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Sunset adores Flash, that much is certain, and there can be no denying that their private moments together are, for lack of a better word, active. And yet, there is one aspect of these more intimate times that Sunset can't help but feel frustrated by. That being, it's always her who kicks things off. So, one night, she sets herself the ultimate challenge of her relationship to Flash. Namely, to get her squeaky-clean boyfriend to break out of his "gentleman" mode and just cut loose with her for once.

Part of my EG Continuity
Spoiler: No sex will be shown in the fic, but the tag is there for the sake of the foreplay

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 8 )

I thought this was gonna be something else based on the cover image and tbh I wasn't too far off

This was way much funnier then I tought it will be.

I'm whit Flash whit the hair thing.

This was actually pretty funny. I enjoyed it.

Should be a series.

This was funny. XD And I rather enjoyed the way it concluded.

But really, Sunset, you shouldn't be surprised by Flash's obliviousness. You dated him before, after all.

Haha! Brilliant.

Flash is worse at picking up signals than I am.

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