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Undome Tinwe

Una Volta Che Avrai/Spiccato Il Volo Deciderai/Sguardo Verso Il Ciel Saprai/Lì A Casa Il Cuore Sentirai!


A collection of various drabbles and short stories that did not make it to publication as individual stories.

Chapters (15)
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That was cute. And slightly hot near the end. Now I want to see a full homage to the Illiad and the Oddyssey in pony form, though.

This guide to Quenya pronunciation has some good audio files on how the language should be pronounced. http://tolklang.quettar.org/pronlo/pronguide.html

TL:DR, "par-mah qwen-ta-ron sin-teh oon-d'oh-meh-o"

Huh, I got most of it right on my first try. Cool.

That will do for now.
I’m already imagining how all of Ulysses trials could work in pony.

The transliteration to English is relatively straightforward, so it's not that hard to figure out pronunciation from writing. One advantage that comes from being a conlang, I suppose; you get to dictate how it gets transcribed to other alphabets and can actually make it make sense.

Also, I'm not entirely convinced that all of Odysseus's trials don't exist somewhere out there in Equestria. Scylla doesn't seem that much different from your garden-variety Hydra, we've got Sirens running around doing Siren things, and transformation magic is rife in Equestria, so turning someone into a sheep shouldn't be hard.

One day, Rainbow Dash is going to get swept up in a storm, and have the most epic adventure home.


One day, Rainbow Dash is going to get swept up in a storm, and have the most epic adventure home.

That's basically Admiral Biscuit's Lost At Sea, except with an OC.

This was fun. It feels like a practical married couple, rather than a random ship.

That's what I hoped to write. I've always been fascinated with what happens after "I do," and I wanted to capture the moments that make you think "yup, they're married."

The Princess of No Boundaries. Of romantic mind control... :ajbemused:

Hee, this was really fuzzy.

Uh, yeah....

Has Mr. Mojo Rising been through town? Maybe about an hour ago, see which way the wind blow?

Derpi source is https://derpibooru.org/1596975.

I actually have a print version of it because it was used as part of the 2018 Brony Thank You Fund calendar, which I own.

I am loving this already. Liked just for this, can't wait to see what else you've got.

Memory is long in Equestria, but not eternal. But, as it says, love persists.

Very nice. I always like things with early Equestria.

Very nice, it's always interesting seeing visions of the future of Canterlot

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