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Hello all you pony readers this is phoenixcolt45 here and I'm anouncing to you the latest and biggest project Sonicblitz18 and I have worked hard on. Preserving One's Clan!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart::heart::heart: now we planned to release this story today in honor of the final release our favorite dragon flying duo Hiccup and Toothless.:heart::pinkiehappy::moustache: in their final adventure How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World released today.

For all of you dragon fans that are happy or sad to see such a masterpiece of animation end we give you this story to read. We been have hard at work on this story which is why Sonicblitz18 has most of his work on freeze for now but we will get back to them when we can. There will be action, adventure, danger, romance, and long hidden secrets involving our favorite purple dragon :moustache: so get ready readers and enjoy our newest and biggest story and let this new adventure fill your hearts and souls with content on what shall lay ahead for our favorite dragon.:moustache:

Please comment and tell us what you think about our story and let us know of any problems or errors we may have missed and we'll do our best to fix it.:twilightsmile:

Hey there, just a heads up, you can't link directly to any Mature content according to the site rules. The source you provided for your cover art might get you in trouble.

You may provide a partial or broken link to it however :raritywink:

Good chapter but long intro

It is good but it is annoying meeting every character and having spike repeat himself over and over.

Other than that, it's a good intro.

Yeah we got REALLY into the story and I was a little worried it was long:twilightsheepish:. But we do have a lot of planned lore for the story.

And thanks for pointing that out :twilightsmile: we weren't sure but some part of it did feel repetitive. :twilightsmile:

You guys both need an editor or a proofreader, nothing terrible. But people who are immersed in the story are thrown out of the immersion when they see something wrong like this.

“But nothing youngster, from all the stories you and your friends told me and after everything that dragon has done here fer ya, he’s more stallion than anypony else I’ve met in this entire town. A dragon like that has certainly earned the right to marry my beautiful granddaughter here. She smiled proudly at her while Applejack blushed at her grandmother and her words.

You didn't put something to indicate that Granny Smith had stopped speaking, when in actuality it something like this. Also, try not to start a sentence with A, and I get that you two are trying to elaborate, but people prefer quality over quantity. If you can get straight to the point, do so, but don't skip over important plot details.

But nothing youngster, from all the stories you and your friends told me and after everything that dragon has done here fer ya, he’s more stallion than anypony else I’ve met in this entire town. With a dragon like that, He has certainly earned the right to marry my beautiful granddaughter here." She smiled proudly at her while Applejack blushed at her grandmother's words.

See how much better that sentence is compared to its original?

It seems interesting, I'll be attentive to this story.

Thanks we were just going with the flow and got real into it. And we weren't shooting for qauntity we just got hung up on making this chapter and didn't realize til later how long it was and wanted to place some lore into the stor:twilightsheepish:y, personally I WANT this story to be good and thanks for pointing that part, this is my first story I'm heavily involved in with Sonicblitz :twilightsmile:, constructive criticism is always welcome as long as it doesn't bash the writers or the story in a very harsh or negative manner. :twilightsmile:

Noticed some grammatical errors, in the descriptions, probably means a few are in the story as well

Grear chapter. I cant wait to see more from this

Wow, this was long. I have a feeling that we only just begun to see Spike's side effects. Granny Smith was hilarious though.:rainbowlaugh:

I’ll be honest, I skipped over a good chunk in the middle there. The story needs some work. Its not bad, far from it. The grammar’s fine too. As mentioned earlier in the commentes, it just drags on longer than it has to. There are scenes you could cut back, combine with others or remove entirely that wouldn’t hurt story quality and would actually make the story better. Fix that and you’re good as gold.

I'm definitely loving the lore and build up with this story. This is good and looks to be heading in a great direction. I can't wait to read what hapeens next.

Thanks :twilightsmile: I actually came up with some of the lore and let's just say, this...is just the beginning. :trollestia:

It's a good start. I like what I see so far.:moustache:

Bet you it's Zecora he'll plow.

Some capitalization issues, might want to go back and search all your proper names and make sure they're correct, repetition as a few others mentioned, hearing the nightmare explanation almost every time feels fairly pointless, and its weird he just straight up tells some of them. The meet and greet itself is fine, establishing your characters and their physical appearances is always a very wise decision. The story certainly seems to have some promise, but try not to force events too much. Overall, it's got a lot of promise, just go through the editing/proofreading a bit better and if something feels wrong or too much consider taking it out. Natural flow is pretty important for any good story. Also... it's hard to take anything seriously that actually uses the phrase ponut in narrative... or dialogue for that matter.

I do look forward to seeing where this all goes, but maybe skip the Streamer opening in the comments. The Author's note is the perfect example of how that comment should've looked. Relax, have fun, it's a story, not a popularity contest.

(The Zecora stuff was gold. Feel pretty bad for her and all the damage to her home though, yikes.)

We're almost done with the second chapter, we're just ironing out any details we might have missed and ensuring the flow of the story is smooth. But don't worry the next chapter will be released soon. :twilightsmile:

No problem. As long as this amazing story gets updated, take your time.

Wow surprised it came back I thought this story had been given the death penalty. Glad to see the second installment.

your profile picture threw me for a loop, I'm like "I didn't post a comment on this story. Right?" lol

Didn't expect this to end up on my watch list and yet here it is. Very curious what happens next! Also, I very much enjoy these long chapters. :twilightsheepish:

It was worth the wait. Keep up the great work guys

WOW! What did they promise and who did they make that promise to? And what did they do that required a promise to be made?

If I had to guess. It was probably to mate with Spike. Hence why it was mentioned that her motherly feelings, for Spike was a bit contradictory to what they had to do.

And, most likey it has something to do with the near extinction of his Clan. That based on context they personally had nothing to do with, but maybe an ancestor of theirs did... Thus the promise was made, as one of the my kids will marry your kids scenarios.

However that doesn't explain the part of how he could choose his lovers, and they can't. I mean we know that harems exist in this world. So maybe they meant it in that way...

He's going to have to mate with and marry the sisters due to the promise. But, he could still pursue his love for the element bearers. Anyway that's my theory, we'll find out for sure next chapter.

I would definitely like to see more of this

Looking forward to next chapter. Hopefully everything is revealed

Ugh, just what is with the hyper breasts that are half the size of the pumpkins you see in size contents at fairs? At the sizes given in this chapter, their breasts are pretty close to the size of their torso's.

Okay the wait time is fine for this as long as it isn't like half a year or something like that. Still came to look at this for one thing and got something entirely more epic instead. The descriptions both on the story's page and how ridiculous the proportions given to the girls were gave the feeling of one type of story and instead got a rich story experience with really competent + well balanced writing. Good trade off.

thanks, to be honest this was our first majorly collaborative story together, along with a few writers as well. But I'm happy to know we've done such a wonderful impression on everyone here :twilightsmile: We're working on a short chapter but we're busy with a couple other stories in the near future we want to release as well so be patient. And after that will be a another chapter that will make some great revelations about where Spike came from :moustache: And some hot clop too. :trollestia:

The cool thing is that this was updated on my birthday and I just noticed it.

Saving and waiting for your godlike chapters m8. The anticipation is KILLING ME

Are you going to continue the story? I say it because it has potential.
Will Ember appear in the story? she would be a good addition to soothe Spike.

Thirded. Also I hope that Sunset Shimmer and Gilda be a part of the Harem

I like this story it's really good can't wait for more chapters.

So we going to see more of this anytime soon. I liked this for the most part and I want to see where this is going.

We're almost done with chapter 3 we're just editing some dialogue on a character we forgot about:derpytongue2: , and are starting chapter 4 very soon as well. :twilightsmile:

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