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A flipside to the Harmonized Equestria holds the most wicked of creatures, and the strongest empire alive. Ruled by the bickering four rulers, they decide to send the most evil in all of their empire to take the other Equestria. How will they be defeated since... you know... most stories have happy endings and this is My Little Pony we're discussing.

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My story has no happy ending....maybe XD

But I like this story of yours. 😄 I just wish that Hasbro would have the elements be destroyed XD

Is this story based off of that comic book story arc where the Mane Six go to that other dimension?

Nope, and if they're similar then it's total coincidence.

How dark will this story get?

World Domination is the darkest part, and the serious injuries of the fight. There isn't any death or anything.

When do the evil/opposite versions of the Mane Six appear?

How about they talk about Pinkamena's crush on Twilight? Then, she lists off all of the good things about Twilight that she really loves. Rarity gives her advice an then Pinkamena went to go take Twilight out for a date even if she says no.

You should do a chapter where Pinkie Pie meets up with Pinkamena without the others knowing and gives her advice on how to make Twilight hers. Because just like Pinkamena, she has a crush on her Twilight too.

Twilight likes both Magic and Pinkamena, but she loves Pinkamena more.

Ooh! I liked the Discord vs Chaos battle, I can't wait to read more about the two.

When do the evil/opposite versions of the Mane Six first appear?

Twilight finally learned that Harmony doesn't always win in the end.


By the story's idiotic logic, sure.

I have made many errors with the story and I do see this story as a learning step instead of an actual great, finalized story but I still would love to know the idiotic logic of it. The biggest errors I have found haven't been the biggest deal breakers to make the story good or bad in my opinion. So I'd love to know what stupid logic you have found so I can correct it and help make for better stories in the future


A multiverse where "evil" people are universe hopping to conquer other universes for "evil" implies there are "good" people universe hopping to conquer other universe for "good", ad infinitum.

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