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Stampede - cornholio4

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Chapter 2

Oleander was screaming as Twilight was telekinetically pulling her out of the castle by her tail, Oleander could hear FHNG’s laughter coming from the Unicornomicon. “Trust me Oleander, I was just like you before I came to Ponyville. Just like I learned how magical and wonderful friendship could be; I will help you learn it as well.” Twilight told her with a smile and Oleander was moaning about this being kidnapping.

Who was she kidding; she was royalty and could probably do what she wanted with no repercussions.

Then came in an excited looking pink pony that suddenly was up in Oleander’s face. At a mile a minute she then began saying “Hi I’m Pinkie Pie and my Pinkie Sense told me to come to Twilight’s Castle and I see a new pony has arrived here in Ponyville! Don’t worry I will make you the best ‘welcome to Ponyville’ party ever and then we will be very best friends like all my other very best friends!”

Twilight was smiling at Oleander’s frozen face and told her “this is Pinkie Pie one of my friends, Pinkie this is Oleander a guest from the magic mirror. I am sure she will love your party.....”

“No I certainly won’t as I refuse to attend a stupid party made by some out of control lunatic who just shows up and spouts a thousand words into my face!” Oleander thundered right at Pinkie with a snarl that told her to get out of her sight. Pinkie looked surprised and disappointed as she walked off with her head down.

“That wasn’t very nice Oleander.” Twilight told Oleander with a glare and a disappointed tone to her voice but Oleander just shook her head.

“What? Did you really expect me to want to play nice with a lunatic that just shows up right into my face like that? She reminds me too much of an annoyance back home in Foenum, an Alpaca called Paprika. I think Pinkie actually trumps her annoyance as she can actually talk.....” Oleander replied and Twilight sighed knowing that dealing with Pinkie is a lot to take in.

Just like Oleander reminded her of herself before Ponyville; she renembered that she herself wasn’t too keen on Pinkie at first.

“Oh, I don’t know Olly.... I thought Pinkie was a laugh riot....” said a voice and then FTHNG then appeared from the Unicornomicon making Twilight jump.

“Twilight this is THNG from my dark magic book Unicornomicon but feel free to call him Fred.” Oleander introduced him to her making the dark entity glare at the use of the name. Twilight nervously waved at him.

“Wait, your book is of Dark Magic?” Twilight asked raising an eyebrow and Oleander noticed she was asking and not being very judgmental.

“I got the book and studied it in secret as I wanted to prove that by using it the right way, Dark Magic could be used for good and not just Light Magic. You see I come from an order of simple minded unicorns that put too much faith into Light Magic as if eventually they will just solve all problems.” Oleander explained and Twilight nodded in understanding.

“A noble pursuit I suppose; especially since Princess Celestia believed Discord’s chaos magic could be used for good.” Twilight replied leaving Oleander to just pretend to understand what she just said. She then waved again to FHTNG saying “Nice to meet you Fight........ Tng... Fred, I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship of Equestria.”

FTHNG looked annoyed at the name use but brightened up when she mentioned Equestria. “So this is Equestria, has been a long time since I been here.” FTHNG said shocking Oleander and Twilight. “Oh yeah the Unicornomicon has been through various worlds. About a thousand years ago it was in Equestria but this stupid fool with a beard called Starswirl thought it was too dangerous and threw it into his magic mirror and that’s how it ended up in Foenum in the first place.” FHTNG explained folding his arms and shaking his head to their shock.

“Wait, you met Starswirl the Bearded?” Twilight asked in excitement as Oleander just watched.

“I did but he is a bit just like those fools in the Order of the Horn, don’t worry I left Equestria a gift.” FHTNG said with a chuckle making them nervous. “You see I took essence of a pony and combined it with magic in a ritual that would take a thousand years to take effect. Once it would it would give birth to a pony that would grow in normal years and would act all sweet and innocent but was in actually pure and irredeemably evil. I think the pony should be a filly by no, I still remember the cosy glow in my hands as I started it.” FHTNG explained with delight to their dread.

“Should you tell us more, I mean if this pony could do damage....” Twilight asked with concern by Oleander put a reassuring hoof on her shoulder.

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry, I mean what damage could a filly actually do?” Oleander asked and Twilight smiled realising she was right. Twilight then said they were going to visit another of her close best friends.

They made it to the Apple Family farm, “Wait till I introduce you to Applejack, please be a bit nicer this time.” Twilight said as Oleander just muttered that she will try. She looked and saw a purple furred and yellow maned pony without a horn and a hat rounding up cows.

She raised an eyebrow as she couldn’t help but think of Arizona, so that was the 2nd time that she met someone here that reminded her of a fellow Key Seeker. Probably a strange coincidence.

However her thoughts came to the smiling dog Winona and she went wide eyed. Twilight brought Applejack over but then they noticed Winona on her back as Oleander was excitedly giving her a tummy rub with her hooves. Twilight had given a smile at this thinking that helping Oleander make friends might be easier than it had appeared to be.

Author's Note:

Sorry to say that I am not a fan of how much Pinkie gets away with in the show; just like in A Friend in Deed and Sunset's Backstage Pass.

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