• Published 24th Jul 2012
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Symphony for Moon and Sun - GrassAndClouds2

Lyra must help Octavia play a piece of forbidden music. Both will be ruined if she fails.

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(Bonus) The first attempt: Concerti Brilliante

One hundred years after Corona's banishment

Concerti Brilliante looked out at the audience and grinned. This was going to be the performance of his career!

Finding that score had been a huge stroke of luck; two weeks before the grandest celebration of the decade, him on deck to perform, and with nothing whatsoever to play, he’d been starting to feel a slight sense of panic. But he just did what he always did when he had no inspiration. He went to the music library, slipped into the back vault, and went to search amongst the old and forgotten manuscripts.

There was a lot of unsorted, unshelved, practically unknown music in that vault. When the Courts burned and froze in the fury of the battle between Luna and Corona, the music library had taken a hit from some spell or other and been more or less smashed flat. A lot of scores had been destroyed, and in the ensuing panic – followed by the twelve somewhat odd years that had followed, the near-abandonment of the capitol, and general chaos – nopony had bothered to keep track of music, old or new. Now that the land was finally healing, that was changing, but until about twenty years ago, most music – whether found in the wreckage of Canterlot, or written fresh – had just been dumped into the library’s back vault, waiting for the day when ponies could go through and catalogue everything.

The forgotten works of the past. Was there any better inspiration?

And as soon as Concerti had seen the score, he’d known this was the piece to play. Even setting aside that it was a lost work of the great Maestro, the theme of the work was perfectly suited to the celebration The party was to be a gigantic thank-you to Luna, a night to honor her victory over her psychotic sister and her saving of every pony’s life. And this was a piece about that very subject! Perfection!

Concerti raised his bow. Looking out at the crowd, he saw, to his satisfaction, that every important pony was there. The industrial leaders (at least, insofar as Equestria still had real industry), the rich ponies, the Night Court nobles, and, of course, Luna Herself. She would, Concerti thought, be so pleased to hear this rendition of the piece. She might well appoint him the Greatest Musician in the Land on the spot!

“Fillies and gentlecolts,” he said. “Thank you so much for your attention. The piece I will play has not been performed in a very long time. Though the date is inexact, judging by the style, I would estimate that it was written about twenty years after the victory that we are all gathered here to celebrate. To the best of my knowledge, it was never played subsequently. I am pleased to present for you this once-lost work of the great composer Maestro – the Symphony for Moon and Sun!”

Luna had a very… odd expression. Tense. Nervous. Concerti thought. She looked like she was worried. Well, that made a little sense – Maestro had been friends with Luna, he’d heard, and she was probably worried that he’d botch her companion’s piece. But that wasn’t a problem. He was Concerti Brilliante, and he had unparalled musical ability. He could play anything.

The piece went great. Concerti grinned as he drew the fourth movement to a close. This was the tricky part – he hadn’t been able to find the score for the fifth movement, so he’d had to write it himself – but he felt he’d done Luna justice.

And so he played.

It was a strong, almost blasting movement, but with enough skill to prevent it from becoming a wall of sound. Luna’s theme rose in strength (this was the point in the story when Luna obtained the power of the Elements) and beat back at her sister’s. Celestia’s theme flailed helplessly, but what could it do? Luna was righteous and strong – and that was what mattered. All Celestia had was her madness.

Strength, he thought, letting his feelings flow into his music. Yes, strength. That word, more than any other, describes Princess Luna. Let this song be a testament to her great might! Let her realize that we -- that I -- recognize her vast power and pay tribute to it!

Luna’s theme swelled even more, seeming to strain the limits of Concerti’s range, and then, with a dramatic cadence, moved up and crushed Corona’s. There was no hesitation in it, no sign of weakness. Princess Luna Equestris would fight evil, and win handily. That was who she was.

The piece finished on a glorious rising section, celebrating Luna’s victory and her triumph over the wicked day. Concerti played the final note, brought his bow up, and bowed.

There was no applause.

Instead, everypony was staring at Luna – Luna looking, Concerti thought, like she probably did when fighting Corona. She was wreathed in some kind of blue fire and her eyes blazed with wrath.

“Is that,” she said, in a low voice, “What thou thinkst of me and my sister? Is that what thou hast brought me here to listen to?!” Her voice was rising. “How DARE thee?”

“My – my princess?” gasped Concerti.

Luna turned around.

“Wait, come back! What’s wrong?” began Concerti.

“Speak not to me.” hissed Luna. “If that is all thou thinkst I am, then that is all I shall be to thee. Should thy life be threatened by some monster, Concerti, I shall defend thee.” She turned, eyes flashing. “And, should that not happen, I never wish to hear thee again!”

And with a flash of magic, she was gone.