• Published 27th Jun 2018
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Broken Bindings - anonpencil

You've found an "interesting" book recently. You don't know what it is, or why it was hidden in the back of Twilight's library, but you feel so compelled to read it. And keep reading it. And keep reading it...

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Page 7


Do you give up?

The answer is you.

...what, did you think the answer was the sky? Why you silly thing, you, weren't you paying attention? I already told you.

You are my sky.

Anyway, let's do something else for a while, shall we? We're getting to know each other a little at this point, in our own small way. I've noticed that you like to linger over certain pages, certain moments in my writing. It's okay that you do, it just makes you feel more real to me. I can't touch you, even though you can touch me, and you can speak to me, even though I won't hear you. But those moments where you touch the page, where you hesitate before going on... I can feel that. I can feel you move me. It all may sound very intimate to you, I suppose. Well, it is to me as well given our circumstances.

You have a lot of control over me, you know. I'm trusting you.

It's really not like I have much of a choice, but I'm honestly trusting you because I want to. You seem nice, you seem thoughtful. You're putting effort into reading every little thing I write. And I honestly do thank you for that. Without you, I wonder if I'd even exist. These words don't exist until you turn the page, after all. The page wait7s for you, I wait for you, then I put down everything I think and feel as I sense the way you read over me.

It makes me feel very naked. But it's also nice. You aren't hurting me. I thank you for that too, I remember what it's like to feel others hurt you.

Right now, I think that maybe I exist just because you're reading. That if you stopped, maybe I'd stop. That if you read faster, I'd have to think faster. In that way, you own me, and I'm happy to let you own me, if you want to. After all, this book is in your possession, so I suppose I'm yours until you put me down, right? Please don't put me down.

For now, I'd love to try to guess what you want me to do next, even if you can't tell me outright.. Do you want me to try to play another game with you? Or maybe you'd like me to tell you another story?

Wait, I know.

How about I do both?