once again grabbed Rainbow in her magic and with a flash of light, the two were teleported in front of two very confused Solar Guards at the Castle gates.

“Good now we won’t be so late, are you happy now Rainbow?!” Twilight scrutinized her cyan friend.

Before Rainbow could even respond to this they were being whisked down the halls of Canterlot Castle by a light Grey Pegasus mare with a blond mane, she had a quill and ink pot cutie mark and ruby colored glasses adorned her face.

“There you two are! Princess Celestia has been driving myself and Princess Luna completely batty.” Silver Feather said to the two mares who she was dragging behind her.

Rainbow was completely lost which for Twilight was a good thing since she wouldn’t have been able to make a fool of herself in front of the Princesses. It was then that Twilight registered what she had just heard Silver Feather says.

“Did she just say that both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have been waiting? This can’t be good if both royals are involved.” Twilight thought to herself questioningly.

Twilight was starting to think in rapid succession of every worst-case scenario they could be facing just as Twilight had reached worst-case scenario number thirty-four Silver Feathers had stopped in front of Princess Celestia’s private study.

“Alright, the Princesses are inside so head inside whenever you’re ready. I have to get back to my work please try to behave yourself.” Silver Feather said looking in Rainbow's direction.

This caused the cyan Pegasus to recoil. With a nod before Silver Feather made her way down the hallway towards the castle archive. After a time that to the two ponies felt like centuries of utter silence, Rainbow finally worked up the courage to ask the one question that was on both of their minds.

“So… are you going to open the door, or should I?” Rainbow meekly stated looking towards her friend.

“I’ll get it I’m the one with magic after all,” Twilight said jokingly but Rainbow knottiest she was able to relax her friend.

“Yeah that’s true but I could have managed just fine on my own.” Rainbow retorted her normal cocky attitude has made a return.

The two shared a look nether knowing what lied before them, but whatever it was they had each other.

“We’re stalling, aren’t we?” Twilight asked her cyan friend.

With a hearty chuckle, Rainbow looked to her friend.

“Yep so on the count of three?” Rainbow asked her friend unsure as to what to do.

Twilight’s only response was a simple nod in Rainbow Dash’s direction.

“Okay then on three…




On three the two friends gave the handles of the doors a powerful yank. The doors to the private study of Princess Celestia were then flung wide, After taking a moment to ready themselves the two friends made their way inside. Not knowing what to expect, Twilight Sparkle only continued to fear the worst.

Study of Princess Celestia.

10 minutes before the arrival of Twilight and Rainbow Dash:

Princess Celestia had been pacing back and forth in figure eight since 11 O-clock that very morning. Luna was just at her wit's end but much to her relief there was a knock at the door, just as she was about to ask who it was striding Silver Feather with a smile upon her face.

“Ah, Silver Feather of what news do you bring?” Luna asked hoping against hope that it was news that could end Celestia’s accursed pacing.

Silver Feather caught onto what Luna was implying and gave her a look that said, "they’re currently on their way and should be arriving shortly so hold on just a bit longer my Princess." Luna replied to her look with a slight nod before Silver Feather finally spoke.

“I’m saddened to report that Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have to arrive your majesties.”

Silver Feather gave a quick glance to Luna which told her something she herself was feeling, Silver Feather didn’t want to be here any longer than she had to. Luna then using her most regal act yet. “Very well, Silver Feather if that is all then you are free to leave,” Luna stated struggling to fight the urge to let her magic run rampant just, so she could let off some steam.

With that said Silver Feather made her back to the front gates to await the arrival of the Princess’s guests, but not before mouthing the three simple words of thanks towards Princess Luna who only responded with a wick.

Celestia’s accursed pacing had finally stopped at least for the moment and Luna wasn’t going to let it start up once again. So, with a bit of quick thinking, Luna used her magic to make a pot of tea and some teacups appear out of thin air.

“Sister why don’t you have a seat and drink some tea, you know that helps you pass the time,” Luna asked her sister knowing all too well what her answer would be.

“Very well Lulu you win I’ll have a seat and wait,” Celestia said grin upon her muzzle trying to sound as defeated as possible.

The two-royal sisters sat on two of the four cushions awaiting the arrival of their guests. Some time had passed and Celestia was starting to get antsy. Luna knew it was only a matter of time until Celestia was pacing once again. Then suddenly the doors to her sister’s study were flung wide open. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash had finally arrived Soon all shall be explained but will it be for the betterment of Equestria or not only time would tell.

The End of Chapter 3

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