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Dadonequus Discord, But It's The MLP Movie (And still doesn't have Discord) - CrazedLaughter

The "Hero Colt" Anon finds himself within the events of the MLP movie and tries to win the day in his own way. Of course, like everything else he does, this doesn't go at all like he plans

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Chapter 22: The Storm King's Fall

You rocketed upwards through the ever growing blue light in the sky. You could see yourself coming level with the swirling storm clouds in the sky as you blaze upwards towards the source of the ominous deathlight. When you rose above the clouds, you could see the Storm King up above in the clean blue sky. He was aiming down, looking along his claw as if it was an iron sight.

You just continued your incoherent yelling as you flew directly towards him, you couldn’t even focus due to the blazing speeds you flying at. The Storm King didn’t seem to notice you, or perhaps he didn’t care. No, he was ready to finally reduce Canterlot to ash. As for you? You barely even had time to even figure out how you would get out of this mess yourself in case you somehow DID survive. The only thing you could think of, maybe, was sprouting wings…

You just came closer and closer, and still he didn’t seem to notice.

Perhaps that would be his undoing. Because you didn’t even have another moment to think as you finally came into range with the guy. After another half moment, you finally collided, right into the palm of his mutated claw.

There was a glorious of explosion of multicolored light where you had hit. The clouds below the both of you spreaded out at first due to the explosion, then came back in as one gigantic violent storm. It was as if the blast itself had angered some sort of sky god.

Were you dead? Was he?

As the smoke of the explosion itself cleared, you could see...darkness. But it wasn’t due to death. Your head was being gripped, not too hard mind you, by the Storm King’s claw. More importantly, when you realized where you were at and realized things were dark, it could only mean that the light coming from the palm of his claw was gone and dead.

“What?! Oh, what happened?!” The Storm King exclaimed in surprise before letting out a light hearted groan “Heh, must have overcharged it.” It seemed the attack didn’t seem to phase him at all, he hadn’t even noticed you “Gonna have to work on my whole destruction shtick for the future. Oh boy, do I have egg on my face. I can only imagine those ponies think they're gonna be ok...Oh wait, maybe that’s better! Storm King, take a note, give your future slaves a moment of hope before you show em’ what you’re made of. Yeah, their faces then? Gonna be priceless! Alright, let’s try it again!” He aims his arm down, and that’s when he notices you within his grip. “What, huh?”

He uses his normal hand to pluck you from his grip. He holds you, face to face, by your scruff as he narrows his eyes at you to get a better look. “Huh….You again.” He says nonchalantly, stares stoically, then laughs “Wow! Give this kid an island! I swear, since the moment I saw you, that you were something else. Amazing…”

All you could do was groan as you gather your senses.

“Well..Anon, was it? Yeah, that’s it. I decided that I’m gonna keep you as a pet. A powerful guy like me is gonna need something I can push around when I’m in a bad mood. And you? It doesn’t look like anything can take you down. But first! I’m gonna have to break you in. And what better what to get all that love and hope out of you than to…” He holds you forward, so you could see the destruction of Canterlot. “Have you watch everything you love go bye bye.” He says, with malicious glee.

But something happened. He tried lighting up his claw again, but it wouldn’t work. In fact, nothing from his claw seemed to be working at this point. “What?! WHAT?! What’s wrong now?!” He looks at the palm of his claw and notices the blue orb had shattered to near dust as three magical wisps began to drift downward through the storm clouds “Hey! Where did my glowy orb thing go?!”

His blue glowy orb thing? Oh god….you did it. YOU FUCKING DID IT!

You started laughing within his grip, an almost crazed laugh.

“What? Why are you laughing? Did someone say a joke? Because it’s just the both of us up here. And this? I don’t think it’s really that funny.” He really didn’t seem to have a clue as to what happened.

“You fucking moron. I can’t believe how stupid you really are. Storm King? HA! Better trade your crown for a dunce cap, your highness. Let me get you up to speed, and listen carefully. I know you’re kind of slow in the head, but this is important." You then let out a triumphant and arrogant yell "I BROKE YOUR ORB, YOU DIPSHIT! HAHAHAHAHA! BAM! How does it feel to lose to a colt? Huh, HUH!” He turns you back around, letting you see the utter shock in his face. It only made you laugh more “Look at you! Do you still not know what happened? God, you’re so slow. You are soooo dumb! So dumb in fact, that I would bet money that the idiot who came up with the live action block for Cartoon Network got it through you by some interdimensional shenanigans KNOWING no fucking kid wanted that. Holy shit, you’re so dumb, you make Snips and Snails look like Dr.Manhatten! Like, both of them. How fuckSRGSDFGDS”

The Storm King just looked into the endless void of defeat as he began to squeeze you by the neck. “All that power, all that magic…Taken from me...by a kid.” He then looked directly at you, his expression now filled with unbridled rage. “YOU STUPID, LITTLE, BRAT!”

You could barely get any words out, he was squeezing your neck too hard.

“You RUINED everything! This is not ok! This is so much less than ok! Oh yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna get over THIS for a while!” He was growling his words as he reached into his armor with his claw for something. “But you know what?! If everything has to be ruined for me, then I’m going to at least ruin your stupid little friends before I go. Oh yeah, not really keen on them thinking they’ve won in ANY capacity” He takes out a shining green orb and holds it in front of you. “See this? It’s gonna turn you to stone. And then? I’m going to drop you, gonna drop you right where your STUPID friends are. And then? They're gonna cry, they're gonna be traumatized, and they're going to remember to NEVER get on my bad side.” He let out a mad chuckle “Anything left to say before I end you?”

He loosens his grip just enough for you to cough and take breath. You just look at him, smirk, and say “Yeah...You’re so dumb, that science could spend years studying and still be unable to figure out how you could be so fuckingSGFGDFG”

He went back to choking you and prepared to slam the orb right into your face. “THAT’S IT! SAY GOODBYE, KID! FOREEEEEAAAAAAGHHHH!”

The Storm King suddenly yelled in pain as he threw you, and the orb, upwards as he covered his eye. You could see it, there was a purple bird flying away from his face and flying upwards towards the orb. What was more peculiar was that this bird had a very familiar bowt-HOLY FUCK, IT’S TEMPEST!

But fucking how?! You could only look at her with gaping shocked eyes as she transformed into her original self and grabbed onto the orb.

“What in the?! GRRRR! OK! WHO WANTS A PIECE OF ME NOW, HUH?!” He looks around, covering his one eye with his hand as he angrily prepared himself to rip apart whatever had pecked at his eye. When he looked up however, he was in shock to see Tempest. “Tempest? Didn’t I ,like, end you already?”

Tempest said nothing to him. She looked to you, winked with a smirk, and looked down at the Storm King with a determined stare. “EAT SHIT AND DIE!” She yelled before throwing the orb into his chest.

The Storm King let out a yelp and started to try to get the green smoke from the shattered orb away from himself as he started to panic “NO! WAIT! NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS! THAT’S NOT FAIR! WHERE DID YOU EVEN...oh no” He could see his legs and arms starting to turn to stone “ARE YOU KIDDING?! I’M A FREAKING DEMONIC BEAST AND I’M STILL-?! NO! NONONONONO! Mommy! MOMMY! HELP! NOT LIKE THIS! NOT LIK-” And that was it, he fell silent as his entire body became petrified in stone.

Tempest wasted no time in doing a flip in mid air to get into a diving position. You could already feel your upward momentum leave you as you started to fall. Before you could even yell for help, Tempest managed to grab onto you and hold you tight. “Gotcha!”

You both then started to descend towards the storm clouds below. “Tempest?! Tempest! You’re amazing! Where did?! How did?! Ahh! Geez!” You hug onto her tight “I’m so glad to see you’re ok! And that entrance!? AMAZING! YOU EVEN SAID THE THING I WAS GONNA SAY! TOTALLY AWESOME!”

“Anon, I’d love to explain everything to you right now, but we’re kind of falling to our doom.” Tempest said as she held you close, braving the storm as you both fell from dizzying heights.

“A-ahh...erm. Yeah, what do we do?” You ask

“Me? I’m going to try to get lucky...You? Take the bowtie, and get out of he-HEY!” She reached for her bowtie to give back to you, but before she could, you smack it out of her hoof. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!”

“Because…” You look at her with a determined look “We’re in this together.”

“Anon! We’re both falling! It would have been better for one of us to survive than both of us going splat! Because unless you can sprout wings or something, we’re done!” Tempest yelled at you

No...Because...That’s exactly what was going to happen...Or rather, what was going to happen to her. “Funny you say that…” You had this thought, or a vague image of it, when you were flying up towards the Storm King. Wings... That’s right. You may have been out of charges, and you may have not had the cardboard wings, but the horn still had ALICORN magic in it. This was a crazy and chaotic thought, and considering who you were, it had to mean it would work. “Because you’re gonna fly us out of here!”

“What?! Anon, I’m not a pegasus! And I already heard you and Twilight mention the use of your last charge! Anon….Darn it…” She felt you had somehow gone mental.

At that moment, you then realized what happened. When she got launched from the Storm King’s wings, she used the bowtie to turn into a bird. That purple bird you thought was from you being dizzy? That was her! She must have hid in your tail or something when you flew upwards. Fucking...Amazing…

But, those thoughts would have to be for another time. You reach for your horn, and take it off from your neck. “Tempest, put this on! NOW!”

“What?! Anon, will it even work? I mean, even if it did! I can’t use chaos magic, I c-” But you cut her off, you didn’t want her losing any hope...Especially since if this didn’t work, you BOTH being dead would be your fault.

“JUST PUT IT ON! GEEZ!” You bark at her.

Given the situation, and being out of options, Tempest grabs the horn and places it on her head. She then begins to shine within the storm clouds, causing them to calm and spread out. You yourself could barely see at this point as you get enveloped into the ever expanding light.

And then, after a few moments, the light explodes into pure stardust. You blink and groan as you now found yourself on Tempest’s back all of a sudden. No, not Tempest.


You just look down upon Tempest’s winged form as you whisper in awe “By the Larson…”

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