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A mix of heroes from Marvel and DC comics.

This fic has been retconned out of my fic universe "My Little Galaxy". It is now a stand alone fic

WARNING: Spanking (occasionally but not the focus)

Super Kids:

Zatanna Zatara
Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman
Wally West, AKA Kid Flash
M'Gann M'orzz, AKA Miss Martian
Garfield Logan, AKA Beast Boy
Rachel Roth, AKA Raven
Conner, AKA Superboy
Sam Alexander, AKA Nova
Jaime Reyes, AKA Blue Beetle (Called "Blue Scarab" in this as Ted Korb is still alive)

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Interesting concept. I'm interested.

I don't know much about Ghost Rider, is there a Ghost Rider teenager?

I'll look him up but he won't be added till later if I do. I have a lot of characters to balance as it is and I need to give them each some screen time before I start adding more.

If you're looking for some more teenage heroes to either include as part of the school or to mention here's a list or something:
Squirrel Girl
Amadeus Cho (The Totally Awesome Hulk)
Rose Wilson (Ravenger)
Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel)
Mary Marvel
Moon Girl

Thanks I do need more marvel teenagers to add later on, I'm more familiar with DC comics (and have others from there already in mind for later) and only really know about the MCU Movies and shows for Marvel. The only Marvel comic I really read is Nova. But like I said first I need to set up the existing characters.

If you need any help with any of the Marvel characters feel free to ask I am an avid reader and can help you with them if you like

Cool, I'll PM you if I need help. I'll probably just read their wikia page for their history and buy their origin volumes to get a feel for how they think and talk.

If you have any suggestions though of subplots you would like to see with them feel free to PM me and I'll try to incorporate those into my story.

It's a nice story, i can't wait for more updates! :pinkiehappy:

Well... that's pretty awful, that Spike has now been permanently separated from everyone else... and that any solution to go back would take lifetimes to finish.

... Unless that portal controlled by he villain is a solution. And doesn't get smashed or destroyed.

And, perhaps, Spike could spend those lifetimes *himself* making the portal...

Either way it bodes poorly.

Superman felt obligated to explain, "Conner is a clone made from a combination of my DNA and my arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. The League rescued him from a bad place some months ago and brought him here,"

I can hear the motherbucking shipping cauldron start to boil

Mister Jordan was doing most of the talking for them, "Sam Alexander, son of legendary outlaw Peter Quill AKA Star Lord. A man is known as both a pirate and folk hero in many parts of the Galaxy. Saved a few planets, even the whole galaxy a few times, then robbed the Nova corp of one of their most powerful weapons,"

Wait, that's illegal

... and what else could one who has been shunned and mocked his whole life become... if not the greatest villain ever imagined.

Ah shit, here we go again

I want more, please, it’s so good

Don't worry.
I do intend to return to this.
Just been distracted by all my other fics, mostly the ones I have on Fanfiction.
Though, I should take some time to give this some love

I humbly await for a new chapter.

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