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I'll see you starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds, and no matter what it takes...I'll carry you there if necessary.

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I look forward to seeing where you go with this...

No offense.. but dude, just no....:ajsleepy:

Seriously, why do you keep making more and more fics when you haven't even come close to finishing the half a dozen of your previous ones...:facehoof:
I can't see things ending any other way than for your fics just being put in a yellow deadlock of incomplete status....

I just don't get it... why? just tell me why do you keep adding new ones?... did you run out of inspiration for the other fics? or what is it?...:applejackconfused:

8758389 I get new ideas and I want to work on them as soon as I can. I know I have a backlog of stories, but bear with me. It's how I roll with my writing. Inspiration comes and goes, and I can hardly ignore it. It sort of reminds me to keep writing, to not let those stories die, if you know what I mean.

Then why not write on paper? At least then you won’t spam your page with dozens of stories.

8758525 Problem is, I can rarely express my ideas as good on paper as I can here. It's wierd, but that's how I roll. I'm currently deciding to get rid of a few stories, mostly ones I've completely lost interest in.

But these are one you won't miss. That's a promise.

Personality I can’t really agree but if that’s how you roll, then more power to you. It’s just a friendly suggestion.

8758534 I like friendly suggestions. I'll try to get some things down on paper.

That what I like to see clone who didn't get the order and still works with the Jedi great work can't wait for the next chapter

Interesting premise, not only is it about a Jedi in Equestria, but to see a story where a clone soldier refuses to follow order 66 and accompanies said Jedi on their adventures makes for a lot of opportunities in the story, also it fits with the theme of friendship.
Will definitely read and i wish the author a lovely day :pinkiehappy:

Do you not have a computer to write your stories on? I have a folder on mine with many stories I started and either lost interest in or the idea didn't pan out to be as interesting as I had hoped.

Then, why would you do better writing online than in a word processor on your computer?

Myself, I can't write on paper as it is far too slow for my thoughts. I end up with badly written notes instead of actual sentences (you know missing things like verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.)

8759224 It's how I work. I like using the computer more than on paper.

I'm very interested, let's see where this story goes.:twilightsmile:

Nice story so far. :twilightsmile: keep up the good work

Yay update great work can't wait for the next one and the Holocron in the first chapter will we find out what Jedi gave the Holocron to them

Very nice I hope the clones get to show ponies how they deal with clankers

Can't wait for the next chapter.

looking forward to the next chapter and nice work.

"Oh, sure." Twilight said, smiling and entering what her friends called "Lecture mode". "Let's begin with basic magical theory…"

God Damnit

This holds promise.

"It has been too long since I have met a Jedi." Celestia said. "Way too long."

"How did you know that I am a Jedi?" Kyris said.

Celestia lifted her wings to their fullest extent, and a concealed belt appeared, bearing a silver and gold cylinder.

A lightsaber.

Celestia ignited it, and a searing golden blade appeared. She eyed the completely astounded Clone and Jedi, and began to laugh.
"You're a Jedi?" Kyris asked.

"Master, to be precise." Celestia replied, sheathing her blade. "My sister as well. Though her Lightsaber is kept locked in a drawer in her nightstand."

"To keep it close by?" Kyris asked.

"To keep it safe." Celestia said. "From herself. She has a tendency to use it as a food-knife, letter opener, and a great many things that require cutting. You didn't hear that from me, though."

"My lips are sealed." Kyris said. "Does anyone else on this planet know?"

Didn’t expect that to happen, radar has picked up a helicopter going soi soi soi.

lol. I have no clue what that is, or what it is from, but it is hilarious.

Great work keep up the good work

commander i have news for you that might interest the republic's new home of equestria. you may want to know that they have several star destroyers from venators to the imperial super star destroyers.

This looks amusing. Please, continue this. I will be watching for updates.

Also, Celestia: Jedi Master. Seems legit. That Luna is a Jedi is interesting. Though she probably keeps her lightsaber locked up for reasons other than using it as a food knife.

I can't wait to see how this goes. It's a good story.

Thanks. I am trying to get movitated to add more.

It does. More updates coming soon!

Thank you for making my day

*looks around and coughs* I got a bad feeling about this.

I hope so for your sake otherwise I'll have to provide some *pulls out and turns on electric cattle prod* motivation.
Bout time you updated BTW.

and so it begins with thunderous applause.

Great work keep up

Gale and Fluttershy... There have been worse ships... and not many better ones:pinkiehappy:

They're not being shipped...yet.

(Mischevious smile)

Oh this is going to be a very fun time. ^^

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