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A flipside to the Harmonized Equestria holds the most wicked of creatures, and the strongest empire alive. Ruled by the bickering four rulers, they decide to send the most evil in all of their empire to take the other Equestria. How will they be defeated since... you know... most stories have happy endings and this is My Little Pony we're discussing.

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Comments ( 8 )

My story has no happy ending....maybe XD

But I like this story of yours. 😄 I just wish that Hasbro would have the elements be destroyed XD

Is this story based off of that comic book story arc where the Mane Six go to that other dimension?

Nope, and if they're similar then it's total coincidence.

How dark will this story get?

World Domination is the darkest part, and the serious injuries of the fight. There isn't any death or anything.

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