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Given the school’s recent history, the use of dark magic on one’s fellow students is not something Principal Celestia is willing to turn a blind eye to. So, in the wake of her memory-altering actions, Wallflower has been spending quite a lot of her after-school hours in detention. And yet, as she soon finds, she spends one particular afternoon there with one who is not quite as forgiving of her as Sunset is.

Part of my EG Continuity

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Flash Sentry.

My sentiments exactly.

"She told me that I had every right to feel that way, and that she wasn't going to force me to try and be friends with you."

And she's right. You have every reason to be pissed.

Did I ever mentioned that I think you have one if not the best Flash Sentry personality on this whole site??!!
Because this is briliant! You make him a real persone whit real feelings.

This is good. Outright forgiveness may be out of the question at the moment, but politeness is possible.

This is really good. Flash feel really relatable as a character in this.

Wallflower’s inclusion to the special is the biggest flaw in the special, but her logic for what she did was just as flawed. She’s the most pointless (IMO) one-off villain I’ve seen in a long time, and I wish I could complain to the writers about her appearance and how it should’ve been a recurring EQG character.

If it had been someone Sunset had hurt back when she was the Alpha Bitch of CHS, that would have made sense.

BenRG #10 · Mar 12th, 2018 · · 2 ·

It was rather disturbing in a way: Wallflower was tired of being ignored so she decided to destroy Sunset's life so she would understand what it felt like. "I'm hurting, so I'm going to hurt you too." She's a kid with issues, there's no doubt about that. However, I think that Sunset was wise to realise that Wallflower's greatest punishment would be to be aware of everything she had done wrong and live with it; she knew that because of Wallflower's collapse after being hit by the Elements of Harmony. If she'd just run off or swore revenge then I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been so forgiving.

IMO, Wallflower's behaviour becomes comprehensible when you realise she's a 16-17 year old girl acting out of pure childish spite. Kids are capable of doing that; think of all the kids driven to suicide by petty bullying IRL. It's just that Equestrian magic makes such a mindset orders of magnitude more harmful and destructive.

Agreed. I've noted that in most universes with magic, the mages tend to have blinders on what is practical or not with magic (and the exceptions are often wise or powerful.) I've always believed that magic seems to reduce the common sense of its wielders; you may have to be a little crazy to use magic at all.

Add to that teenage hormones, and any common sense or reason can go right out the window.

"...you...made me...forget...that I love her."


And just like that, Wallflower understood. She looked away, shame as clear as day upon her face, and completely at a loss on what to do. As for Flash, she kept on speaking.

*he* kept on speaking.

"...Do you have any idea what it felt like to find out about that? To know that those feelings I have for her...to know that everything she meant to me...could just be... taken? That I could have that love ripped from me...and never even know it had happened? "

"And that wasn't just me you did that too. Twilight, Rainbow, the others...they all love her too...and you took it from all of them. Sunset is a better person than she's ever been before. Maybe even better than any of us. And because of you ...we all looked to her like she was...like she was nothing ."

Fantastic work here. Really excellent material.

"What you did...to me... and especially to Sunset...it was poisonous . And some part of me will probably always feel that way about you. So...this will take...time."

What I really like about this, is that while Flash is undoubtedly, justifiably angry with Wallflower, at the same time this isn't some kind of "you're a monster and I will always hate you" crap. He's hurt and mad and will be so for a while (maybe even a long time), but he's still being more mature about it in saying that he will try to forgive, because of Sunset and the others.

Well done, Jay. I really was impressed with this story!

Pretty good. Far too many ellipses, but otherwise it was a good ultra-short story. Thumbs up.

Daaaaang. Nice work!

Wallflower better keep an eye out while walking home... :twilightangry2::pinkiegasp:


I don't think Wallflower was actually touched by the Friendship Lasers. The target of attack was the Memory Stone, not her.

Also, she spent so much time erasing any negative impression of herself, she never built an impression at all. Trixie, as big a blowhard as she is, and eminently capable of thoughtlessly forgetting someone from third grade, couldn't recall a single thing about Wallflower because she'd covered her tracks too well. Rather than blaming herself, Wallflower objected to the person who ran the 'coolest' clique in school.

I think I shall quote a Worm fanfic with a nice dog in it:

"It takes a lot of work to stop being a kind of person, ya know?"

This version of Flash Sentry is not the only relatable version of him. I recommend reading the underrated one-shot "The Real Life of Flash Sentry".
I find him very relatable there too!

Wallflower erased the memories everyone had of interacting with her, got mad they didn't remember her, and decided to destroy someone so utterly that she may as well have killed them. A kid with some issues doesn't quiet cover it, and the fact that the special framed it like we were suposed to feel sorry for her, as opposed to wanting to see her locked up, was enough to make me strongly detest the special.

"And that wasn't just me you did that too. Twilight, Rainbow, the others...they all love her too...and you took it from all of them. Sunset is a better person than she's ever been before. Maybe even better than any of us. And because of you...we all looked to her like she was...like she was nothing."

"You're right," Wallflower whispered. "I made you all think she's nothing. I did the worst thing to her I could think of. I turned her into me."

You have made yet another excellent story. I remember you had a different author's name but I like the change. Anyway I enjoyed this story as it showed how someone other then Sunset's friends were affected by what Wallflower did to Sunset and I will be honest I hate Wallflower Blush. What she did was childish and completely stupid. And what Flash pointed out is something I would even say after seeing the movie. In a way she reminds me of Starlight Glimmer another character I hate who didn't suffer any repercussions for what she did and her saying sorry isn't going to cut it.

It is the same with Wallflower as I feel she was forgiving too easily. Forgiveness must be earned, not just giving. This was an excellent one shot and I greatly enjoyed it. I'm going to check out your other work when I can. Keep writing because you got some good stuff.

Good Luck Jay David.

My only question is why is she in detention? Are there rules about using magic to remove a students memories? She caused no damage to the school. Most of the movie took place out of school or after school hours. This conflict took place and was resolved out of school. The main one affected was Sunset and she has forgiven her. At most the Celestia and Luna would have a talk with her. The detention acts as a stage for this conversation with Flash, but it bugged me throughout that she was even in detention at all.

I'm guessing that the rules specify "any use of magic in a way harmful or detrimental to others" is a disciplinary offence. Given the scale of Wallflower's episode, it probably took Sunset's personal intervention to stop Celestia from expelling her on the spot for assaulting Sunset and the rest of the Seven in such a manner.

Everything indicates that Wallflower has a psychological condition that drove most of her behaviours. That and the precedent that was set with Sunset about True RepentanceTM made a merciful response the only really morally possible.

I love this story. It has the perfect amount of realism and optimism.

Yes, the "I'm mad people don't remember me" wasn't like people were forgetting her. She was removing herself from their memories. It's her own fault.

I'm by no means excusing what Wallflower did, but I think part of her issue with Sunset was that even after she worked to make up for her bullying and temporarily taking over the school, she never did anything nice to Wallflower in particular. So unlike the other students, Wallflower never forgave Sunset for the mean things she did, and grew jealous of all the positive attention Sunset was getting from their peers.

? I don't think that's very realistic, as that sort of behavior is even kind of extreme for middle schoolers. While kids can be a bit...irrational at times, they usually don't resort to things like doing to others what has happened to them unless it's the person did the wrongdoing. If Sunset was particularly mean towards her, it would make more sense, but how it's portrayed really doesn't make it seem reasonable on Wallflower's part. Though I do suppose in real life, some of the more delicate individuals may be prone to making more rash decisions than others. I just think Wallflower's motives should've been a bit better.


A Flash Sentry I actually like.


The synergy between the username and comment here is amazing.


8790926 still cant get over flash sentry hate


Wallflower is the kind of person who'd berate people for not saying hi to her

MJP #32 · May 4th, 2018 · · 2 ·

you can't justify crazy, Wallflower is a horrible person and needs to be in therapy

Wallflower was the worst MLP/EQG villain in the series.
She was just a little Milk Dud-sized piece of turd that was scooped up in the crystal-clear lake of great story potential and it infected the rest of the special to high heaven.

Glad to see Wallflower, and the consequences of memory tampering, being explored. Definitely a lot of bridges burned now that her secret weapon is out. Though I still don't care much for Flash Sentry Brad, I still think it's interesting that this played into the current standing between him and Sunset.

This was a very good exploration of Wallflower's personality. I'm not convinced by Flash's attitude, but you've done a better job of making Flash a person with his own motivations and feelings than most on this site do.

I also like how Sunset comes across in this fic even though she's not on-screen.

I'm somewhat unconvinced that Luna would ever think it sensible to give a male student, even student president, responsibility for supervising a female student in detention alone. That seems to be asking for all sorts of trouble.

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