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After an embarrassing confession, Twilight and Sunburst try to explain and rationalize what was said over a cup of tea.

But then they realize that they actually love each other.

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This was perfect. I love it. Some good ole awkward TwiBurst is exactly what I needed today haha.

Also, Prism? :trixieshiftright:

One lil mistype I found

They quickly payed for their meals and calmly exited the booth.


Thanks for the Twiburst fic. It was really cute :twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

Lil Prism surprise for ya :twilightsmile: Thanks for that correction and Happy Birthday!

You are too sweet. All the love around got my veins all sugary.

This was deliciously awkward and yet sweet. :raritywink:

here lies sunburst we hardly knew ye

Very adorkable and oh so sweet!

I hope you continue this story. I have to know how everypony reacts!

So much dawww!

Poor Sunburst, hes about to have a rough time, thats for sure.
This story got some smiles and giggles from me, really well done.

Please, more. If that's alright with you?

Hmm. Seeing Starlight deal with the fallout's going to be interesting.


Yaayy!!! :yay:
Twiburst!!! Just the thing I need. I ship them so much. Unfortunately, it’s unpopular and because of that, it’s really hard to find cute and good stories like this about them.
Great story!!

Might or might not be, we shall see!
Destruction at every turn!

We need a sequel to this. NOW.

After this, Starlight was found at Sugarcube Corner, drowning her sorrows in Haagen-Daas ice cream.

Twilight, I have a few words of advice for you. AND Sunburst.


Run for your lives, because Starlight is going to get you, and if she doesn't absolutely smash the both of you, Shining will smash Sunburst.




I just tried looking for more TwiBurst fics, and I think this is genuinely the only one on the website currently? Which is really sad because this really IS one of my big OTPs right now! I mean, Starlight has Trixie, so why not let the nerds be madly in love?

I liked it a lot! Now please Author, I want some more!

It’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I tell you!”

Nerd love = Best love

Shining and Cadence were at the dining table, pouring syrup on pancakes and filling mugs with coffee

This was actually a good morning for them. On the bad ones, they did it the other way around.

In any case, wonderful bit of awkward nerd love. Hopefully, Trixie will be able to console Starlight. Ice cream and illegal magical fireworks heal and/or inflict all wounds.

As for Shining, I think Cadence will be able to stay his hoof. No interfering with love on her watch.

Too much nerd. They'd be so engrossed in each other and their research that they'd starve to death by forgetting to eat.

This story is amazing. I love awkward nerd romances and this is the best so far! :pinkiehappy: Anymother fics like this you can recommend? :D

Huh. Why hasn't this ship gotten more attention before now? It really seems possible.

and that my friends is the tale of what sent starlight back to being a villain

Yesssss! I wanted to read a history like this for a long time!

Do a Starburst too!

The end is neigh!
That is sad! if its any consolation, there is a new Twiburst group, so maybe people will start writing stuff!
Like Twiburst? None to my knowledge I'm afraid, but check my library for C'mere You! Some nice romantic fics in there!

Twiburst Group

Made my day, this. The nerdiness and adorkableness was off the Richter scale.

OH COME ON! This is another adorable ship with Twilight!!!

In what regard? They hardly know each other and barely spend any time together. Then again, FiM has proved as of this season that it's not afraid of shipping a character with her near-identical spear counterpart.

So saddened there wasn’t another chapter to this. So many nice setups for drama and cutes. At least it gave some cutes and Trixie being very Trixie. Loved it. Would love to see more of this continued.

I'll consider another or a bonus chapter--people are really taking to TwiBurst...it's a cute ship, no! And thank you very much!

"Talk nerdy to me, Sunburst."

Whisper sweet random nerdy facts in my ear.

I love this ship.

This so adorable! You've won me over with your sweet nerd love story. I really think this deserves another chapter to explore the fallout! Any colt friend of twilight's has gotta be able to deal with paparazzi and fame, and while it's pretty early in their relationship, nows sunburst's chance to prove he can handle it. I also like the starburst ship but you maDE twilight x sunburst so tasty I cant resist!

I might consider a bonus chapter, though we'll see. Thanks for enjoying this! :twilightsmile:

Ship both ships you say? Well threesomes are a thing, so is polyamory. :twilightsmile:

Please make a sequel to this

That bedtime story moment. That was too adorable. You've convinced me to give my TwiBurst fic another shot... After the StarBurst one I'm almost done with... :twilightblush:

I'm a little lot late to the party, but I must admit: this story was definitely worth a read. I should have read it two months ago. Thanks for writing this!

Thank you! And yes, Twiburst could use more love!

Alright. You convinced me. I finished the TwiBurst story first. :twilightsmile:

Aww, I love it :heart: There needs to be more Twiburst content out there.

I've been waiting for an update impatiently for a while. There is a deficient amount of fanfiction about these two dorks. When they merely give it a shot. The lack of this ship will consume them. The desire of something that not likely to happen.

This was adorable. You've got me onboard with this ship now. :twilightsmile:

This was rather well written, and quite engaging. It was a nice romantic piece. :pinkiesmile:

It's true that Starburst and Twilight have a lot of interests in common, I guess I just never really thought about them as a potential couple before this story. :derpyderp1:

I was really hoping that Sunburst would get to speak his mind before her brother saw 'the item', but at least his reaction didn't seem explosive like I was dreading. :twilightsheepish:

This was an enjoyable, quality read. Thanks so much for sharing. :twilightsmile:

May I translate this sweet fic and share it on other websites? Will make sure to credit you! :heart:

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