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I like the story so far, Keep up the good work :)

I really liked the way you wrote Lucky. She really felt like a child which is a compliment. Also damn her parents are already dead by chapter 1, well this is going to be a ride. Also is Lucky going to be ten throughout this entire story? Because if the mature rating is anything to go by she is going to be seeing some shit

Is there a place where I can find all the stories in the Silver Trial Continuum?

All of the Fallout Equestria stories shared between me and Megaskullmon, though there is no exact way of finding them all at the moment.

Meant to get to this earlier, but didn’t know how to respond. I’m trying to keep a lot of things a mystery in this story, and one of them is the passage of time. All I can say is no, Lucky will age during the story, but not by much.

Hey, dude. Saw this on Saberia. I love what you've done so far. And, just 'cause, could you check out mine? Saber would appreciate it...

This is really interesting so far, I can't wait too see the edited version when it comes out, but so far so good, you've hooked me. I wanna see where this story leads honestly when Lucky killed someone for the first time it was almost unsettling the way you described it. Also the whole brain implant thing, (which its origins will probably be explained in more detail later) is intriguing as it acts like a guide for Lucky which is something she's probably going to need in a world like this. Two questions though, are you almost finished with the next chapter in the Danganronpa V.E story and how many chapters are you planning for this story in particular?

Almost have the first part of the second trial done, which feels like a godsend for me considering how tricky the investigation and murder was in the first place.

Also, I really have no fricken clue how long this is gonna be despite knowing many of the events that are going to take place. Trust me, the number of chapters is not something I usually plan out beforehand.

Already the plot thickens, Lucky didn't kill any pony at least that we know of, Rere is actually a living breathing pony, and Lucky it turns out is extremely important to keep alive for some reason. Things are certainly getting interesting.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

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