• Published 16th Jun 2020
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The Power of Two - Locomotion

A young changeling runs away from home, only to be attacked by timberwolves in the Everfree Forest. Fortunately, Locomotion is on hoof to save her - but little do they know that she has a spy on her tail...

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The rest of the day seemed to pass by by like a dream for the young couple. Following the ceremony, Locomotion's sisters and some of his other friends carried them on their shoulders to Sweet Apple Acres, where Pinkie Pie had organised the long overdue Welcome Party she had sworn to throw for Hornette since they had first met. At Steamer and Fair Isle's request, she had dedicated it to Locomotion as well, and even invited Lavender Rhapsody to sing at the party, with Vinyl, Lyra and Octavia providing the music. Thorax, Twilight, Steamer, Fair Isle and Optic Strand all made speeches, and several other ponies came up to congratulate the two teens and admire Hornette's new Cutie Mark. Among them was the pink alicorn she had seen at the medal award ceremony, who introduced herself as Princess Cadance and thanked the young changeling for her part in ending the stand-off with the erstwhile Badlands. Her husband Shining Armour heartily agreed with her, and little Flurry Heart even asked if Hornette could come and visit the Crystal Empire one day, so that they could get to know one another. Hornette, of course, was only too happy to accept.

Locomotion was happy too – happy to have ended a war, happy with Steamer's announcement that Hornette would be living with them as a permanent resident – but most of all, he was happy to see his beloved changeling being embraced as a true Equestrian. Looking down at his medals, he couldn't help thinking back to that fateful night before Chrysalis' death, when he had shared the story of his late great grandfather with Hornette; from his refusal to kill, through his time at that dreadful prison camp, to being awarded a similar accolade to his own. That got him thinking – so perhaps he and Hornette were the centre of attention, but his great grandfather did at least deserve an obituary, however belated. Eventually, as the party was starting to wind down, he went over to speak with Vinyl before stepping up to the microphone with an impromptu speech of his own. “Can I have your attention please, everypony?” he announced tentatively, prompting all eyes to turn in his direction. “First and foremost, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for such a warm welcome home.”

There came a warm chorus of appreciative murmurs from Max, Steamer, Fair Isle and Optic Strand, all seated closest to him along with Surfie, Firelli, Mistral and Hornette.

“I'd also like to thank Princess Celestia, on behalf of Hornette and myself, for the decorations so graciously bestowed on us, and particularly for blessing Hornette with her very own Cutie Mark. I think I can safely speak for both of us when I...well, I can't even begin to emphasise how honoured we are; nor how touched I am that Hornette is finally being accepted as an equal,” went on Locomotion. “Even before I met her, I must admit, I'd long held onto the hope that there was at least one good changeling out there; but little did I realise that, in truth, there was little malice in them to begin with. I won't even repeat the name of the one savage among that lot,” fighting back a small scowl, “but what I would like to repeat to you all is a tale that Dad told me when I was a colt – the tale of a stallion who, just like Hornette, believed in world peace, was frequently reviled for it, but was ultimately rewarded in the same way as us two.”

Steamer and Optic Strand's eyes lit up, and Hornette gazed with quiet anticipation.

“I refer, of course, to my great grandfather Staunch Quaker. He too appreciated that one creature alone didn't represent an entire race, no matter how warlike; and although he knew the threat of Adolf Hawker's Griffonia during the Great Griffin War, he remained a conscientious objector throughout, placing morals before nationalism and refusing to take reluctant enemies' lives. The army tried hard to get him in uniform so they could shoot him for cowardice, but in the end, even they were forced to let him go – but not without trying to shame him in the aftermath. I'm sure Princess Celestia remembers what he did with all the white feathers they sent him, making them into a sculpture of her holding the peace sign.”

The warm smile of appreciation from Celestia spoke volumes for itself. Clearly, Locomotion deduced, she still felt sorry for all the hardships his great grandfather had had to go through – and all under her own army, no less.

“His display of stolid altruism served as an example to the whole family, and particularly to my late aunt Carnation Petal. As a Celestial Faith preacher, one of the greatest lessons she ever taught in life was what Great Granddad always used to tell her – 'live and let live'. It was that very moral, more than anything, that gave us the means to end the stalemate with what is now known as Metamorphia, and found me especially my one true love.” A mischievous smirk crossed Locomotion's face as he added, “Yes, Hornette and I are an item now, and to anyone who has a problem with that, all I have to say to you is – 'You sad hypocrites'!”

Most of his audience chuckled heartily, and the few who didn't looked ruefully down at their hooves.

“Joking aside,” continued Locomotion earnestly, “I would like us all to pay tribute to the memories of Aunt Carnation Petal, Great Granddad Staunch Quaker and Crown Princess Nymphia of Metamorphia. Long may they be remembered, and long may their legacy continue.” Looking wistfully up at the night sky, he almost thought he could see the faces of Nymphia, his aunt and great grandfather smiling warmly down upon him as if to say, “Well done, Locomotion.” With a shaky smile of his own, he added, “Thank you, Great Granddad...Aunt Carnation Petal...for showing me the way. Thank you so, so much; and to Nymphia...Your Gracious Majesty...would-be Queen of the Changelings...everything's alright now. Pony and changeling are now united as one, and thus we intend to remain forever more.”

The stars seemed to twinkle in reply as the crowd murmured their agreement. Optic Strand, Steamer, Fair Isle and Hornette in particular were moved to tears by Locomotion's speech, and even Rainbow Dash struggled to hold back her own.

“And now,” concluded Locomotion, levitating the microphone out of its holder, “I have a special request for DJ PON-3...or Vinyl Scratch, whichever you prefer. It's a song that...probably few of you know too well, unless you're familiar with the Marionette Magic TV shows – and one in particular that I really enjoyed watching as a colt.” He nodded to Vinyl, who winked broadly and levitated one of her tone-arms at the ready. “This song I'd like to dedicate to the very changeling who, without even trying, managed to capture my heart and change my life forever. Hornette – I love you.”

Barely a few seconds before he had finished, Vinyl started up the turntable and began playing a warm and melodic serenade, almost like a romantic maritime song of old. It was a song that Locomotion's parents, siblings and uncle instantly recognised; and even though Hornette and several others didn't, it still touched their hearts as Locomotion began to sing the lyrics, gazing fondly upon his beloved changeling. Both he and Hornette began to drift towards each other, meeting in each other's arms about halfway through the song and dancing a short, gentle waltz until the song was almost over, at which point they stopped to gaze into each other's eyes while Locomotion recited the last few lyrics. Finally, as the music reached its climax, both pony and changeling leaned into a deep, passionate kiss.

The rest of Locomotion's family could only look on, spellbound, at the heart-warming display. Firelli beamed with happiness for her little brother as she gave Mistral an affectionate nuzzle, while Fair Isle discretely wiped her eyes dry for the umpteenth time that evening, and Steamer and Optic Strand exchanged warm, proud glances. Whilst having Locomotion home again was wonderful in its own right, seeing him so happy and in love, especially with a changeling, was more than any of them could ever have dreamed of. It had been a rough journey for them both, an uphill struggle in the face of conflict, racism and a tyrant from whom there seemed no escape – and yet, against all the odds, the young couple had managed to win through and bring their respective nations together.

And so far as Princesses Celestia, Luna and Twilight were concerned, that newfound unity between Equestria and Metamorphia was to continue for many centuries to come.

Author's Note:

And thus ends the longest, most arduous and most epic MLP fanfiction I've ever written. I leave you guys to decide whether it's the best or the worst of my stories, but it's certainly been a labour of love on my part. If you enjoyed this, then I've loads of story ideas for Loco and Hornette that I'd be happy to share; and if all goes well, I may yet be able to include a certain other young changeling from the show itself somewhere down the line.

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An amazing story i loved it.

Glad to hear it. :twilightsmile: Did you have any particular favourite moments?

OOOOOHHHHH! Makes sense to me 😁😁😊

I will answer your question. My fav moment was when Loco woke up from his coma. Another one is when they admitted their love for each other ❤️❤️😍

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